Imagine Part VI

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Animals, even wild animals, are our friends

This entry is part of the ‘Imagine’ campaign – read more about the campaign.

Imagine animals, even wild animals, are our friends. We assist them on their way through life. Human being and animal are partners in the common evolution of life. Animals seek contact with the human beings, and they encounter us in unreserved friendliness because the path of trust is paved. We redeem them from the long drama, which we human beings have inflicted upon them through our ignorance and cruelty. They need life and freedom as much as we do. All beings originate (as embryos and children) from a world of safety and trust. All have the right to develop in this trust throughout their entire lives. The new civilization emerges from the sacred alliance with all fellow creatures. Only then will the work of creation be complete – the work we do under the name “Terra Nova.



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