What is Global GRACE Day?

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Join us all around the world on Nov. 9th, 2013 to bring forth the vision of an Earth free of fear and war – Terra Nova

In eight days, we celebrate Global Grace Day, the action day of the planetary community for Terra Nova, for an Earth without war and violence.

We learn what it means at the moment to believe in such a vision while being in a crisis area at the same time from the news we are receiving from our fellow companions and co-workers from the stations of the Global Campus.
Juliane Eckmann, who is one of carriers of the “Escola da Esperança” in Tamera, wrote us a moving letter a few days ago from the Peace Community of San José de Apartado in Colombia. Right now, with other young leaders from Tamera, she is leading a community camp with youth of San José. Almost 17 years ago, the peasants of San José, in the north of the country, came together to form to a peace community. Facing the merciless terror of murdering and pillaging paramilitaries and soldiers, in a war that has now lasted for almost 50 years, people need a new form of protection and cohesion. The death squads are acting on behalf of big landowners and multinational corporations such as Chiquita Brands or AngloGold Ashanti, who want to drive the farmers off their land in order to exploit it most profitably.
The people of San José are facing the worldwide globalization mafia with rubber boots and their bare hands. Hundreds of members have been brutally murdered since the founding of the community in 1997. Nevertheless, they continue. They follow ethical principles in their social life, refuse any cooperation with the armed actors and tolerate neither weapons nor drugs in their community. In this way, they have created an island of hope in the midst of the brutal war.

“What is the force that really has a higher power than this globalized system of violence?” was the main concern of the letter from our comrades in Colombia.

San José is only one of hundred thousands of villages in Latin America, Africa and Asia, which experience these or similar atrocities in this moment. This is the reality of our present globalization. It is a globalization of organized crime.
CHEGA! Enough! An end to this madness!
We need to initiate a new globalization of peace and humaneness, which is stronger than the globalization of violence – a movement that thinks, plans and acts in completely new ways. This is the objective must our time. The peace movement must no longer remain only an unstructured, amorphous movement, but needs the courage to focus on a big goal and a common plan. We need the vision for a powerful culture of peace on this Earth. The “Terra Nova” movement stands in service for this.

On November 9th, the Global Grace Day, we will send the world a message: Another life is possible! Besides all the cruelties we also see a world of life and love, a world in cooperation with the “Sacred Matrix” and the possibility for a new beginning globally.
On November 9th we connect worldwide with this perspective, in solidarity with all who are affected and suffer, with our friends and comrades on all continents – in service of compassion for all that has skin and fur.

Why November 9th? 
We have chosen a historic day of both pain and hope: On November 9th 1938 the genocide of the Jews in Germany began in the so-called “Crystal Night” and on November 9th 1989, the Berlin Wall fell.
Sabine Lichtenfels, peace activist and co-founder of the Tamera Peace Research Center in Portugal initiated Global Grace Day on her pilgrimages “in the name of GRACE” in different crisis areas.

On November 9th we connect to the power of humaneness that is able to take down all walls of separation and systems of violence. We come together to realize the possibility of a new life on Earth. We envision a unified humankind based on trust, truth, solidarity, and “Grace” – reconciliation instead of revenge. Together, we will activate humankind’s great potential.

Here are ten images with the title “Imagine,” ten aspects for Terra Nova. During sunrise of November 9th, we want to visualize these images in as many places as possible, and thereby pave the road towards their manifestation.

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Einstein said, Whatever can be thought, can also be done.” When we can see the image of a healed Earth, then we also have the power to make it reality. “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” (Victor Hugo)
Please join in and help!

(Those who have not yet done so, please register your actions for Global Grace Day on the following page: //unify.org/november_9 or notify us by email globalgraceday2013 @ tamera.org what you are planning to do.)

In preparation of November 9th we recommend studying an article by Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of Tamera and initiator of the Global Grace Day, with the headline “What is GRACE?” The essay is an excerpt from her book, “GRACE. Pilgrimage for a Future without War” and contains essential principles of the inner peace work and ethics that have led Sabine Lichtenfels to her pilgrimages in various crisis areas.

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The power of GRACE is crucial for a humane turn in the revolutionary movement of our time. All who wish to study the subject deeper may refer to the later sections of the book (“Encounter with Israeli Soldiers and a Palestinian” and “Historic Significance of November 9th”) or may read the entire book!
“There is a power which is stronger than governments and armies, because it is anchored in the hearts of all human beings.” (Sabine Lichtenfels)

We greet you in this sense, and thank you for your participation.
In the name of love for all creatures.

 Martin Winiecki, coordinator of the Terra Nova School, Tamera

Some impressions of Global GRACE Day:

Palestine 2005







2005, in Tulkarem, Israel-Palestine

Bogota_ Colombia







2010, Global GRACE Day in Bogotá, Colombia








2012, Global GRACE Day in Lisbon, Portugal


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  1. I would like to contact someone from the movement to talk about a citizen’s initiative to protect the Earth through law. I would be very happy if someone contacted me back. Thank you very much, best wishes

    End Ecocide in Europe Now- vote for a law to protect the Earth at http://www.endecocide.eu

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