The absolute NO

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Excerpt from the article: Revolution for a Global Peace. Comment on War in our Times by Dieter Duhm

We unite in the power of insight and in solidarity and courage for truth. Where truth becomes possible again, trust arises; where trust arises, love emerges. From the convergence of the new spirits, emerges the plan of the new Earth for which the doors are now open.

We connect in the power of the absolute NO against all war, any war.
We connect to an absolute NO to all cruelties to living beings.
An absolute NO to the armament industry and weapon trade.
An absolute NO to secret police and torture.
A NO to the exploitation of the “Developing World”.
A NO to the cruel circumcisions in Africa, performed six thousand times each day.
A NO to the animal trade, fur factories and slaughterhouses.
A NO to animal testing and (as far as already possible) a NO to all products that have been produced by means of violence against humans or animals.
NO to a society that uses and honors such methods.
An absolute NO to the hypocrisy with which one shows indignation about the lack of sexual morals while at the same time preparing the killing of entire peoples or accepting it as a consequence.

We unite against any form of concealment and ‘playing it down’. We leave a reality in which millions of people do what a few command. We leave the trends of a society that hasn’t known what it was doing for a long time. We leave behind the idols of a culture that attempted to hide its cruelties with the shine of their limousines or the perfect smile of pretty commercial faces. We say goodbye to all lies and distractions of this time. We are here to erect a new life structure.

The more we understand, the more we approach a point located beyond hatred. The absolute NO lies beyond hatred or revenge. Those who have found this NO possess a new power. It is not an emotion, it is not a belief statement, nor a philosophical or religious position. Rather, it is elementary in an existential and ethical sense. We say NO because any other statement would be the same as self-denial. We say NO because we want to become truthful again in our own friendships and love relationships.

At the same time we connect with an equally powerful YES to life, YES to love, YES to all creatures, YES for the joyous co-existence and co-operation of all beings – Toward the One!

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