The Totality of Possibilities

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What is possible, what isn’t? Who raises the question? Who has the answer? Who sets the spiritual framework and controls the conditions under which the question and the answer are actually possible? 

Reality is boundless, open in all directions. It is multidimensional in itself and constantly changing in its outer manifestations. There is a totality which is more total than anything that we have imagined to date, namely the totality of possibilities and potentialities contained in reality. For there is no definite reality, there is no definite law of nature which defines our limits. There are only those limits which we set to ourselves, which means that a very determined will to displace and dissolve these boundaries also exists.I am thinking of adventurers and athletes, of men such as Alexander von Humboldt, Rüdiger Nehberg, Klaus Haetzel, Reinhold Messner, or Prentice Mulford. Human will is characterized by an inner process of ripening that suddenly culminates in the revelation that “Yes!, this is possible!” Yes, this healing is possible! Yes, this body can be healthy once more! Yes, this nightmare has an end! Yes, this new earth and this new heaven, these completely new forms of life, consciousness and society can manifest themselves! Yes, complete reconciliation can emerge even between Israel and Palestine! Or think of Ibrahim Abouleish from Sekem, Egypt, who says: “Yes! We can turn this desert into a blooming oasis!” Yes, we can turn this oppressed planet into a paradise!

Insight into Nature reveals the possibilities of creation in the multiverse. The endless diversity of forms in flora and fauna abounding in earth, water and sky is but a foretaste of what is possible. The infinity of manifested forms hints at the potential un-manifested forms that await their calling in latent space, in what David Bohm called the “implicit order”. A slight twist in perception, a slight frequency variation in consciousness, a tiny deviation from the trodden path may open a new world, just like a minute rotation of the kaleidoscope creates a new, well-ordered pattern. Next to the visible, manifested world lie an infinite series of parallel worlds. Any of them may emerge in an instant, depending on the direction of our gaze, i.e. the angle of incidence of our “beam of reference”.

Sai Baba manifested a one dollar bill. Rolling Thunder summoned a storm in Chicago. Jesus fed a crowd of five thousand. The Jansenites withstood stakes and muskets. Incurable patients heal in the blink of an eye. The Dutchman Mirin Dajo thrust a dagger through his chest and remained unscathed. Wonder after wonder induced by frequency shifts in consciousness depend on a change in “the angle at which the beam of reference crosses the holographic film”.(For more information please go to: Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe- Ed.) The result is a side-step into another reality. Uri Geller demonstrated how young plants grow out of seeds in his hands at the PSI convention in Basel.

We are entering a new age, and will notice that such dimensional leaps are only natural and that they follow the rhythm of evolution. We will learn to consciously induce them in so far as they allow for the humanization of our planet. We will forsake old beliefs in illness, scarcity and decay. There are no set laws governing aging and death. We will discover the gates through which we will step out of the old belief patterns forever. We are becoming conscious embryos of ourselves and recognize how much growth has been inhibited by ancient bonds up until now. Witnesses of prehistoric times suggest that in some respects, we might once have been further developed than we are right now. We are beginning to feel the unfathomable structures of the universe that pervade our soul, from stem cell to brain. In this sense, it may seem bizarre that the questions of our current possibilities regarding peace work, solar energy or the development of new socio-economic structures always revolve around what was possible up until now. In so doing, we submit to alleged laws of nature which actually never existed. What we considered laws of nature were but statistical boundaries to the interaction between human and matter, valid only under very specific social conventions and the corresponding thought patterns. These were historical laws, not timeless ones. Prentice Mulford knew how to express this situation like no other, writing in the nineteenth century, about 120 years ago (!):

It is no more due to the unavoidable course of nature that the human body decays… or that letters can be delivered only by the postman instead of by an electric spark.
The impertinence of our blunt unknowing encourages us to define what is governed by the laws of nature and what is not. It is a fatal error to look back on our petty knowledge of times past as unmistakable indicators of what will take place in all eternity.

(Prentice Mulford)

What is possible, what isn’t? Who raises the question? Who has the answer? Who sets the spiritual framework and controls the conditions under which the question and the answer are actually possible? What do we know about ourselves and about the world in order to speak of “laws” or “boundaries”?

Isn’t our own body a total, a super-total wonder? 10-100 billion cells with integrated mini computers tirelessly providing such perfectly coordinated work that, in turn, allows virtuoso performances on the violin, precision mechanics and circus acrobatics. Who planned the whole thing? Who built the cells? Who had the intelligence to coordinate them in such a manner? Has anyone seen the master-planner?

When I stare into my mirror and fear that I am getting fat, a billion cells jump to the task of making the image of my becoming fat reality. All body functions activate simultaneously in order to realize these thoughts and images, regardless of whether they are wishful thinking or fears. The decisive factor is the precision of the image that is connected with the thought. What shapes reality is always the image of visualisation that is inherent in our thoughts. If billions of cells react to a thought-image in order to realize that, – does this also apply to the whole of humanity? When millions or billions of humans integrate a thought-image and react in consequence, is this not an infinite opportunity for evil as well as good? Haven’t the Crusades, the Inquisition and Fascism provided horrible proofs of this infinite potential? Is it not time to appraise these connections in order to use them for new, better goals and thought patterns?

So far, heaven and earth derive from a combination of natural laws that appeared under specific conditions and evolutionary moments of the development of human consciousness. This historical and mostly horrible epoch created the apparent laws, boundaries and definitions, as well as the probabilities, possibilities and, even more so, the impossibilities defining our actions.

The Great Possible enters the picture when it becomes possible for us to rid the world of its boundaries, to free it from its definitions, prejudices and judgments which are not of its own making, but of our own. The boundaries which seemingly underlie our world only unfold inside our heads. Therefore, something must take place in ourselves if we want to approach, enter and experience the Great Possible. Whatever may happen to us on this path, whatever methods and experiments researchers may develop, it all ends in the same One point: the rebirth of original trust. We will experience the Great Possible once we cease to react to the world with fear and once we create a new structure which eliminates the old fears. This new structure will replace fear with trust. Trust in each other, trust in nature, trust in the higher laws of life.

Everything we have learned from the materialistic era concerning the development of the world should lead us to suspect that its fundamental active agent is not matter, but is formed of ideas, visions, concepts and information! That is the central spiritual paradigm shift of our time. It will fundamentally alter the natural sciences and technology as much as it will alter our daily habits. We are on the brink of a revolution that will sweep us away if we seek to trap it into small mental cages from the onset. Nothing that is imaginable will be impossible… an idea already expressed by Einstein. The human civilization of the future will be fundamentally different from the current one, or it will cease to exist. I thank all pathfinders that are preparing the new civilization in their minds. And I thank those who are already doing it. We must work together.


This article is an excerpt from the book: Future without War by Dieter Duhm

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