Actions on Global GRACE Day

Global GRACE Day is a day to study  and implement the power of grace and to overcome all walls, in the inside and in the outside. Here is a list of participants from all around the world and some reports
Thank you, everyone – for your participation, your time and dedication. On Nov. 9th, 2013 following events took place in the name of GRACE, always in connection with the 10 pictures of the Imagine Campaign. Thank you all for your creativity!
What took place and where:
In Europe,  Germany: A public meditation in the cathedral of Cologne, a street action in downtown Cologne, circles in Kassel and Hamburg, meetings and meditation at sunrise in Hannover, Berlin, Bad Belzig, Lübeck, in the community of Tempelhof, a pilgrimage in Darmstadt, fire ceremony in Alt-Tellin; in the UK, pilgrimage in Devon, mediations in Oxford and London, a walk in Warsaw, Poland, in Romania a meditation in Hunedoara, a workshop in Brasov, in Serbia a meditation “from sunriuse to sunset”, in Russia, a group of compagnons met in their eco-village Medvinka South of Moscow to imagine the future; in Switzerland a sound meditation was performed in Freienbach, in Basel they did a silent meditation, and  a light meditation in Zurich; a circle met in Austria, Vienna; in the Netherlands, Limburg, they created a full day program with the city game, an introduction in the Global GRACE Day, a workshop in non-violent communication, an information about the world water crisis and followed by an exercise in Active Hope on “how to face the chaos we are in without going crazy”. The program ended with a meditation and a prayer. In Greece, Athens, they created a full day with horses, Tibetan bowl meditation, workshops on emotions, and prayers. They also started to integrate as many people as possible. They spread the message all over Greece and called for common actions. In Volos, Greece a group did street paintings. A tree planting action took place in the eco-community Faragi Scalas. In Portugal meditations and gatherings took place in Coimbra and Figueira, in Tamera and Lisbon a whole day was created with meditations, lectures, street actions, in Spain groups  joined near Murcia and Salamanca. In Madrid an action with children took place. Children formed Origami figures related to the imagine pictures as gifts for people they met in the streets; in France, Aveyron a drum meditation took place.
In America: In the US people participated with meetings, circles and meditations in several locations in the states of New York, Arizona, California, in Mexico participants were in Mexico City and Oaxaca, meditations took place in Cuba and Costa Rica, in Bolivia, La Paz, they organised an art action in the streets, a group joined in Paraguay, in Brazil groups joined in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (see their reports below!), in Colombia the imagine pictures were spread in the peace village San José de Apartadó, in Cali and Bogotá. 
In the Middle East a group of around 80 people met for a seminar in Mitspe Ramon (see report below). In the evening they invited for  a peace concert.
Events took also place in Iran, Turkey (Istanbul), at several places in India, in Tasmania and South Korea. 
Also in Africa, in Kenya and South Africa, the meditation was held-  in Kenya accompanied by a walk and a tree planting action (see report below).
Some reports: 
Peace Village San José de Apartadó, Mulatos, Colombia:
Laure Luciani Global Grace Day in Colombia: a Celebration of the Youth Powers of Vision and Creation!

The Global Grace Day was the culmination of the Youth Camp in Mulatos, in service for a powerful and sustainable Peace Village. For two weeks, around 25 young men and women were living and working together to build the group to hold this dream and the material conditions to receive it. Together with our team from Tamera, the youth celebrated the construction of a biogas station, the first model of compost toilet in the whole Peace Community, the creation of a seed garden and the building of the roof of the school and memorial for Eduar Lanchero, visionary of the Peace Community who died in 2012. We arranged the kiosko (gathering place of the village) for this day including paintings made by young members of the Peace Community and by us expressing visions of a peaceful Mulatos.

We all started the Global Grace Day with a prayer at the stone circle, reminding the dream of this place and calling the spirit of Eduar. We connected with the network of lights of hope celebrating the power of Grace around the world. Our prayer reached us deeper and we launched the day under the guidance of community intelligence and joy to live. Gildardo, the guardian and leader of Mulatos, presented the coming pilgrimage starting next day as an action of solidarity and Grace for neighbors of the Peace Community. Most of the day was dedicated to continue the building sites and presenting them to the whole community. We planned a championship of volleyball that was replaced with some calm spaces of talks under the heavy rain of the afternoon. In the evening, we had a powerful prayer in the kiosko of Mulatos where some friends from the Peace Community were reading the text of several pictures of Imagine at the light of a candle. We also offered the people to put their own prayers in water we mixed with waters from Tamera and from the world. It was an intense moment of communitarian coherence and heart opening.


Photo: Global GRACE Day in Colombia


As a closing of this day of celebration, the media working group projected a slideshow and video about the Youth Camp and the vision of the Peace Village of Mulatos. The time for dancing was then definitely opened and the young and frenetic bodies could finally meet with the vallenato, ranchera and merengue music!

Mitspe Ramon, Israel: 

By Johannes Ewig We started the day with a lecture by  Sabine Lichtenfels about the power of vision: „If we meet a real vision, we meet a latent reality that already exists. The power of manifestation for this vision grows with the extent that it is in service for something bigger; for a community, a group, all of humanity.“
Photo: In Mitspe Ramon, Seminar with Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin von Mendelssohn 
Tha’er, a young Palestinian friend shared his story with us. With him the powerful reality of an outrcrying injustice had entered our circle. When he was 17 he was put into prison for  2 years, without knowing what he was charged for. Tha’er said: „It is so difficult to have lost your freedom and you don’t know why. You don’t know what is the next step that is waiting for you, in this lack of justice. ( …) The most terrible feeling today is to remember the faces of all my friends that are still in prison, behind these walls.”

He asked us to write letters to his friends in prison, words of connection that would make them aware that they are not forgotten. „If my friends will recieve such letters, they will gain hope and will be proud that I didn’t leave them alone in their resistance.“ So this what we are going to do today. We will write letters of compassion. Before we start writing we go out into the desert for a while, everyone alone, to work on the vision of how to turn injustice and powerlessness into hope and power.

Here is what Tha’er wrote to his friends in prison:

“I send you all greetings, from one human being to another, from friend to friend. As I write this letter to you, I am only a few kilometers distant from you, on the other side. I am here with a group of peace-seekers from all around the world. We have come together to share a vision, and create a world free from wars, free from oppression, and free from deceit… a world of equal opportunity for all.
Two days ago, when I passed the prison on my way to this camp, my heart was in turmoil, knowing that you all still there behind the bars. I could hear your voices. I witnessed the suffering again. For some minutes, all the memories were present, and the pain was great. Friends, I want to say it loud: Our land is still full with red ripe pomegranates, vineyards, and apples.
What should I say about myself? I am at a point in time were my main focus is to learn to turn pain into hope; to take all the suffering, injustice, and hatred that i witnessed in my story, and try to transform it into hope, love, and grace.
I want to share with you how happy I am, to have found people who truly seek peace, and who do all that they can to manifest it .
I am sure you would be proud of me. I was the young one at that time, the one that you all took care of. 
I hope, for us all, that the a day will come when we can witness the sunrise and the sunset in freedom… a day where we can embrace the soil of our homeland with love and care.
All I wish in this moment, is that you could be with us here now. I know what powerful and faithful people you are. You would be a great gift, to support the creation of a world without violence, repression, or injustice. Amen.”

Many of us  signed the letter,which will be sent to his friends. Thank you, Tha’er, for your joy of life and the heart you are carrying!
We ended the Global Grace Day in Mitspe Ramon with a concert by the band ‘Almaz’, also celebrating the end of a three days seminar on “Healing the Earth – Healing of Love”. It was a joyful ending of three very powerful days. Todah!

San Diego, USA:
Adam Paulman We had a smallish gathering at my home here in southern California.  We created a sign for peace by each making an individual letter to hang on my wall and then each spoke our view of what peace would look like and followed up by singing Imagine.  I wrote a 4th verse that we included.

imagine there’s no marriage
and everybody’s free
just tribes of lovers
and end to jealousy
imagine all the people
loving openly
Here is a video about our gathering:
and two photos:
Photo: Global GRACE Day, San Diego, California, USA
Photo: Global GRACE Day, San Diego, California, USA
Istanbul, Turkey:
Gökçe Okullu


After the IMAGINE meditation and visioning, we made a council circle. The question of the council was: what do I need to stretch on myself to reach that vision?


Photo: Global GRACE Day in Istanbul 

Liviu Caliman Aligned with the common vision for a new Earth, I am supporting the peaceful, environmental and social change movement in Romania – a revolution in the making. May eco-peace prevail on Earth! For more information go here: Romania Rising

Medvinka, Russia
Eugene Vodopianov We, all in Medvinka are sending to you and to all Tamera’s people our hot greeting! We have celebrated GGD together here in our place by reading the images texts, meditating and so on. We have had the guest day in Medvinka in 9 of November so other people could join us.

El Cabecico, Murcia, Spain:
Juan F. de Gea We met November 9th with our regional permaculture group in the farm El Cabecico, read and talked about the Imagine pictures. Here an impression:


Photo: Global GRACE Day in Murcia, Spain

Bavaria, Germany:
Fabi Aan 50 people in an amazing castle in southern Bavaria. What a grace-weekend! I send love to all of you and even further. Thank you for being in service!

Darmstadt, Germany :
Frank Scheckeler Our pilgrimage on Global Grace Day was fantastic! We had very good outside conditions and came together with a group of seven people to pilgrimage through the beautiful Fischbachtal near Darmstadt. After the walk we sat together in a Café and had an interesting conversation about education, which was quite challenging. It was a very intense experience, seeing all the different aspects regarding this topic, and we imagined how it could be, if children could grow up and learn in freedom.
Keep the good work going!


Photo: Global GRACE Day near Darmstadt, Germany 

Köln, Germany: 
MedMob Cologne We meditated in the cathedral of Cologne for an hour to visualize the images of Terra Nova.

Marielle Lansink Seeing the picture of the healed Earth – Discovering the spark of Love
We, a small group of people from Cologne and surrounding areas had been preparing the action for about three weeks. A few were active in the meetings, the others supporting and encouraging in the background. Some had met in Tamera, new inspiring friendships were initiated through this project and already active ones deepened .
We see new possibilities new visible pathways for this project, which is an amazingly open process in this moment in time. I would like to compare it to nerve cells that start to form connections with each other.
By this action contact with people was made, who recognize that which lies beyond words and is connected to everything.
One could call it the “spark of love in a heart”
The Global Grace Day provided a frame for this. Here are some photos of our presence in the streets of Cologne:



Photo: Global GRACE Day in Cologne, Germany 

Now a beautifully written report of the day by Fabian Müller, the Co-Organizer of this event in Cologne:

Impressions Global Grace Day 2013 Cathedral Square Cologne
Radiant sunlight greets us on the cathedral square of the Cologne Dom. Grey and white clouds chase each other across the sky, accompanied by a strong wind around the foundations of the Dom. The place around us is teeming with people: Tourists, travelling artists and people shopping, strolling or taking a break on a bench. The fierce gusts of wind make it difficult for us to set up the globe and hang up the placards. Finally we decide to fix everything to the “Roemerbogen”, an oddment of the city walls built by the romans 2000 years ago. It takes us one hour, only then everything is set up and we are ready to go.

During this process people are already noticing the ongoing activities with interest. Especially the globe with its small golden metal plates and little figurines catches their eye. Most of all it acts as a magnet for children. We start drumming to draw attention. Hardly anyone seems to hear us on the huge and windy cathedral square with all the other musicians, anyway hardly anyone turns around because of it. Marielle gives her opening speech. (see below!)

We keep on drumming for a while, but stop soon for lack of effect. People keep stopping to read the “Imagine” posters that we stuck onto the ground. Some even come closer and take part in our action by writing onto the small metal plates what makes the picture of the healed earth for them, what they want to live for, or what is important to them in general. With people that just walk past it is almost never possible to start a conversation. Many say nothing or “no time”, “not now” or similar things. One says that the earth is already healed, an other person likes the action, but is of the opinion that it is just one of those actions “good people” do without any effect. Sometimes that is frustrating. Luckily many of our friends come along to participate. That way we also find new people interested in the Terra Nova group, that we want to establish. In between times 3 officers of the municipal regulatory agency in uniforms show up to inspect if we adhere to the restrictions.Everything in order -we only have to take the Imagine posters off the ground. Apparently someone could slip on them. We can hardly imagine that, since the weather is dry, but follow their instructions. Here and there some of us start singing, but wind and cold make them stop again soon. Time passes quickly.

By the time we already think about disassembling, three young men approach us and curiously ask questions. Who we are and what we are doing here. Their reaction on our answers is admiration and respect. They thank us for the work we do. We also tell them about Tamera and our experiences there and it is not long before the topic of manliness comes up. The young men tell us that they ask themselves what that means in these days and which possibilities are available apart from macho and softie. I am amazed by so much openness and thankful for their interest. We hand them some flyers and leaflets and start packing up before darkness and rain fall. It is already completely dark when we load the trailer with the globe, which is richly decorated with small metal plates by now, and all the other things. All in all I think the action was enthralling, but I am delighted to feel warm again after up to six hours. A little question of what we might have reached today comes up and if our message or inspiration to see the healed earth has fallen onto fertile ground.. In all the commotion we seem to have gone under a bit, but nevertheless I am proud that we managed to set up something like this with only ten people. Thanks a lot to Marielle, without her idea and initiative it would not have been possible to make it happen in this way! May our action have contributed to encouraging people to take their life into their own hands, to discover their capacity for love and their ability to serve peace in a creative way!
Thank you Fabian for tirelessly conjuring up the energy to approach people.
Here are some collected impressions of the day in retrospective.

I (Marielle) would like to highlight 3 encounters on Global Grace Day, which have brought out the meaning of the day for me.
The first one was an development aid worker, who had given away a big part of his money and witnessed a lot of things in slums and crisis areas. Although he believed that people are born with an evil heart and I believed the opposite to be true, we still could meet at the spark of love in a heart, that existed for both of us. After a long intensive talk he thanked me and I got a book as a gift from him.
The 3 young men that Fabian already mentioned have really left me deeply impressed. Therefore I want to shine a closer light on this encounter: They brought the question: “What is a true man”, saying that they came from a generation which feels quite disconnected from their fathers world of experiences and that they are intensively contemplating the question, what and how is a real man? They asked me to state my point of view on this, especially with the background of Tamera and the research in the area of love there.”
I was astounded by the depth of this question and only now it occurs to me what kind of potential in people one often overlooks in everyday life, because we put people into certain categories and associate them with certain thinking structures.
At first I answered hesitantly and a little overwhelmed: “Someone that is at one with himself…and also allows the female side to be”
They asked on: “How can this be without being perceived as wimpy?”
I closed my eyes took a short inward turn and said from within my heart, that for a woman the softness in a man can also be erotic. It gives her the possibility to assume the protective strong role in this moment, to show her motherly side and come into contact with her own male side.
For the young men it came as a surprise, that the soft side of the man can be attractive for a woman. It was a good question and once again goes to show what kind of truth can be brought out of the unconscious by the right questions.

Three people of the municipal regulatory agency, one woman and 2 men came with the sentence „But we are the power here“ when I had told them that the event was properly registered with the police. That brought to my mind again, the power tussle that reigns on the level of everyday live and how people in narrow societal structures symbolically try to show their influence on what is happening in the world. I spoke to them in a friendly manner and thanked them for making us aware of possible safety hazards, this even brought out a smile in them. In me this evoked the feeling that I was speaking with people behind the “power” again. Apparently I had spoken to the spark of love in their wish for everything to carry on without an accident.

On this day I was very happy to have so many people around me, who carried the event with me and found their roles in a self organizing manner.
Wonderful conversations with and connections to the people of the MedMob (a meditation flashmob inside the Dom, organised by Elke) emerged, when they spontaneously helped with disassembling and packing up.

Now some impressions by Steffi:
A little statement on the Global Grace Day 9.11.201, Cologne, Cathedral square- Roman Arch:
When Marielle Lansink confronted me with the Idea of participating in an event for the Global Grace Day, I never thought of the scale this would take for me. By agreeing to take part, not only could I bring in my creative talents well enough, but I also met people that otherwise I would probably never have met in my entire life. A great event all around, even with the stagnations and delays in the preparation process. That only stimulated us to take a look inside ourselves and search for solutions and then go forward with combined strength. Up until the very end we worked with peak power and could enjoy the richness of experience that this day brought to us, as well as being with and for each other.
On the 9th of November 2013 there was quite a strong wind blowing on cathedral square in cologne,
-, but in our hearts the gentle bonds of love danced in the breeze!
Stefanie Di Giuseppe

And here words spoken by Marielle Lansink of the Global Grace Day 2013 Dom- cathedral square, Cologne Germany


I call upon the elemental powers of life to be with us
the water
the fire
the earth
the air
May you accompany and touch us on this day

I call upon the powers of the people to be with us
the compassion
the forgiveness
the joy
the love

may you fulfil us on this day and lead us to healing

I call the powers of the animals, the plants and the spirit world to be with us
the nearness
the awareness

the knowledge
the connection of all that is
May you feel our thankfulness on this day and accompany us on our path

This is an appeal for the courage to see our inner truth
-to follow the healing impulse, that lies within
Thank you

I thank all of you for being here today
We are connected to everyone gathered in peace and love on this Global Grace day today
it is a connection of light!
Thank you and welcome!

(translated from german)
Text:written by Marielle on the morning of the 9.11.13 directly after waking up…

Tollensetal, Germany: 

Juliane Grefe Unser Global Grace Day war wunderbar. Wir hatten vormittags in unserem Mandala eine berührende Talkingstick-Runde und nach einem heißen Kürbissüppchen haben wir das Orco-Waranka- Feuer entzündet und voller Liebe das Bild unserer heilen Erde gestärkt. Am nächsten Tag habe ich die kleine Kindergemeinschaft nochmal versammelt, mit ihnen alles, was um uns lebt und was wir lieben, gegrüßt und meinen Globus mit den vielen Fähnchen mit ihnen bestaunt, Geschichten erzählt von den Freunden, die weit in der Welt sind und Lieder gesungen.

Herzensgrüße an alle von uns hier aus dem Tollensetal!

Dimitri Kokkinias We were all blessed, when we live and experience Grace. NO words for these touching moments in Hippolisi & Center of Earth. We wish to celebrate Grace every single day… Tamera, THANK YOU!


Photo: Global GRACE Day in Greece 

São Paulo, Brazil:
By Vera Kleinhammes Good morning from Brazil! Just now we are gathering with the community of the Jardim Nakamura in Jardim Angela in São Paulo. We will spend the day working together, creating a place where the community can gather. It was a wonderful process in the last days observing the community getting together and finding a common dream. In the evening a stage will be set up and we have Poesia Samba Soul and many other local musicians and artists playing. We will use the whole day to connect with the picture of a healed earth – and celebrate the power of community. Gratitude to all people who haven’t given up on this profound and powerful dream of a world in peace! May this day inspire us all, nourish us – and deepen our own decision to work for it on all levels. In gratitude to our sacred planet and to the power of community.


Photo: Global GRACE Day in São Paulo, Brazil 

Hours later: We successfully completed our community action for the day. Our expectations of what we would be able to manifest in one day where exceeded! More and more people from the community curiously arrived throughout the day asking how they could help. Especially the joy, the full-hearted participation and the community spirit where very powerful and touching. At the end of the working action we were picked up by a joyful afro drum group. The whole group ended up dancing up the street together towards the Global Grace Day stage.
The night concluded with an energetic concert with musicians from all over São Paulo. It opened and ended with powerful moments in which we connected with the earth and the power of community.
With gratitude – the movement for a free earth is alive!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

By Mariana Franca Te convidamos a participar desse dia de visualização de uma Nova Terra! Nos encontraremos às 9h na Praia do Flamengo. Estaremos prontos para receber a todos com amor e graça para construirmos juntos o nosso Dia Mundial da Graça!

André Grabois In Rio we gathered in the beautiful Flamengo park by the beach. We had a powerful sharing circle and then we read and welcomed the visions for Terra Nova. We felt blessed and connected to this amazing network of peace workers and divine energies. The day was astonishin, high prana all around and a delightful breeze caressed our skins.

Cali, Colombia:
Alberto Nicolas Velasquez Chavez Compartimos con ustedes lo vivido en la jornada de Grace, en Cali, Colombia donde nos reunimos en comunidad al rededor del fuego y del dulce de zapallo, fruto que crece al ras del suelo y que se expande sin conocer las fronteras ni los limites humanos, también mostramos unas fotos tomadas por los niños que participaron en esa noche de compartir entre cantos y reflexiones sobre imagine.


Photo: Global GRACE Day in Cali, Colombia

José Darío Soto En Cali Colombia fue espectacular nuestra unidad con el día global de GRACE. Elegimos el Zapallo como el fruto símbolo de la reconciliación por cuanto es una planta humilde que cree y se expande a ras de la tierra y recorre espacios sin conocer las fronteras ni las divisiones de la mente humana; puede nacer en el predio A y llegar a dar el mejor fruto en el predio B. Alrededor del fuego cocimos el zapallo, bebimos su jugo con canela y anís y luego comimos la pulpa endulzada por el fuego. fuego, tierra, agua y aire se juntaron en una sola canción por la paz y la reconciliación. EL zapallo fue nuestra eucaristía de unidad con la madre tierra y con el cosmos en el DÍA GLOBAL DE GRACE. Gracias hermano zapallo por esta experiencia de unidad cósmica.

Kitale, Kenya:
By Saskia Breihardt In the morning at around 11am we started our Global Grace Day. We, that is: our international Global Campus Group, OTEPIC co-workers, students,  neighbours and many children. We started with introducing the meaning of this day, its purpose and globality as well as reading out the first IMAGINE picture. This day is a day of global alliance, of stating our intentions for a peaceful future and of connecting with all projects and individuals who share this common task: Creating a world worth living, a future without war. We continued our day and planted ca. 500 trees both on the new land as well as in the nearby primary school. During our planting action it started to rain but people didn’t let themselves be interrupted by it. We continued planting in the rain.

After that we walked to Amani Garden (a 45min walk), the first demonstration garden of OTEPIC. We had a sign saying “Global Grace Day- for a new Earth without war” with us andwe were singing and dancing traditional songs accompanied by traditional drums.


Photo: Global GRACE Day in Kitale, Kenya

The energy was high, the road was muddy, people on the side of the road were curious and attracted by this young, peaceful group demonstrating. On the way we made several stops, stations to calm down and connect again to one of the IMAGINE pictures. (…) In Amani Garden beautiful, talented boys and young men, between 10 and 20 years old, started to present their dance choreographies. The Global Grace Day was a chance for them to present themselves and their passion for movement to a bigger audience. One could see how much this is a positive channel for their life energies.


Photo: Global GRACE Day in Kitale, Kenya 

We finished the day with presenting every country where the Global GRACE Day took place and gave thanks for being part of such a strong global network. Thank you for all these wonderful, young people and their full participation in this common dream. Thank you Philip and OTEPIC for hosting such an initiative. Thank you IGP team and Tamera for giving birth to this movement. Let’s grow in numbers, impact and creativity! Asanteni Sana!


Photo: Children in Kitale, Kenya

Devon, England:
By Simon Blackler  At 10.30am GMT a few people met together at the entrance to Longtimber Woods, Ivybridge, Devon, UK. PL21 0AH to embark on a meditative walk into woodland. We gathered prayer sticks along the way for our sacred fire, considering what we would have to shed of the old culture and paradigm dominated by fear in order to welcome in all of the new culture and paradigm effusing love. Each stick represented a characteristic to give up and to invite in either on a personal or global perspective when thinking about whether it is conceivable to live in a future without war and envisage a picture of a healed Earth.
We walked for 20 mins along the River Erme until arriving at our sacred space (prepared 1 week earlier) complete with medicine wheel, where 4 beech trees signifying ‘tolerance’ stood tall in the 4 directions North, East, South and West. 12 stones lay within that circle, 3 between each tree to represent the 12 moons of the year. 4 other bigger stones lay around the circle in the middle to represent Father Sky, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon (the 13th Moon) and one to connect the spirit within with that of the greater spirit. In the centre lay the fire of spirit itself.


Photo: Global GRACE Day in Devon, England 

We took a time to use our bushcraft skills and light the fire naturally. We committed our sticks to the fire and our prayers were cast to the 4 directions of the Earth. We sat in silence and thought about and meditated on the 10 pictures of ‘Imagine’ provided by Tamera. 4 people sat around the fire one in each direction, connecting with the elements of water, fire, earth and air that existed all around us and a dog accompanied us speaking for all the animals and non humans on the planet. We then talked for two hours on the subject of war and peace in a ‘Conversation With Nature’ inspired by the ‘Revolution For A New Earth’ text supplied by Tamera.
We touched some deep polarities between us and discussed the paradox of the internet, good and bad, positive and negative, herbivores, omnivores and carnivores and most of all about communication and the necessary heart felt dialogue that we all desperately needed to carry on our journey.
Then we concluded our conversation and gave thanks to each other and the gratitude we had for the space that was held for us all, we made an offering of tobacco both before the ceremony and afterward to give thanks to the planet for providing all the materials for the fire the stones for the circle, the food and drink and the talking stone.
We then celebrated with toasted marshmallows around the fire with chocolate cookies and hot drinks. Gave more thanks and departed with deeper friendships and more peace and understanding between us all.

Thanks very much Tamera and Terra Nova longing for this new earth to come into existence.

Lisbon, Portugal:
By Edwin Roman  Something interesting for me, as I come from Poland: we had a march in downtown Lisbon with police escort. The last time I participated in a demonstration when  martial law was implemented in Poland, police attacked us with full force. This time they were watching for our safety and they did a great job. One guy did not like our demonstration and they took him aside to discuss the issue. I must say however it was a strange feeling based on my old experience, to be in demonstration in front of a police …

It is amazing for me how inactive people are in free countries. But its our choice what is important in our life …
Unfortunately I don’t have many pictures from the march, as I was carrying a board, but here is a short video:

Edwin Roman
Edwin Roman 10. November 03:08
Terra Nova demonstration Lisbon 09112013//

Maria Joao Soares: Global GRACE Day in Lisbon: We started our day envisioning a new reality, connecting in prayer and meditation. From there we spread into the city in small groups, talking to people.

Inês Magalhães: On the 9th of November 2013, we join powers in Lisbon to celebrate the Global Grace Day. We gathered with our small activist core group from Tamera in the early morning for sunrise at a sightseeing place over the city to meditate with the “Imagine” text. After the sentence: “Imagine… they no longer build fences, for their lives are based on complete trust…”, an anxious older woman disturbed the meditation in search for support after she witnessed a gang fight in front of her house. It was a kind of symbolic moment reflecting the clash between the future vision of a healed planet with the reality of violence smoldering in the underground of society, a sentiment that accompanied us throughout the entire day.
At 11am, we met in the Principe Real park with friends from Lisbon for a sharing. From there we went to the streets in small groups, spreading the vision of Terra Nova through performances and street actions.
In the afternoon we came together again to the Martim Moniz square in the city center where we had announced a musical parade with friends playing for us. One hour before the musicians called us and canceled their participation. A challenging situation: “What do we do now?” We thought of calling off the march. But then more and more friends joined us, saying: “We came here for the musical march, to celebrate Terra Nova, so even if the band isn’t here, we will do it!” It was beautiful to see how everybody was getting involved, spreading flyers to by-passers, carrying the “Imagine” posters, inventing songs and sentences to call out…
The march led us to the Estefânia neighborhood, where we concluded our day with a cultural evening with initially around 70 people in “Espiral”, a vegetarian restaurant and alternative center that has become the base-station of the Terra Nova School group of Lisbon. The event started with an inspiring speech by Martin Winiecki from Tamera about “building perspectives for a global system-change.” We formed small groups to share our visions and ideas in a World Cafe. The Terra Nova School project and the group of Espiral in Lisbon presented themselves. They proudly stated: “Since May we have followed the Terra Nova School and met loosely. From now on, we will meet every week and invite all people interested to join us!”
We were privileged to be accompanied by the beautiful and touching music of the well-known Portuguese singer Sebastião Antunes.
This was a day of experimenting new forms of activism. It brought up many questions and inspirations to further develop creative ways to bring new perspectives and thoughts into the world. Despite of the difficulties we also faced, we could feel the strong solidarity and mutual support between the participants and great gratitude of the people who joined in. We planted a seed for Terra Nova in Lisbon, which we want to continuously nourish together in cooperation and solidarity, so that it can grow and flourish!

Tamera, Portugal:
By Leila Dregger On Global Grace Day we had an extraordinary beautiful morning gathering in the Stone Circle of Tamera. Some children made candles for every country where the Global Campus is active. Sarah Vollmer from the Tamera community spoke a prayer which connected us deeply with Mother Earth, but also with our revolutionary willpower: No more war!

GGD_Tamera_2013Photo:  Sunrise Ceremony in the Stone Circle of Tamera 

Additionally to our guests and olive harvesters we had invited our regional cooperation partners to the celebration at 10 in the Aula. Two, three sentences from every “imagine aspect” of the imagine campaign where read meditatively in English and Portuguese. In between the single images we heard music to connect more deeply with the words. It was perfect. The performance supported the birth of this beautiful vision of Terra Nova. I as coordinator of the Global Campus Portugal held a speech about the necessity of a profound change  and the vision of a whole region in transformation.

Suddenly during lunch – we had traditional xixero vegetables – our Portuguese guests started to sing wild and seemingly quite cheaky songs, love songs, dance songs and mockery songs about politicians, that the lunch terrace transformed into a chaotic dance floor. It was an authentic Portuguese piece of culture – and quite different from the melancholic fado style that we normally hear. This is more the working class music, loud, wild and free of respect.

After brunch we heard some short speeches about the work of the food department of Tamera, followed by a sharing circle with the regional network.
Thank you for this day, it was a brillant and promising day for the regional network! We greet all groups and single persons who today celebrate with us the Global GRACE Day –  from Lisbon to New York, from Bolivia to Russia!


Photo: Global GRACE Day at sunrise in Bethlehem, 2007, during an International GRACE Pilgrimage led by Sabine Lichtenfels (front right, playing the flute) and Benjamin von Mendelssohn 

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