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After all the experiences of the last few weeks and months, we feel the strong call from the world to develop the vision of the new culture even more deeply, so that it can unfold a field-building effect…

Dear friends and students for Terra Nova!

We send greetings to you around the world. Most of our companions and co-workers who traveled to different places in the world in the context of the Global Campus are already back in Tamera again. We are hearing about their impressions and moving experiences in Israel-Palestine, Kenya, Brazil, Colombia and in our direct environment in the Portuguese Alentejo, where they simultaneously visited partner projects and supported them in developing material self-sufficiency and human community.

(The reports of the various Global Campus groups can be found on following page: // globalcampus#!reports/c1d5a)

In addition to the local help for individual projects, the Global Campus intends to show and strengthen foundations for a new culture to emerge on our planet Earth. One of our groups was with the band “Poesia Samba Soul” in the slums of São Paulo for a month. In the early 90s, when the band got together, their Favela was the scene of a brutal drug war. In the midst of poverty and gang fights they have created a point of hope over the years. Through creativity, arts and music, they help young people to get out of the drug trade and to develop perspectives for their lives. We share a deep friendship with these activists from the favela. When bandleader Claudio Miranda visited Tamera for the first time four years ago, he developed the vision to transform the previously “most dangerous neighborhood in the world,” as the UN called their slum twenty years ago, into an urban future model for sustainability, peaceful coexistence and community – a “Favela da Paz” or slum of peace.

Guided by Vera Kleinhammes, nine people from Tamera accompanied “Poesia Samba Soul” for a month and supported them in manifesting this great dream. A biogas plant and permaculture installations have been developed, a community course took place, art projects were initiated, etc. During their stay, they suddenly received the news that the center of the band and the surrounding homes of a few thousand people might soon have to be cleared and removed, sacrificed for the construction of a large-scale metro and railway station. In the run-up to the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games, many of the poor and marginalized in Brazil need to make way for the plans of “economic progress.” Our friends in São Paulo now of course face questions, such as: How to continue? Is there a future for our work and project? Can our dream of a “Favela da Paz” gain more power than the infrastructure plan of the government? Not only in Brazil but also in Israel-Palestine, Colombia and Kenya, our groups came to similar borders posed by the claw of globalization power. It’s clear and obvious that the issue can no longer be solved only at the local level.

After all the experiences of the last few weeks and months, we feel the strong call from the world to develop the vision of the new culture even more deeply, so that it can unfold a field-building effect, given the worsening world situation.

That is why we want to continue and deepen the geistig* track of the “Imagine” campaign – and invite you to actively participate. We would like to dedicate the study for the month of December to the issue of “vision building.”

For this purpose, we will also unite as a carrier group of Tamera during the beginning of Advent to develop a kind of “master plan” for the further implementation of the project.

If we want to overcome war, we need a concrete vision for peace. The power of vision is crucial for the success of our global peace and healing work. The current struggle between the forces of life and those of destruction, which increasingly approaches its climax worldwide, will be decided in the question whether the global peace powers are able to develop a realistic vision for a new society without violence.

Vision is the power factor in life that enables us to leave the old structures behind and to create another reality.

Vision creates reality. It is the power of vision, which makes many of the incredible performances in extreme sports possible; “out of limits.” The French “Spiderman” Alain Robert climbed the largest skyscrapers of the world without safety rope. With bare hands he climbs hundreds of meters up glassy facades. He says, that before getting on a new building, he always first envisions his climb in detail. Sometimes he looks at the skyscrapers for days, working on the image of the ascent in his mind until he has it. Once the vision has entirely filled him, he is free from fear and ready to go.

We are faced with virtually unlimited possibilities here. There seems to be an infinite number of possibilities for existence, “parallel universes,” for our life on Earth and in the universe. The only limit seems to lie in our own inability to see and use these potentials. As study texts for this month we send you the essay “The Totality of Possibilities” by Dieter Duhm and a section from the book “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot, entitled “Thought as Builder”.

Before that we want to mention some more thoughts and suggestions regarding vision work: A real vision originates not only in us, but always also in the whole of the world. The power of vision transforms the embryo into an adult, it lets the seed grow into a tree and the caterpillar into a butterfly. It contains the information pattern, the blueprint, through which higher forces of life and creation can operate in the individual being and lead it to its realization. A core task of today’s peace workers is to learn geistig seeing, allowing us to consciously understand these processes, steer and apply them. Prentice Mulford wrote, “Who carries a picture of himself in mind, an imagination that shows him in perfect health, strength and agility, thereby calls up creative forces that make him healthy, strong and agile. No matter how weak you may feel – if you see your body from this moment on in spirit as healthy, strong and vigorous and affirm it, then you build the spiritual frame of a new body, which immediately begins to build up from the old body and to attract the elements health and power that it needs for its construction.”

We can apply this individual effect as well to the ecological and political levels. In 2007, we invited the Austrian permaculture master Sepp Holzer to Tamera. We wanted to find out whether a community of 200-300 people could be self-sufficiently supplied with water and food from our own land, which was then drying out due to progressive desertification. Under the circumstances, it seemed almost hopeless. When Sepp Holzer heard the question, he just laughed and replied, “If you could only see through my eyes…” He described the potential of immense abundance, which he could see beyond the current destruction of this landscape, and he gave us the concept of “Water Retention Landscapes.” All over the world, everywhere Sepp Holzer gives ecological consultations, he focuses on “seeing the dream of the landscape,” as he puts it. In Tamera this was so strong that the construction of the Water Retention Landscape already begun a few months later with the first large lake construction site in summer 2007. Now, six years after that, the place is barely recognizable; it develops into a water-rich natural paradise.

What gives us the confidence and hope to look faithfully towards a healed future, despite the global atrocities? It is the existence of another plan of creation, which is as real as the last 5000 years of violent history. This intact and Sacred Matrix exists, despite all the suffering and aberration. We can feel this certainty in special situations and blessed moments where the “other reality” clearly steps into our lives – moments of deep trust and love experiences, God experiences, healing situations, deep insights, unexpected reconciliations or by being under special protection in an accident.

The human being is the “eye of creation” (Huxley). We humans are given the ability to shed light on latent realities through our consciousness and to thereby bring them into being. Terra Nova is such a latent reality. It is the new dream of life on Earth, with which the world is “pregnant” today.

For a free Earth without war and cruelty to be manifested, it must be seen by the first human beings. The new peace models and Healing Biotopes, new forms of love and sexuality, functioning community, protected child-growth, new economy and reconciliation between the peoples of the earth – all this can only manifest to the extent that the first people are able to “see” it in their minds and spirits. Herein lies a major reason for building the Terra Nova School. Together with your help in the different places around the world we want to build a global field of consciousness that enables us to develop and manifest vision. The individual study groups may be transformed into consciousness clusters; meeting points for geistig spaces to arise, in which new information can be developed and spread out to the world.

It was from this background that the “Imagine” campaign was born as well. After Global Grace Day, where the ten images we developed were visualized in many places, we would like to invite you to participate in this process of vision building. Please study these thoughts and examples – maybe they inspire you to further develop “Imagine” in your groups: How much can you see already, when you apply the vision to your country, your cities or regions? Are there pictures for the positive transformation in Berlin, New York, Israel-Palestine, etc…? You can also initiate theater and art projects dedicated to this research. Let us find the healing images and thoughts that fill us with certainty! Your contributions are very welcome.

We conclude with a power sentence from “Sources of Love and Peace” by Sabine Lichtenfels, “Whether you are connected to the dream of the world, you recognize by your growing strength. The connection to the dream of creation always leads to a gain in power.”

We greet you in gratitude for your participation.
We wish you a joyful study month!

In the name of love.

Martin Winiecki, Monika Berghoff, Nora Czajkowski, Inês Magalhães, Jana Elger


*Note on the translation: The German words Geist and geistig have no precise English equivalent. Depending on context, they can refer either to conscious mental activity, or to more spiritual processes and insights; most often the meaning falls somewhere between. They are usually translated as “mind/ spirit” or “mental/spiritual.” Both words, Geist and geistig, are used so often in Tamera that they are typically left untranslated.

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