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Excerpt of: The Healing Biotopes Project. Project Declaration 1

The development of humankind seems to be entering into a dead-end street, one that cannot be overcome by traditional means. The work of the UN, of NGO-groups and innumerable peace projects is both important and indispensable. However, it cannot deceive us from the fact that there is nearly no positively oriented aim of global proportions in existence anymore. Under the given circumstances, a convincing perspective for a violent-free co-habitation of our planet’s inhabitants is no longer visible. In order to create more favourable preconditions centres would have to emerge in which the violent-free co-habitation of the human being with all co-creatures can be reflected and developed in an exemplarily manner.  The Healing Biotopes Projects aim is to really construct such centres.
The projects consists of the development of international and, as far as possible, autonomous communitarian organisms in which the living conditions for a violent-free future are researched and practically applied. The new centres are defined as “Healing Biotopes” or “Peace Villages”. The first has been in development for some years now in the future workshop ‘Tamera’, in Portugal.

What is to be developed in these centres is a type of “Biosphere 2”, but no longer as a closed eco-system as in Arizona, but a new living system that has the ability to connect the living areas of human beings and nature, socio-sphere and biosphere, in a violent-free way, and to create the necessary inner (social, human, spiritual) preconditions within human communities. In these centres the possibilities of the co-habitation of human beings and the co-habitation between humans and nature are researched. Thereby, all questions of co-habitation – social organisation, roles of the genders, ecology, ethics etc. – will be regarded in a new way. It is about the questions: How do we create real life structures without fear and violence? Under what circumstances could a human culture of solidarity emerge? Are there possibilities for new solutions for the central issues of love, sexuality and partnership? How does trust emerge? How does happiness emerge? How does a new integration of the human world into the higher orders of life and creation emerge?
The project contains the following basic thoughts:

  • First: The outer (economic, military) violence executed today against nature, peoples and the biosphere is connected with an inner (of the soul and the mind/spirit) corrosion and loss in the root of human life on earth. The ecological and the psychological/spiritual destruction are two sides of the same general problem: Only in looking at them at the same time can they be rightly understood and solved.

  • Second: The human problem deriving from this destruction is the consequence of a collective disease of civilisation and can, thus, not be solved on the individual level alone. The “therapy” requires the building up of new human and ecological life systems.

  • Third: A peace project can only affect as much peace in the outside as it has reached in its own human inner. Therefore, the outer work belongs to the inner work in the sense of self-change in all the participants.

  • Fourth: Inner healing requires a healing in the area of love, for there lies the greatest injuries.

  • Fifth: The necessary healing work requires a comprehensive co-operation between the human being and all creatures of nature, and a new embedding of the human society into the higher orders of life and Creation.

Therefore, new social organisms have to be established where these guidelines for a violent-free future are taken into consideration and applied in practice. This is not a private project but a project of humankind.

The project represents a global aspect in two regards:

First: Through the economy of globalisation humanity has been torn from it’s anchor. Such anchors are or were: The land one lived on and off, life in the tribe or the big family, organic community organisms, far-reaching autonomous economy, embedding into nature and creation, home in the protection of a superior whole. This natural anchoring is reflected in an inner value system of truth, trust, holding together, mutual support, hospitality, helping the neighbour, and taking care of the natural environment. This natural value system has been torn apart by a historical process of de-rooting. Through the totality of the capitalist “colonisation“ (Edward Goldsmith) and its manner of economy billions of people lose their inner and outer anchor, their basic human values, their home, their trust and their meaning in life. The ecological and military destruction on the outside, that is inevitably connected with capitalist colonisation, corresponds to an immeasurable misery in the inside. The epidemic-like increase of criminality, drug addiction, alcoholism, violence, depression and psychosomatic diseases also belong to this. From this context the wars of our time, carried out with an epidemic rage of killing and destruction, also explain themselves. It is obvious that humanity has to find new forms of life to be able to end the epoch of terror.
This global view automatically results in the absolute necessity to build new community organisms in which the inhabitants can rediscover their natural values and resources on a new level. In the Healing Biotopes such community organisms are to be built as models. Thereby, no old systems shall be copied, but new ones shall be developed.

Second: The “new world order” aimed at by globalisation with the cash-less traffic of goods and electronic identity badges, with so-called “free-trade zones” and the extermination of all domestic subsistence economies etc. an increasing part of the earth’s population (indigenous, poor, unemployed, landless, sick, oppositions, freedom fighters, truth seekers, autonomous thinkers and unpopular inventors) is excluded from the supply of goods. Moreover, the general purchasing power will decline due to unemployment leading to part of the production becoming senseless while unemployment, in turn, increases again. In this way, a special kind of global vacuum emerges as the part of the earth’s population that drops out of the economic system will need a new possibility of living. Here also, the Healing Biotopes could present a possibility for solutions. What is to be built are new community organisms independent of banks, multinationals or states with a mostly autonomous supply in all vital areas. It is, in a certain way, a “return” to local economy systems that are based on community but in connection with new technologies and social structures, including a new relation between the genders.
How can local groups arrive to a global effect? How can the conditions of a structural peace which are created at a few places have an effect on the whole earth?
The answer results from the specifics of holistic (all-encompassing) systems. Together with all life on earth, humankind builds a holistic system. The whole works in every detail – and vice versa: what ever happens in a part has an effect on the whole. This effect can be minimal but increases with the significance that the local change has for the whole. In the case of a high significance, a process develops in the whole that can be described by the terms of “resonance”, “iteration” and “morpho-genetic field building”. This is the decisive process for the globalisation of peace (I described it in more detail in my book “The Sacred Matrix”). When a piece of information that is sufficiently complex, sufficiently important and sufficiently compatible with the whole is entered into an organism this information has an effect in all cells. When a piece of information is entered into the informational body of the earth, that is important for a violent-free co-habitation of all creatures, the mental/spiritual layer of the earth (noosphere) enters into a “stimulated state”; the entered information works latently in all creatures. If the information is entered by means of existing Healing Biotopes a global field of probability for the emergence of similar life forms emerges on many places of the earth. What is decisive for the success of such peace projects is not how big and strong they are (compared to the existing apparatuses of violence), but how comprehensive and complex they are, how many elements of life they combine and unite in themselves in a positive way. In the field buildings of evolution it is not the “law of the strongest”, but the “success of the more comprehensive”. Otherwise no new development would have been able to impose itself for they all begun “small and inconspicuous” (Teilhard de Chardin).

In this context we can formulate the central research question of the Healing Biotopes as follows: Which social, ecological, economic, spiritual preconditions should be realised in a way that – on the basis of the current state of our evolution – the general information necessary for planetary healing work can emerge?
The main problem does not lie in the question of whether the centres can be globally effective but whether we are able to really create them. As they are a part of the whole the burden of the whole also depends on them. They can only be successful if they reach that “universal ground” they share with the whole. That universal ground is the invulnerable basis of all human beings, their common source and dowry, their divine core. It shows itself in the capacity for truth, for love and for the acceptance of the higher orders of life. Communities begin to be globally effective once they have found in the tapestry of humankind the very dimension in which all inhabitants of the earth are connected with one another. On this basis, fragments of life that had been separate for so long converge and unite: man and woman, human and human, sexuality and mind/spirit, Eros and Agape, human and nature, human and God. Here, the indispensable spiritual dimension of future healing work becomes apparent. Healing is the return from being banned, it is the negation of the original pain that consisted in the separation.


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