Excerpt of the article “The Global Campus.
A declaration of the basic thoughts and goals.”   Part 3: Community

A central task of our new time is the construction of functioning human communities. The general crisis area of our time is the relationship between humans. Here lie the central switches for war and destruction – or for healing. One of the most important sources for the production of negative or positive energy – and information fields is how people treat each other. Especially here, in the realm of underground fears and conflicts a new course has to be set, the latent wars ended and the psychological mine fields defused. The core issues lie in the area of sex, love, partnership and community. The many new groups and projects which are currently searching for a new perspective in life, will only find calmness if they have found a new orientation in this central area of our human existence. The most intimate questions of life are no longer private problems, but collective issues of humanity. The communities which together form the Global Campus follow certain ethical guidelines for their community life: truth in communication, even in love; mutual support; responsible participation; no abuse of power; readiness for self change; understanding instead of judging; grace instead of revenge; solidarity with all beings of nature; no violence against animals.

It is only possible to really obey these basic rules if all participants are ready for a very intensive change in their private life habits, because we have all learnt to lie and to trick in order to make ends meet in our societies. But now communities have to be established in which lies and deceit have no evolutionary advantage. We need new social, sexual, economical and intellectuell structures, where real trust can emerge. Trust between humans and trust in all fellow creatures.

Here the sentence of Lynn Margulis is appropriate.
If we wanted to survive the ecological and social crisis which we have caused, we would have to engage in radically new and dramatic community enterprises.

The coming communities are no longer based on collective ideologies, but on individual insight and decision. One should not carry belief-sentences on one’s flag, but work through the thoughts and understand them. Participation in these new communities is not a process of outer conformity, but a process of “individuation”. Individual autonomy, embedded in a positive community does not lead to anarchy but to participation. A new culture of love, of free sexuality and lasting partnerships is the result of following the basic ethical rules, as soon as they are adopted in one’s inner. In a new community new forms of non-violent co-habitation will develop between human beings and nature and and all fellow creatures. All beings – humans, animals, plants and spiritual beings – are part of the community. All partake of the healing fields of energy, which are developed in the community.

From here new centers for a future without war will develop – we call them “healing biotopes”.


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