Healing of Love

Excerpt of the article “The Global Campus.
A declaration of the basic thoughts and goals.”   Part 5: Healing of Love

There cannot be peace on earth as long as there is war in love.

Love follows similar laws to water. Wherever these laws are followed happiness will develop; wherever they are broken violence arises. Global violence is the result of the fact that for thousands of years the rules of love could not be followed. Present-day humanity comes from a several thousand-year-old history of war which has left a collective trauma in all of us. In this nothing was more terribly hurt than love.

Love, sensual and soul love, is the most important global issue. Sexuality is a world power. The cultural era of our times has failed due to destroyed love and sexual torment. Almost everywhere where there was once love, hatred and violence have developed. The protesters and the policemen who are facing each other worldwide could be friends. The inhabitants of the Colombian peace village San Josécito and their enemies in the paramilitary forces could be friends. Palestinians and Israelis, successors of Ismael and Israel, could be friends, if their loving nature had not been destroyed by insane religious and political education measures. The male aspect of humanity has gone against the commandments of love and sexuality with the commandments of church, state and economy. Where the commandments of love are injured by betrayal and violence, fear of separation develops, along with mistrust, jealousy and hatred. One cannot love any more. One closes the heart once and for all; one starts to hate what one once loved. One fights against a world which one could also embrace. All those who no longer know the power of love choose the power of destruction. This is how the tsunamis of violence develop that have plagued the earth for thousands of years. To a great extent the existing civilization is based on anger and disappointed love. This is not an excessive simplification but the tragic foundation of an era which went wrong.

The new power fields for a healed earth are the result of a rediscovered joy by people who have found a new form of love and solidarity and whose children have regained a stable home for their souls. Peace work in the outer world can only be successful in the longer run if it is connected with peace work in the inner world.

So let’s try to develop new life models which are based on joy and fulfilled love: models, where Eros is indeed connected to love, because no more lies and no more meanness can slink in any more. In Eros lies a key into hell or a key into heaven. We should no longer gamble with this gift given to us by Creation. The Global Campus will build retention spaces for water – and retention spaces for love.


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