Healing of the Waters

Excerpt of the article “The Global Campus.
A declaration of the basic thoughts and goals.”   Part 4: Healing of the Waters
Whoever possesses the secret of water, possesses power.” (Victor Schauberger)

The new global society needs a new means of water management. Water is the essence of nature just as love is the essence of the human being. Both areas have been distorted by false information fields. The healing of the trauma of water and the healing of the trauma in love are two basic ways towards a new healed earth. If we succeed in ending the water catastrophe, the catastrophe of hunger will also come to an end, because natural water management is the basis of food supply worldwide. A huge part of the earth’s population lives in indescribable poverty. The misery of hunger is not caused by nature, but is man made through exploitative land management and catastrophic water management in the name of economic interests. These are system errors, which can be overcome by an all-encompassing system change. This is the reason for our work: to create models for this global system change.

In order to heal the water cycle on a global scale we need so-called Water Retention Landscapes. These are areas which are designed according to the principles of landscape healing and which are able to retain all rainwater. The rainwater slowly soaks into the body of the earth, fills up the groundwater store and reappears clean in springs. In this way, it does not return back into the rivers and into the global circulation as dirty water carrying the products of erosion, but as fresh spring water. Communities now have clean and energy-rich drinking water. A new form of permaculture will develop around the shores of these water landscapes where a multitude of natural food is grown, such as fruit trees, raspberries, radishes and other regional specialties: a rich biotope which does not need irrigation. A miraculous change in nature, with a lush and growing animal and plant world, takes place infront of our eyes. One starts to learn and understand again what beauty and life-powers nature brings forth as soon as we give her our support.

Many ecological and social movements of our time, such as the Anastasia movement in Russia, could cooperate in the healing of the earth, if they would develop two things: a social concept for Eros and community, and an ecological concept based on water retention landscapes, and/or landscape healing. This new way of water management especially serves the healing of the landscape and the healing of the water cycle in order to enable a re-colonization of the land. Rural depopulation in the industrial age left vast areas of land uncultivated and led to a disastrous population explosion in the metropolitan cities. This fatal process must be reversed if humanity wants to survive. Many people have to return to the land, because if we know how to farm it in an intelligent way, everything comes that is needed for a good life.

Decentralized rainwater retention could be a key for a global redesign of the earth. Once word has got around, thousands of new groups will move to the countryside in order to build their subsistence economies there. Organic re-cultivation of dry regions (such as the Negev, Portugal, etc.) can now be accomplished with much improved efficiency – and with far less technical effort. This will lead to a spectacular re-vegetation of abandoned and desertified areas of the earth, because nature will support these healing processes with all its power. Water and food is then really available for all human beings. Poor countries could develop self-sufficient food systems which would free them from the despotism of global markets. All those groups which do not find any more perspective in today’s city life could actively take part in this process. Soon an interesting regional model could develop in Portugal: “1000 Lakes for the Alentejo”. If something like this is really created, the political and economic power structures change on the spot, because the new model demonstrates how easy it is to get out of the grip of the old systems and EU regulations. In order to realize such comprehensive changes in a healing way, they must be connected with the social and ethical conditions that have been described in this manifesto.


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2 thoughts on “Healing of the Waters

  1. Könnt ihr mir schon konkrete Projekte zu diesen Themen benennen in die ich gegebenen falls einsteigen könnte ? Habe bereits auch konkrete Vorstellungen erarbeitet die ich in solche Projekte einfließen lassen möchte.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    • Hallo Georg,
      danke für Dein Interesse. Ja, es gibt schon viele konkrete Projekte weltweit. Bitte wende Dich an das IGF (igf at tamera.org) für weitere Informationen und einen Austausch!
      Wir freuen uns von Dir zu hören,
      terra nova voice

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