What is the Global Campus?

Excerpt of the article “The Global Campus.
A declaration of the basic thoughts and goals.”   Part 1: What is the Global Campus?

The Global Campus is a worldwide education platform for a future without war and for the development of appropriate models. The base camp for the Global Campus is Tamera Peace Center in Portugal. Those involved are projects and people who have decided to collaborate on a global level. They see the need for global peace models and are committed to realizing them. The development of peace models under various regional conditions is taught and researched. Participants of the Global Campus affirm the basic ideas and goals that are described in the Global Campus Manifesto, see www.tamera.org.
The Global Campus is developing a network of autonomous centers that follow a common ethical, social and environmental code. At the core of the global healing work is a new alliance of humans with all co-creatures. For peace to be achieved on the outside, it is crucial that it arises on the inside among human beings. The project orientates itself both in theory and practice along the following guidelines:

• Realignment of the human world with the higher-order world of life and Creation
• Non-violent cooperation with all co-creatures. No violence against animals
• Healing of water through the development of “Water Retention Landscapes”
• On this basis development of permaculture and self-sufficient food supply
• Withdrawal from the oil industry. Development of autonomous energy systems
• Establishing decentralized subsistence economies
• Establishing functioning communities
• Ethic of truth, mutual support and responsible participation
• Ending of the war between the sexes and all sexual humiliation
• Truth in love. No deceit in partnerships
• No revenge. Grace instead of retribution

These are guidelines for a coming world society with its new universities and new settlements. With them a new planetary order could come into existence, in which all creatures of our planet will be connected with each other – because this order is in accordance with the world order, which we call the “Sacred Matrix”.

During their international pilgrimages between 2004 and 2008, Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin von Mendelssohn developed the idea of a world university in the form of the Global Campus. The guiding idea was Grace: to change the pattern of anger and hatred into a pattern of human compassion and solidarity. The pilgrimages took place in Israel, Palestine, Colombia and Portugal.

Sabine Lichtenfels writes:

I was guided by the question of how a future without war can be achieved. I described the ethics and philosophy of the Global Campus in my book “Grace. Pilgrimage for a Future Without War.” While the students learn to be on the road in the name of Grace and to see and understand the basic conflict in different areas of the earth, they learn global compassionate thinking. They also recognize, that a conflict which has become global can only be brought to a solution on a holistic level. In Tamera Healing Biotope I in Portugal a research center arose for international peace forces. Here ecological, social, technological and human knowledge is collected for the realization of real-life peace models. Tamera is in cooperation with peace communities and committed peace workers all over the world. A curriculum has been developed through which the students can study the basics of a new culture. Tamera is a kind of base station for the Global Campus.

Since then, groups and projects which orientate themselves on the fundamental thoughts of the Global Campus have been established in many countries. From centers in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Israel and Palestine to some groups of the Russian Anastasia-Movement to new centers in Portugal and Switzerland, a global network for a free Earth is forming. May a globalization of peace which will be stronger than all violence emerge from the geistig coherence of these forces.

Sabine Lichtenfels writes: I am thankful for all forces which helped or will help to build the network.May the cosmic family grow on earth, may we recognize each other and endow each other with power and hope, even in turbulent times. May we always remember that mighty powers of healing are on our side when we open up for them. There is something in all of us which wants to remind us of our very own intact form, as individuals and as humanity. It is the inner God Point (Omega) in all of us, the inner treasure, which now wants to be revealed in ourselves in a great shared planetary action.

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