Why should there be such a project?

Excerpt of the article “The Global Campus.
A declaration of the basic thoughts and goals.”   Part 2: Why should there be such a project?

We have shed light onto the unspeakable fates of individual humans and animals in the globalized world. Whoever has really born witness here, can never return to daily routine. The founders of the project were acting out of compassion. The immediate compassion which we often observe in children and which we all once had, should never become lost, but instead continuously grow until we have found a solution how to end the suffering. 34 years ago (in May 1978) the project “Bauhütte” was officially founded (in Germany) which eventually gave birth to the project Tamera and the Plan of the Global Campus. The extent of the global violence demands methods of peace work which extend far beyond all the usual slogans.
Until today the co-workers of this project have to have a high personal commitment.
Why this radical way?
To get straight to the point: As long as there is one single child starving, one single animal tortured, one African girl circumcised, one woman raped, one person with another faith mistreated, one young human being forced to go to war – our world is in disorder.

It is our definite task to free this world from the atrocious pain. We could always say, this is an illusion. But as soon as our eyes start to open, as soon as we see the suffering of the victims, as soon as we ourselves are one of these tortured beings, there is only one single cry: the cry for relief.

We are currently experiencing a historical situation: the collapse of the old systems. Human evolution has reached a global dead-end. Fundamental values of community, truth and solidarity have been lost through a millennia-long history of war and through the measures of the capitalistic globalization. The consequences of this maldevelopment are so cruel for the victims on every continent that we have had to close our eyes. Earth’s population lives under a hypnosis of fear and violence.

We can overcome this crisis by giving the coming development a new direction. It is no longer about fighting the existing systems, which will break down by themselves. It is much more about knowing the new directions and creating planetary base stations for them. The Mayan date of December 21, 2012 is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new era.

Millions of young people all over the world who rise up against the old structures need a new answer and perspective. Nobody has to starve on our earth, if we use its richness wisely. Food, water and energy are freely available for all of humanity if we develop appropriate structures: these are structures which no longer are orientated on power and profit, but on the common life interest of all inhabitants of Earth – including all animals. We cannot wait until governments make the decisions; we ourselves have to make them. The co-workers of the Global Campus are developing new concepts of living embedded in nature, together with animals and plants. They are establishing new projects for the healing of water, for corresponding food biotopes and new models for decentralized energy supply. And above all they work on new forms of social life including the most intimate realms of sex, love, partnership and community. The earth needs humans who do not only say what they need, but who do it.

Vera Kleinhammes, the current coordinator of the Global Campus in Tamera writes:
If young people can learn worldwide to build communities, solve conflicts, make successful non-violent resistance, if they get reliable knowledge about love, sexuality and partnership, as well as about the most important issues of ecological sustain- ability and new energy technologies, food production, healing, network-building and peace journalism, then the necessary globalization of peace will take place. Then we as human beings will be capable of directing the current global transformation in a positive direction.“

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