February Greetings from Tamera

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Letter to the students of the Terra Nova School. Introduction to the study unit: Earth needs New Information.

We send you greetings from the heart of Tamera at the beginning of the new study month. We especially greet our new participants from Singapore and Ethiopia where new study groups are emerging right now. The global network of the Terra Nova School is continuously growing! Thanks to all who regularly hold study spaces for the basic thoughts of a non-violent existence on this planet and who help to make this information accessible to a growing number of people.
Meanwhile in Tamera, we continue to work on the “master plan” for the development of a first Healing Biotope where these thoughts are manifested as a real-life model in the most comprehensive way possible. In this context we dedicated the first three weeks of the new year to an intensive education time for the core social issue of love, sexuality and partnership and to building a Global Love School in Tamera.
In this new month we would like to invite you to further study and deepen January’s topic, the “Healing Biotopes plan.” The title of this month is: “The Earth Needs New Information.” As a study text we will send you an eponymous essay by Monika Alleweldt.
The article describes the political theory which serves as a basis for the Healing Biotopes project and the entire “Terra Nova” movement. The theory contains a new model for the distribution and success of global peace power and how it will be able prevail against the outer superiority of the systems of violence.
As close as probably never before in human history we are on the verge of global inferno. Fukushima is indeed one of the worst, but only one of the trouble points that existentially threaten life on Earth. Wars, atrocities, torture, rape, child soldiers, animal laboratories, fraud, abandonment… “fracking,” “mountain top removal,” “tar sands;” these are words, behind which hides a pain in the world, a pain in humans and animals that the human heart can hardly bear. Apocalypse is taking place every hour, every day, without any prospect of relief and healing for countless living things.
We need to build a high level of energy within us to find an answer to this epochal insanity. our power to act must measure up to the inferno. For this we need for a new geistig* vision of the world. We must develop a new theory. How much healing power and positive potential for action we are to unfold, how much of the new reality we can create, crucially depends on the theory we follow. Theory in this sense is not a collection of abstract sentences, but a view into structures of reality. Theory in its actual meaning is the “view of God” (theos). The more we gain this insight, the more power of manifestation and protection will open up to us.
The “political theory” summarizes scientific findings of the last decades, which fundamentally shake and revolutionize our world view. We live in a real change of eras. We are leaving the material age and are entering a new era characterized by information, energy and frequency.
Nikola Tesla, the great pioneer and inventor said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
To find a solution to avert the global catastrophe, we are forced to change our geistig level. By entering a post-material worldview we are led to the insight that aside from the known physical, biological and medical laws of nature, and causal chains, there are other laws and universal laws which reveal themselves to us on a higher level of consciousness.
In the past and present we find countless examples of what human beings are capable of when they enter into these deeper realms of reality. In the 18th century, there was a religious group in France called the “Jansenists” who survived the persecution of church and state with a phenomenon of “mass psychokinesis.” For decades, thousands of their followers fell into a state of trance in which they magically survived the inflicted assassination attempts and acts of violence without any harm. Muskets and cannons could not harm them; they were invulnerable. After extreme torments and pains in the concentration camp Buchenwald, the French philosopher Satprem arrived at the experience of absolute life. He later described this experience in an interview. It happened “…when I suddenly I showed up from this terrifying emptyness in an unspeakable joy. Suddenly I turned up in something immensely pure and strong – strong, you understand. Strong! Nothing could touch me anymore. A power – a power, do you understand? Something that suddenly made me invulnerable. Nothing had power over me anymore. This was the first contact with… the truth, with what one is, what each person is. When you touch this beginning of existence, you touch what is present everywhere – in other human beings, in the plant or the animal. You touch the very essence of the world. And the essence of the world is something full, mighty and – royal.”
At a higher level of consciousness, these experiences are not really “miracles.” They are neither “supernatural” nor “ inexplicable” as they correspond to the structures of reality. Miracles are among the infinite possibilities that we can use once we leave behind the old patterns of thinking and connect with greater spirit powers. To work for a healing of the earth, we can and must learn to deliberately bring about miracles. The Terra Nova School puts togethers its lessons for this purpose.
We give thanks in advance all who seriously devote themselves to studying the “political theory” and making the effort to follow its thoughts through until the end.
We look forward to your reports, feedback and questions. Warm regards from Tamera!

One thought on “February Greetings from Tamera

  1. thank you. some kind of forum where we can discuss information all together would be wonderful.
    at the summer university there was so many people working for peace in so many various parts of the world, it was more like a conference than a university… or a university powered by students and teachers alike…where everyone is a student and a teacher.

    so lovely to hear tamera’s progress in this, i would love to keep hearing the experiences over the world :)

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