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Excerpt of the article “The Global Campus.
A declaration of the basic thoughts and goals.”   Part 9: Global Extension and Final Comment

The theoretical matrix leads to a new model for global extension. It does not consist of global missionary work, nor of elaborate public relations manoeuvres, but in the functional logic of holistic systems: Publicity happens as it were “automatically” if the work complies with the internal laws of the universal matrix. (This is the reason why the Tamera project was able to survive until today against all attacks.) As soon as the first models are functioning, they will develop all over the world, because their new information fields are global fields, stored in the cosmic database and engraved in the genetic matrix of life on earth. When the core information of trust and solidarity is activated in a population, a switch will happen in all other life areas as well. A general opening of all channels will take place, which so far have been blocked by fear. The information will spread by itself through the biological internet where it is transferred as a “holo-wave” or “carrier-wave” to all participants. From this concept we can understand why local actions can bring about global effects. A decision which we make here and now can result in a chain reaction of new decisions at other places on earth. The laws of field-building processes in holistic systems are operating here. In only a few decades into the 21st century, our children and grandchildren will know the atrocities of the imperialistic war history only from their textbooks. The change will take place fast. We stand right before the boiling point of a planetary revolution. Peace work today is the active and conscious participation in this global process.


For some readers this project may at first seem illusory. But once, wireless internet also seemed illusory. It is only a wall of old thinking-habits which separates us from new possibilities. The project is based on research and community experience which we undertook over a period of 34 years in a growing community which today has 170 participants in Germany and Portugal. We found that guidance overlaid all developments, which always led us on new paths. Today, we are now inclined to say that it actually was not us who invented this project, but we were somehow driven to do it. It represents a new direction in evolution, which is being prepared everywhere today. The leading forces are forces of global transformation, in which the basic forms of the Sacred Matrix manifest themselves on earth. The groups and projects which take a stand for life in the present system-change are cooperating with high powers and are therefore under high protection.

The movement can no longer be stopped. Behind all turbulences a new planetary community will arise, where violence is no longer an option. At its center is the re-discovered unity of all life and solidarity with all creatures. And at the very core there is the re-discovered light of the Source, from which we all originate. We have reached the threshold of a global change of unimaginable extent.


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The thoughts presented here can be studied more profoundly in the following books:

Dieter Duhm: The Sacred Matrix. Verlag Meiga.
Dieter Duhm: Eros Unredeemed. Verlag Meiga.
Sabine Lichtenfels: Grace. Pilgrimage for a Future without War. Verlag Meiga.

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