Humane Sexual Culture

Excerpt of the article “The Global Campus.
A declaration of the basic thoughts and goals.”   Part 6: Humane Sexual Culture

A cooperation with natural spirits which is free of fear is free of violence. A cooperation with natural spirits which is free of violence is free of fear. To establish a non-violent relationship to nature we must also step into a healthy relationship with our own nature. This is especially true for the issue of sexuality. With all the perspectives we have gained over the inner drives of our earthly existence, we can clearly formulate the following: The historical fight of man against the woman was a fight against his own sexual nature. A new humane culture derives from a new relation between the sexes and a new ethically and socially responsible use of our sexual powers. A human being who is sexually liberated, capable of love and conscious does not kill life. As soon as the historical trauma of sexual oppression and of oppression of women is resolved, the causes for the unspeakable suffering of peoples, of children and all co-creatures will also be resolved.

As long as we have to hide and distort our elementary power, such as we do with sexual desire, we cause energetic disturbances in the system of life. It does not serve healing to suppress the sexual attraction between the genders and to repress our own sexuality. Neither does it serve healing if we maintain secret relationships and deny them in front of our partners. Nor does it serve healing to follow indiscriminate polygamy in the name of a misunderstood “free sexuality”. The world needs a new, humane sexual culture which is based on truth and trust and which enables all participants to again encounter each other in full joy. And the world needs an erotic life which is strongly connected to the spirit of the Sacred Matrix and therefore liberates all participants from the chronic fear of loss. A humane sexual culture is based on free sexuality that is not an ideological decision between monogamy and polygamy, but the liberation of sexuality from hypocrisy and meanness. Free sexuality and partnership never exclude each other. Here we are facing the historical situation of the development of a truly new concept of love. The coming planetary society will develop an erotic culture where the sexual attention of one person to another no longer provokes any fear, jealousy or hatred in a third person. (Maybe Tamera has partly already succeeded in making such a possibility of life visible.)


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