The Sacred Alliance of Life

Excerpt of the article “The Global Campus.
A declaration of the basic thoughts and goals.”   Part 7: The Sacred Alliance of Life. Cooperation with all Beings of Nature.

Healing information fields will develop from a new cooperation with all beings of nature: the material and also the non-material beings. In addition to conventional methods a loving cooperation can also be fostered by more intensive measures, such as the establishment of an animal sanctuary, a specific peace garden (Eike Braunroth), the setting of stones, landscape temples, spiritual power places, crystal patterns and technological devices for the reinforcement and dissemination of new fields. The resonance with the thoughts and actions of the human being is always important here. The thoughts which take effect here are those which Sabine Lichtenfels repeatedly presents in her teachings on the “Prehistoric Utopia”: the inner relationship between all living organisms, the healing significance of snakes, toads, owls and many other animals, the living symbols of the spiritual and cosmic energy system.

All of these are part of the great cosmic orchestra. All of them enthusiastically take part in the process of global healing.

Many of Tamera’s co-workers came from helping professions. But in a system where the cruellest actions take place a million times every day, helping in a single situation is like a drop in a bucket. In Tamera, for example, we had a problem with dogs which were injured and abused and came to us searching for protection. We helped as much as we could, but the animal suffering which became visible there was too much. Neither was it enough to ask local authorities or animal welfare organizations for their support. We need a higher level of help for all living beings, for humans as well as for animals. This will be achieved when we develop a new model for living which has a global effect, in which cruelty against co-creatures no longer exists, because new information lines for a non-violent life have been manifested. This is the underlying thought.

Arteries of water run through the earth. Can we cooperate with water? Can we make it into an ally for global peace work? The world’s oceans cover 70% of the earth’s surface. They hold an inexhaustible world of wildlife. Can we cooperate with the inhabitants of the oceans? Can we make them into an ally for global peace work?

The material world including our atmosphere with its weather processes is filled with streaming vital life energies. Can we cooperate with them? Can we make them an ally for global peace work?

The plants and trees of the earth are beings with a soul. Can we cooperate with them? Can we make them into an ally for global peace work?

The so-called vermin in our gardens are part of the one big family of life. Can we cooperate with snails, voles, aphids etc.? Can we make them into allies for global peace work? (We refer to the amazing experiences in the peace gardens of Eike Braunroth.)

Snakes and rats also belong to the Sacred Matrix. For thousands of years they were frightening spirits for the human being. Can we cooperate with them? Can we make them into allies for global peace work? (From our years of experience in Tamera we can answer this question definitely with a “YES”.)

This is what we mean when we use the term “cooperation with nature”. It is about winning the whole of nature as an ally for global healing. It may sound like science fiction, but it is not only science fiction, because it is part of the blueprint of Creation. All beings on earth are organs of the One body and minds of the One spirit.


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