The Theoretical Matrix of the Project

Excerpt of the article “The Global Campus.
A declaration of the basic thoughts and goals.”   Part 8: The Theoretical Matrix of the Project

The Global Campus is a sign of a planetary system change from the matrix of violence to the matrix of the “Global Alliance” with all beings. In order to free the earth from violence and war we need to turn on a global switch. It is this switch which will decide whether holograms of fear and violence or holograms of trust and cooperation will be downloaded from the cosmic database. The cosmic database contains both possibilities, as it is in the genetic material of the human being. From this cosmic database we can activate the old information from the millennia of war or the new information for a healthy earth. This is what we do with every thought and every action of our daily life. Human behaviour is steered – as is very likely the behaviour of everything in the universe – by invisible fields of energy and information. If we succeed in changing the information patterns in core areas of our existence then we send new information into the biological internet which will bring about fundamental changes in life on the whole planet. In this way it is easily conceivable that a planetary human society could develop whose participants are no longer psychologically or physiologically predisposed to any violent actions because they no longer receive impulses that steer them in that direction. They live in a different hologram. From the many possibilities in the cosmic database, a world of healing love and solidarity has manifested itself. It may sound like a dream, but it is an achievable reality. “What can be thought, can be done”, said Einstein. These are very briefly the theoretical guidelines of our work. (They are definitely not complete, and you will find deeper information in the writings of Dieter Duhm.)

The theoretical concept has been developed out of long research and today forms the basis of our actions. The message is clear: The fight between the forces of life and the forces of destruction can be decided clearly in favour of life, if we make the necessary ecological, social and ethical decisions. The losers of yesterday can be the winners of tomorrow. But strictly speaking, there will be no losers any more if humanity changes orientation from power and profit to the universal laws of life and the higher-level structure that is inherent in all things in the universe, which we call the “Sacred Matrix”. The “global players” of the new era no longer think about revenge and retaliation, for they work in their centers and within themselves to build structures of peace. “Grace” is their watchword. It is not only about ending violence and war, but also about changing the underlying conditions which repeatedly give rise to violence. The one condition which more than any other underlies all systems of injustice is fear. Eduar Lanchero is one of the spokespersons of the well-known peace community of San José de Apartadó in Colombia. In the past years almost 200 members of the community have been cruelly murdered by the military, paramilitary and guerilla. During a meeting of the Global Campus he said: “The armed groups are not the only ones who kill. It is the logic behind the whole system. The way people live generates this kind of death. This is why we decided to live in a way that our life generates life. One basic condition, which kept us alive, was not to play the game of fear which was imposed upon us by the murders of the armed forces. We have made our choice. We chose life. Life corrects us and guides us.”

It belongs to the system of the Global Campus to support such peace communities by all means of friendship, cooperation and concrete human and technological aid. “Fear must disappear from earth”, said Michael Gorbachov. We try to create the right preconditions for this with all scientific, technological, social and spiritual measures we know.


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