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Words by Enoé Teixier: Our streets are full of young people marching through the frustration…

In Venezuela since over a decade we have being suffering of the promotion of an ideological and political polarization that has occupied most of our daily lives and has permeated with violence and antagonism our social relations worsening the cultural tissue of coexistence. Venezuelans´welfare has been putted aside as well as the growth of our people, and our quality of life is getting and getting poor. Our streets are full of young people marching through the frustration of millions of Venezuelans who feel taken away their ability to dream the society they want to have, and also because of the socio-economic reality is falling down into an unknown abyss, where shortages of consumer dairy products is a crack where we can see that bleak future.

Hours of mourning and pain we are now living in Venezuela, we appreciate your prayers and meditations for this democratic people can wipe away their tears and heal their lesions, to see a new sunrise.
May Peace Prevail on Earth!
Love and blessings, Enoé Texier

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