Cooperation with Water

Anyone who is connected to water is connected to the secrets of life. Understanding water is one of the foundations for the creation of a new culture…

Thales of Milet (600 B.C.) and Viktor Schauberger both agree that water is the basic substance of all life and that all other forms of life come from water. Anyone who is connected to water is connected to the secrets of life. Understanding water is one of the foundations for the creation of a new culture.

From where does a salmon get help orienting itself when it returns to its source from the wide ocean to spawn? What enables it to swim against the strongest of currents and to leap up waterfalls that are 10 meters [33 feet] high?

In the worldview of the coming era, water will have a new meaning. It carries the information of life into the material world. In addition to light, it is life’s most important carrier of information. Moving, natural water gives rise to countless segments, whose surface areas act as sense organs for cosmic information (see Theodor Schwenk’s book “Das sensible Chaos” [“The Sensitive Chaos”]). All information in the ether of life, be it of cosmic or terrestrial origin, is received and transmitted further by water. The Japanese Masuru Emoto influenced water with musical pieces, texts and individual words, whereupon he froze the water and photographed the ice crystals under a microscope. What he found was highly differentiated crystal patterns that varied greatly from one crystal to another. This means that the water took on the information (from words such as “love” or “hate”) and, through its immanent formative forces, translated it into a coded image. Water is a living spiritual being, which absorbs the information that we input, for example through singing, praying or writing, and passes it on to the biosphere. Roland Plocher’s process for cleaning pond water is based on this type of information technology. If we want to strengthen the information of peace, it would be reasonable to input it into water. It will then spread this information in its own way.

Water is not a chemical formula, but a central organ in the biosphere that contains practically all the secrets of the universe. All living structures have come from the forms of motion of water. Water contains the patterns of all life possibilities that have been actualized, and maybe also of those that have not yet been actualized. Water constitutes a special state of universal life, within which the world of light and that of matter touch each other and connect. Water therefore has qualities that go against all physical rules, especially when it forms vortices, when it flows upward within subterranean channels, or when it produces unknown forces of levitation in the middle of waterfalls. A hundred years ago Viktor Schauberger began his breathtaking studies of water. He discovered a whole new world (explained in detail in the book “Living Energies” by Callum Coats and in the book “Living Water” by Olof Alexandersson). The mysteries surrounding water have not been solved yet, and they are only now being recognized. But already now we know that in a future world culture, the human being’s whole way of living will be connected to the laws of water in a new way. Drinking clear water will be a part of the future bodily culture. Cleaning and energizing water will be of great importance in the overall work of the healing biotopes, the spiral and hyperbolic vortex forms will create new structures of sound and space, and the spiritual information technology will make natural contact with water as a carrier of information. In all areas, cooperation with nature is at the same time cooperation with water.


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