Patriarchal History is not the Whole History

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We should stop our habit of looking at the history of the past few centuries and say: see, the human being has always been this way…!

The patriarchal era covered a time period of approximately 5 – 7,000 years and is thus a relatively small part of the overall history of the human being. Before this era there existed several primitive cultures, but there were also entirely different and much higher developed cultures on earth. The reason why they are relatively unknown in current historical research and archeology is that they did not leave behind many material remnants. They had access to spiritual technologies that spared them the material efforts that we have to expend today. They lived in complete connection with the cosmic, divine world and therefore had access to powers and possibilities that later were lost and had to be replaced by complicated tools, machines, buildings, rules, laws, and technologies of communication.

We should take care not to identify with the image of the human being from the patriarchal era. We should stop our habit of looking at the history of the past few centuries or millennia and say: see, the human being has always been this way! For what we see here is not the human being as such, but a very specific type of human being. Of all the possibilities of human existence on earth, only those were realized that had the best evolutionary advantages, based on the conditions of violence. One can immediately understand that this did not lead to the development of the best type of human being and human culture. But, in addition to all wounds and hurt that we suffered during this era, an inviolable divine soul and an entelechy are alive in us; this is the eternal matrix of the human being. We are cosmic beings and do not only live in this life. If we return to our cosmic connection, we have internal access to all the sources of knowledge and power that we had before the patriarchal era and that are now being rediscovered at a new level. Today, a few decades before the end of patriarchy, we can distance ourselves from this era and calmly observe what happened during this time and what happened to us during this time. We can speak the truth, and we no longer need to downplay the issues, for we are preparing ourselves for an entirely new age. We must speak clearly, for we are cosmic travelers, and we must learn to understand what happened in Kosovo, in Auschwitz, in Vietnam, in the Crusades, and in the witch trials and also why it happened. We need to understand it so that we can build a world in which such things can happen no more. We no longer need to defend the life that we have lived so far, for it is no longer about judgment. We have played along, we couldn’t do anything else, and we carry the marks and the scars from this era in our bodies and souls. But we also have the God/dess in us who allows us to recognize and heal the scars.

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