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Our current society is collapsing because of inner contradictions, which can no longer be solved by conventional means.

Steine-fThe human being is a “Zoon Politikon” – a social being – and as such is subject to the laws of society. At the same time, however, in accordance with his physical and spiritual nature, he is a member of the biosphere and as such subject to the laws of organic life. If these two laws contradict each other, disease, criminality, violence and war arise. Today we experience a planetary culmination of this contradiction, for example global epidemics of disease and violence. Humankind has organized itself in the wrong way. It has established a way of living that does not comply with the laws of life. We have reached an apocalyptic limit beyond which no survival is possible. To overcome this dead end, we do not need mega-cities, nor trillion dollar technologies for Martian colonization (although this research could lead to interesting results). Instead, we need intelligent concepts for a new cohabitation of planet Earth. We do not need reform, instead, we need a new direction of human evolution. We are at the beginning of the greatest revolution in history.
The new way requires reintegrating human life into the basic laws of the Universe and the Earth. These include ethical, social and “biotopical” laws. Any violence we inflict upon our co-creatures will come back to us as disease or insanity. The coming civilization is devoid of any cruelty. Plants and animals are cooperation partners in the evolution of our biosphere which we experience together.
In the Tamera project, we have been working towards putting these thoughts into practice for eighteen years. In new ecological, technological and social research areas, we are trying to integrate our human world into the higher world of Life. Above all, we are working on retention landscapes for the healing of water and on new social systems for the healing of love. Millions of children are helpless and lost because their parents are in broken relationships. Infinitely many human tragedies are caused by unfulfilled longings and failed love relationships. To end the secret war between the genders we need a new social and ethical order and a new vision of love. For the healing of love, as for the healing of water, the existing forms used to imprison life need to be overcome and replaced by organic forms. The ecology of the new era consists of non-violent cooperation with nature and all its beings. The technology of the new epoch is no longer based on breaking resistance (explosion) but is based on resonance with the powers of nature. Water shows an incredible power of self-purification when we allow it to flow naturally, instead of forcing it into artificial channels. Nature works with unmatched technologies in all areas. It contains inherent healing powers with which it can survive and heal even the greatest devastation. This applies to the healing of the human body as well as to the healing of the entire biosphere. The inner life force of nature showed itself in our project in southern Portugal where we were able to transform an eroded and almost desiccated landscape through building water retention areas into a paradise of plants and animals. Still today,
such local healing possibilities are blocked by the practices of globalization, often through the use of military force. Today we experience a global war between the powers of Life and the forces of destruction. The powers of Life will win if peaceworkers from all around the world see a Concrete Utopia and if the world’s indignation is connected with the great conception of the new Earth. If Life wins, there cannot be any losers.
Famines and natural disasters are almost always the consequence of human mismanagement, which is itself caused by the politics of banks, secret societies and corporations. Their time, however, has passed. The epoch of capitalist globalization cannot be continued without unimaginable bloodshed and without the destruction of nature on a massive scale, a fact which banks and corporations know full well. Their Illuminati should consider if they will change sides soon enough. The global search for an alternative now has to include the Laws of Life and it needs to acknowledge that animals, even those that are bred for slaughter or fur, have a heart and a soul. Here lies the deepest system change: the change from a murderous mechanism to a system of compassionate aid, not only in the sense of Christian Charity, but in the sense of the cosmic order which we call the ”Sacred Matrix.”
Water, food and energy are freely available to all human beings if they are produced according to the laws of nature and not the laws of profit. The almost infinite productive powers of nature enable almost infinite possibilities of self-sufficiency. The system change from the law of profit to the law of life is not a question of ideology but a question of collective survival.
All of life and all communities of natural life are organized according to the pattern of the Sacred Matrix. All beings are connected through an inner Matrix, which expresses itself in human relationships as trust, solidarity and mutual support. Those inner qualities also apply between human beings and all of Nature’s co-creatures. Terra Nova, the image of the new Earth, shows a human civilization that has a relationship of trust and solidarity with the civilizations of the natural kingdoms that surround it.
The human world needs new information. For thousands of years it has been steered by the information of violence and war. Nations have persecuted and slaughtered each other. All current states originated from a history of bloodshed. The pains that were suffered there are cruel beyond description. They were passed on from century to century. This diabolical chain has left vile wounds in the collective body of humanity. We all suffer from a global trauma that has imprinted dark images and fears in our collective soul. The trauma will be passed from generation to generation until we have understood its causes and removed them. Many attempts at renewal, many appeals for peace, many alternative projects fail due to the collective wall that has formed over the course of thousands of years of war inside the human being. It is the wall of the closed heart. The task of the new centers consists of overcoming this historic trauma, of opening this traumatic wall (“body armor”) and of changing the hologram of fear into a hologram of trust. In order for this to succeed we need to flip a global switch. The switch that has so far activated the information of violence and war has to be turned now to the information of trust and cooperation. This happens not only through prayers but through a concrete planning and manifestation of the new world. We have to decide on which side we stand. In our houses and gardens, in our facilities for water, energy and food, in our love relationships and partnerships and in our social and political systems, we decide which information is sent to the world. The implementation of the new centers is a collective decision of human beings who are conscious of the situation and who therefore turn their inner switch in the direction of life: that is the direction of solidarity and cooperation, trust and truth – even truth in love. How much violence and suffering has been triggered just because of lies in love! There cannot be peace on Earth as long as there is war in love. Nowhere is the traumatic damage as strong as in the areas of love and community. Through the loss of community, humanity has lost its ethical source. To recover our original values like truth, solidarity and trust we need functioning communities. Building functioning communities of trust is one of the highest and most difficult goals of the current revolution.
The new civilization is emerging out of a network of new centers which are all connected with the laws of the universal order of life. In this connectedness, the carrier wave of “morphogenetic field building” is at work. Because they are all relating to the same order, the Sacred Matrix, they retrieve the same information from the cosmic database for realizing the epochal steps that are necessary today. As soon as the mental/spiritual carrier field is set, the morphogenetic field process begins by itself. A new global field is forming. It spreads underground as it were, like the mycelium of a fungus, and brings forth new forces with the power to break
through concrete slabs. The result of this new historical process is easy to see: all over the world there arise new cells – the gardens and retention landscapes, the schools and libraries, the model universities and Healing Biotopes, which spread the message of the new life. Humanity has become ripe for this shift. The Arab Spring has become a global revolution that has found its great, humane goal. Here reigns no violence, but the solidarity of a new planetary community.
We are working internationally on building global Healing Biotopes. The “Global Campus” is an international university with campuses in different countries where the basic thoughts and goals of our work shall be taught and manifested. In the center of the present work stands the peace school Tamera in southern Portugal. We need sponsorship to continue our work. Here’s to joyful and effective cooperation!
In the name of affection for all creatures. In the name of all children.
In the name of Love.
Thank you and Amen.

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