Willy Four

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A musical performance  by the German songwriter Konstantin Wecker, recorded shortly after the attacks on 9/11 – We thank him and all others who still speak the truth so bluntly and raise their voice for life…


I’m sorry Willy that I have to bother you once again in your well-deserved eternal rest. But just so much is burning in my soul, and the conversations with you were always so beautifully carelessly, not at all politically correct.

And many people think the way we’ve been talking. People just no longer say it all too loud. The mindset and language in this country is no longer recognizable. There is war, Willy, and just recently it has become our war too. And I ‘m just as confused as everyone else Willy and of course I also have no finished solutions.

I just need to talk freely to somebody and I want to tell you how it’s gone so far. Some insane, deluded, brainwashed criminals blew up the World Trade Center with airplanes on September 11th and slaughtered over 3000 people. Horrendous.

So much suffering. So many tears. Those left behind whose lives will never be as carefree as before. Everyone mourns. Even Germany mourns as never before. Especially publically and with lots of media attention. Actually a real mourning management has emerged.

And there, Willy, actually some things seem strange to me. My fellow citizens did not appear so compassionate in recent years. No one has publically grieved like this when 200,000 Iraqis died in the Gulf War. As millions of Africans were mutilated and killed in Rwanda. Sure, this is all very far away and many say it does not come so close to us, but wouldn’t now be the time to use this shock as the reason to once really think about it?

Or do we prohibit ourselves from thinking about this because it might force us to check on our utterly superfluous lifestyles? Maybe even to change? Is evil really always outside of ourselves? Can it be fought with weapons? Is Bin Laden now the devil? …or perhaps just a deranged CIA agent? And if that evil would really be eradicated with the help of NATO would the Catholic Church not go into a profound existential crisis?

Cluster bombs and daisy cutters – is this the right way to make our civilization palatable to the so-called uncivilized world?

What freedom we do now defend so vehemently? The freedom of spirit, or perhaps just the freedom of the free market? And with evermore anti-terror laws, don’t we actually destroy exactly that,which our democracy should be defended for? Are you already anti-American because you have the same political sorrows as before September 11th? Does this attack now undo all the crimes committed by the Bush family, American foreign policy and the CIA?

God, I’m also against terrorism and no nation in the world deserves the Taliban or the murderers of the Northern Alliance as ruler, but did they need to be armed before?

Okay then. elite units against the axis of evil ! But why not also to the German bank, the pharmaceutical companies and Liechtenstein or the Bahamas! It is often said that we have the best of all forms of society; it is said over and again and everyone nods, as if not also the best of all systems needs a renewal, as if one wouldn’t need to be ready at all times to question one’s own worldview.

And then how perfect is this “best possible system” really? Only because in this country most people are still financially well off? And what can you do against reckless speculative fund managers, against the organized crime in the biosphere, against 30 million starving people every year and a few million children born blind due to malnourishment?

Who’s actually still fighting against the emergency state of abused nature? No animal, no tree, no river, no sea still has any value in itself. They are all are devalued because they are not money. “There is no right life in the wrong” – you can remember this Adorno, Willy?

There is no island of happiness in a world full of suffering! Now they will again say, “Look at him, the moralist, Wecker.” Every invasion is now called ‘war against terror.’ But you are my witness, Willy, I hate morals. Whenever moral fervor is in play, one begins trying to kill. I just don’t want to stop searching for the truth.

Allegedly nothing is as it was. But the killing and torture, lying and corruption continues; children are exploited to work on luxury western brands.

Children, the single-most, truly, always innocent victims, continue to wait for fathers and mothers who will never return home, they’re being blown up by mines, and tumble with bloated bellies towards the devastation…

And even though all now see their confirmation of the military action against Afghanistan in the victory of the Northern Alliance and the US I can no longer believe the selection of images with which I am flooded. What images of misery are censored behind those of jubilation? Thousands of people have been killed by the Bombs of the US, millions are injured and on the run. Unexploded bombs and mines make the land uninhabitable. And now the alliance of those who first bring the evil into the world in order to then liberate it from evil, will hint to the military success in Afghanistan before every future war.

Another perfectly staged myth. How far will this go? Somalia, Libya, North Korea – and of course Iraq ? The Americans make up less than five percent of the world’s population and consume 25 percent of the world’s oil.

How much unconditional solidarity does one actually need to have for the politics of a country that does not care about international contracts, whose president only came only to power with the help of petrol dollars, whose secret service gives the order to torture abroad ?

And now Sharon consequently continues what Bush started, every invasion is called “war against terror”. But this cruel and inhumane terror is just escalating through war! It cannot be defeated by war!

No war can ever be won.

What should have changed, did not changed since September 11th, Willy. Unless we change ourselves. Every one of us. Unless each of us recognizes that we as human beings, in whichever part of the world we live or whatever culture we happen to randomly belong to, are fully and completely responsible for the overall state of the world Through our daily life we contributed to and are part of this monstrous society with its wars and its brutality and greed, its pressure of competition, pressure to produce, its envy. And only when we clearly recognize this – not intellectually, but the way we also feel hunger or pain only when we clearly recognize that you and I are responsible for the whole world, we will finally act in the right way.

Peace is not the state between two wars. Peace is not bought by victories. Peace requires courage. Courage to speak the truth and the courage to change oneself.

Yesterday they buried Willy. And he’ll be battered over and over again


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