Words of the Goddess

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In every woman there is an aspect of the Goddess that wants to come alive and blossom again.

Words of the Goddess

In every woman there is an aspect of the Goddess that calls out and wants to come alive and blossom again.

I am deeply feminine. You will find me in everything that lives, crawls, hears, smells, sings, tastes, chirps, breathes, shines and squeals.

Those who seek God only in the beyond kill material life and thereby the Goddess. I am the Soul of Nature, giving life to the Universe.

When you do your work, do you still think of the fact that you are cooperating with the Goddess herself and that you can listen to MY voice, MY will, MY longing and MY advice?

I am life in matter. Matter is not something “objective” that is separate from you. It is equally full of a subjective will and longing as you are.

Connect yourself firmly with MY presence. MY pulse is here, immediately, within you.

You will find ME in a pig, in a cuckoo, in the gaze of your neighbor, in your girlfriend, in a cricket or in a praying mantis. MY world calls out to you in everything and has a message for you.

If you reconnect with MY simple and elementary voice, you will all by yourself become a messenger of the Goddess, a fighter for peace. You will connect with MY compassion and no longer allow that the female voice is silenced.

With this mandate you will not want to tie any man to you, for you know that you thereby nourish his hatred and turn him into a warrior who will eventually kill the Goddess.

You will seek and find your fulfillment and your confirmation in ME and you will therefore no longer need acknowledgement and false proof of love from the outside.

You will stand up for true friendship between women, which does not fall apart if two women love the same man.

You will again take on your divine challenge and become an anchor and an orientation for men. With you and through you they will experience and get to know what a woman truly loves and what she does not love. You will see to it that they become servants of the Goddess.

Of course your voice will take a stand. It will take a stand for love and for all beings on this earth.

You will help to enable men to renew themselves by seeing MY presence in you and to become sensual lovers who love MY radiance.

You will help them lose their fear of ME, and you will help them serve ME through their love of you and your inner being.

It is through your joint unconditional love that the song of the earth can resound as it has never resounded before. That the streams, valleys, rivers, mountains and lakes can become the celebration that I am. May MY longing and hope also be your longing and hope.

It is ME myself, whom you will receive when your longing has found peace.

Ya azim.


Video: by Naila von Mendelssohn and Ludwig Schramm, GraceMedia
Text: excerpt from the book “Sources of Love and Peace” by Sabine Lichtenfels – buy here)
Music: by Saskia Breithardt
Photos: Women from Tamera




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