Call from the peace movement for vigils on May 8, 2014

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When trade union houses already burn…!

The gangs of the right wing in the Ukraine do not stop for anything anymore: On Friday, a union house was set on fire in Odessa, into which people have fled from marauding militias of the “right wing sector.” More than 40 people perished in the flames. The Ukrainian police did not even make an attempt to stop the right-wing radicals and prevent the mass murder. The dead were not even worth mentioning by the Federal Government. They were only “pro-Russian protesters ” that were killed.
It is unbearable for us to have to see how, in these days, anti-Russian sentiment is made in our country.

The 8th of May is traditionally celebrated as the day of liberation from fascism. This date is also inextricably linked to an appreciation for the role played by the Soviet Union as part of the anti- Hitler coalition in the defeat of the German aggression. No other country in the world had to suffer more war deaths and destructions than the Soviet Union.

Despite some criticism of Russian policy in the Ukraine conflict, we must not forget that the initiators of the conflict are to be found elsewhere. It was the EU and NATO, which attacked Russia’s security interests with their eastward expansion and policy of isolation. And it was the fall of the government in Kiev, which led to an extremely anti-Russian “transitional government” influenced by right wing and neo-fascist forces.
May 8th 1945 admonished us to never again allow war, never again allow fascism. The time has come to again remind each other of the principle of “common security” in our common “European Home.” Besides the historic commemoration, we are committed to the principle of “common security rather than confrontation.”
This requires:

– We demand a policy of de-escalation in the Ukraine from the Federal Government and to reduce tensions with Russia, for example by stopping of all economic “sanctions.”
– We demand proper reporting and rhetorical disarmament from the media in our country.
– Zero tolerance and no cooperation with fascist forces in Ukraine!
– The convention of a European Security Conference involving the conflict parties could be a measure to build confidence.

For common security instead of confrontation! 

Federal Commission of the “Friedensratschlag”, May 4th 2014

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