Dissolving Fascism

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As the day of liberation from fascism, May 8th is a day of commemoration in many European countries.

Young soldier with catToday, 69 years ago, World War II ceased by the unconditional capitulation of the German Wehrmacht. The war ended with an estimated 80 million people killed.

Fascism, that ceased with the downfall of Hitler’s empire in the public propaganda, has become a worldwide phenomenon again. It was not this single human being, Hitler; it was millions of people who only had one thing on their mind – ending the narrowness of their own lives through violence. The goal is to finally mean something in this world, to finally feel power and retaliate for what one has suffered oneself. This is the psychological background of the wars that are being fought up until this day, regardless of capitalism or communism, Obama or Putin.
The less human energies feel at home in love and trust, the more they turn toward systems of political, technical and military might. Wars are not the result of the natural laws of life, but of blocked and diverted energies. The emotional and psychological energies must be given a new direction where they can connect with the lives of our co-creatures, instead of fighting them. The principle of worldwide healing consists of new systems to direct the bio-energetic, emotional and psychological energies on Earth.

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