Be blessed, Paulo Mellett!

June 23rd 2014 our friend and cooperation partner Paulo Mellet died

paulo-hereWe send our deep greetings of support and empathy from Tamera to Paulo’s wife and family. It is truly sad to have lost this amazing person, peace worker and friend. He supported an big network of change-makers and often helped to make people and their great work and projects seen – like the peace community San José de Apartadó in Colombia, the permaculture project OTEPIC in Kenya, the organic farm in Tulkarem, Palestine, and many more…
We cannot fully comprehend yet that he has passed away.
Besides the feeling of sadness there is the big mystery and our growing capacity to understand it. He always felt so connected to the cosmos and to the other beings out there. We are sure he is warmly welcomed and embedded by them. Maybe he felt that he can be of greater support from this other dimension.
It was moving to see how Paulo was held by his wife Ruth and his family in the time of his long struggle in between worlds. Amazing, the depth of love they carried for him, the readiness to let him go.
May we find ways to stay connected and experience that he is still around. May Paulo and his wife find ways to communicate between these different dimensions.
We are very grateful to have met and worked with Paulo, that we were part of his life and all the beautiful projects and actions that he gave birth to.
We hold his family in our prayers.  We hope that his dearest ones he had to leave, find the right embeddment to go through this pain of loss with all the sadness it brings. May it more deeply connect them to their capacity to love!
We send greetings from the heart of the Tamera community… with the spirit of community and the strength of love.

The work continues.


For more information about Paulo Mellett, please read beautiful words about Paulo Mellett and insights into his various projects here: s//

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