Man’s Holy Grail is Woman

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They searched for the Arc of the Covenant
and the Holy Grail, for Palladine and the Golden Fleece, …

… for the treasure of Nibelungen and the sacred elixir of the alchemists. Religions, states and peoples were established and sacrificed for it. They did not find it. Our history, from Troy to the Third Reich, from the Gothic cathedrals to the worship of our modern industrial society, follows a legend that never comes true. It was a universal longing that was not fulfilled. Unfulfilled dreams were replaced with the liturgies of violence from Homer to Hollywood. One tried to use violence to achieve what could not be achieved in love. Today we are at a turning point. Redemption, realization and resurrection are not achieved by war stratagems and military might, nor through religious or political fanaticism, but through the unbroken love between the sexes. The Holy Grail lies in the reunion of the sexes. The female and the male halves of humanity, man and woman, have sought each other and missed each other through the millennia. These two halves of humanity must come together again for the world to become whole again. This was what was meant when, in the original version of the Bible, the same word was used for intercourse as for insight: knowing intercourse, knowing love, reconciliation and healing of all cells, love between the sexes, love of the children, love of all creatures. Artists are people who have sensed this intuitively. But art was the victim of the same repression that destroyed the truths of Eros and religion. And yet they have left behind permanent signs. All of them, be they Rubens or Rembrandt, van Gogh or Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec or Modigliani, were obsessed by the fervor of this one thing. All of them, from Boticelli to Böcklin and Lovis Corinth, were permitted to paint it, but in no book about art history will you find anything about what was going on within them, what they dreamed of and sweated out in their secret fantasies. It is only if Dante’s “Divine Comedy” were to be translated into the 21st century, that we would see an expression of this. But the comedy would not be divine, it would be diabolical. It would no longer be a comedy but a tragedy that nobody could endure. An unspeakable drama unfolded behind the “Silence of the Lambs”.
Today we do not want to break down the wall of silence with force, but we do want to soften the wall with finer methods, so that we may see what is coming. It is a new culture of emotional and sensual love between man and woman, human being and nature, community and Creation. We want to point out that the Holy Grail for men lies in the union with woman, and the Holy Grail for women lies in the regained trust in man, who has trampled her down for eons.


Cover_englishMan’s Holy Grail is the title of a book, edited by Madjana Geusen about a new concept of art, documenting texts, paintings and drawings by Tamera founder Dieter.

ISBN 987-3-927266-21-6, , 236 p. 252 4-colors, 29 b/w pictures, Softcover 26 x 21 cm

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4 thoughts on “Man’s Holy Grail is Woman

  1. Hello! I am delighted with your ideas, and even more from their real embodiment in matter! Long feel distortions in society and the world at large … Many years go by spiritual. Began to realize that you can not afford to close, you must go to the people.

    To inspire people to change their lives, it is necessary to set an example. When we talk about the shortcomings without specifying ways to overcome them, it just angers people … why it is so important what you do! Does Russia have your followers? Traveled to Russia and Ecovillage not find anything interesting!

    And learned about your revolutionary community! Translate translator, as have not had practice in English. Want to Russia was in such a project Tamera, you need to do?

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