No!!! Stop this Massacre

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What happens now in Gaza is too horrible to bear.

// one side there is the Palestinian Hamas, which has fully gotten out of control and only follows its hatred. Their idiotic rockets do not destroy the life of Israel, but life in their own country. On the other side there is the action of the Israeli rulers, they too follow the thoughts of hatred and extermination. But what a difference in the dimension of terror; on one side we have the (often self-built) Palestinian rockets that hardly hit any target – until today (July 16th) there has been one single dead on the Israeli side, which is one too many – but on the other side are the bombs with which entire buildings are demolished. The result so far has been over 200 people killed, most of them civilians. In these houses live families with children. The killed children have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with Hamas! One may imagine the situation reversed; Hamas would have the same military potential as Israel, they would drop bombs on all Israeli cities and towns where they suspect military facilities and Mossad agents. After a short while all of Israel would be devastated! This diabolic image demonstrates the absolute immoderacy on the Israeli side.

What happens is such a blatant violation of all human rights that one wants to cry out loud. But the world is just watching. The Obama administration vows full solidarity with Israel. It is perplexing in which direct and undisguised way the face of global terror reveals itself. We are all facing a point of decision here, for if what the Israeli side performs can be carried out then anything is allowed in this world.
Meanwhile we had the finals of the FIFA World Cup. We may assume that this is not coincidence but was planned a long time in advance. It seems likely that the State of Israel has intentionally staged this massacre, probably in agreement with their American ally. They knew it they would hit the civil population – and they did it.

All this is tough news for young people who have so far believed in their country as they were taught by the public propaganda. Now they are in a similar situation as we had during the German Student’s Movement at the end of the sixties when we discovered the truth about Vietnam and the United States’ war. Suddenly one faces a new decision because the entire psychological conditioning is put in question all at once. To whom are we loyal? Whom do we want to believe? Now this inner process begins that will not leave us calm until we have found a new answer to the urgent political and private questions of our times. Facing the political crimes that were carried out under Hitler, and that in fact characterized the entire twentieth century, some of our fathers saw themselves challenged to make a fundamental decision: to never again be silent! Today this is every citizen’s first obligation, as long as human rights still have any meaning; do not remain silent anymore! Through silence we tolerate mass murder. It was silence that made the deportation of European Jews possible. Not only the despotism of uncontrolled states and corporations, but also “the silence of the lambs,” makes uncounted human beings and minorities currently perish – they no longer have anyone that protects them from the injustice. The people in Gaza were summoned to leave their houses. Where should they go? All borders were closed. It is cynical beyond compare.

Many people are silent because they are afraid they could be punished for being “anti-Semitic” if they were to speak their minds. That is an opprobrious tort. I speak up against the Israeli government, however this does not make me an anti-Semite. I speak up against the Western imperialism, however this does not make me a friend of Putin. I speak up for the liberation of Palestine, however I have good friends in Israel. I speak up for the resurrection of the Christ power, however I cooperate with my Islamic friends in Bethlehem and Tulkarem. The activists of the new era cannot be put into the stereotypical categories of the old era. In reality we see a new basic order of human civilization forming, a new “world law,” beside, behind and above all political stages which does not follow political power considerations, neither racist or populistic ones, but follows the guidelines of empathy and amicable coexistence.

What to do? First of all I would like to thank all Israelis and Palestinians who have stayed on the side of peace and have persevered. What can we do to further develop and spread this power of peace under such terrible circumstances? Break the public silence again and again; make the indignation public. Use the Internet and organize rallies for ending the massacre. Call for civil disobedience and conscientious objection. But the perspective of our work must not get stuck in the protest; we have to give the world a new goal. Is one still allowed to say that behind and above this vile world of hatred and war and fear and silence there still exists a different one, the world of the higher human being, of empathy and love for the fellow, a Marian world of solidarity and reconciliation? In addition to barbarism and extermination there is the world of resurrection that we still carry in our hearts and that we need to expand so it can stand firm and ultimately overcome the insanity. Israel, Palestine, the whole world needs a new basis of life, a fundamental and at the same time realistic vision of resurrection. Resurrection not after death, but before death – as an earthly deed of earthly human beings. If it works in Israel-Palestine, then it will work everywhere. If hatred is overcome here, then it can be overcome everywhere. This requires a new plan of coexistence in the Middle East, a plan that liberates the country from dependency, a new plan for water, for decentralized self-sufficiency, for overcoming patriarchal structures, for the definite end of the historic enmity. We need to come together to prepare such a plan.

It is not only about removing a wrong government, but about a new image of human civilization and the first concrete steps in this direction. It is a misdirected evolution of human society that causes such atrocities everywhere, like now in Gaza. The present world follows the morphogenetic field of war, as it has done so already during German fascism and centuries before. We can only end the suffering if we step out of this field and build a new one – the morphogenetic field of peace. It is no longer only about moral protest, but is about a definite decision for a new world, a new culture of coexistence in the political area as in the private areas, a nonviolent love among the genders, the cooperation and solidarity of the human being with all fellow beings. We need a world in which trust can arise, truth in love and protection for the children.

We call upon our friends in Israel and Palestine: We know that you are in a very difficult situation. Nevertheless we ask you to innerly position yourself on the “winning side,” for you represent the higher justice. No longer allow them to drop bombs. No longer allow them to imprison an entire population. Mobilize the whole world until this curse is over. Do not submit yourself to wrong laws. When the states violate elementary human rights, civil disobedience becomes an ethical duty. You are part of a planetary renewal that sweeps through all continents. You carry out healing work for an area in the heart of humanity. Bringing it down to a single formula: Whoever liberates Jerusalem has liberated the whole world. One has to see the high goal in order to want it. By making your local decision you support the global movement for a new Earth, Terra Nova, which we all belong to. If you believe that we can help, please let us know.

In the name of life, in the name of the children, in the name of all creatures!
For a new Earth, Terra Nova.
Peace for Israel and Palestine.

Shalom and Salaam




5 thoughts on “No!!! Stop this Massacre

  1. You mean so well. Your passion for there to be a good world, peace and harmony are so sincere. You are so moralistic its truly inspiring but are you aware that you, yes you, are right now sending us Israelis the message that we will never ever ever be able to entrust our security with others – obviously not with those who seek to harm us and less obviously (but now clarified by you) with well meaning, moralistic souls, who sit in places like Europe and pronounce judgments based on nothing more than their spiritual aspirations and outraged feelings. Have you any idea of how lacking in humility you need to be in order to discount the entire still ongoing Hamas rocket campaign as ” Palestinian rockets that hardly hit any target”. Have you lived under terrorist rockets? Do you have children, elderly parents, someone sick or heavily pregnant at home? Do you know how long it takes to get them under cover? Have you even the faintest idea of what it means for civilian families to be under constant threat of rockets only designed to terrorize and harm? It seems that like the US Army in Vietnam, the only thing that will impress you is a high body count. Accordingly only with a high body count on its side would it be justified for Israel to fight to defend its population. Let me tell you something, what many Gaza civilians are suffering now is a sick abomination. I can say today that after much work on myself I literally feel as bad for them as for Israeli’s killed inured or bereaved. I can also state that what makes the tragic situation here even more incredibly depressing is the stark realization that the supposedly inspired and “caring” people in “civilized” places, whose existence should provide inspiration to the peoples of this area to move forward out if the circle of fear and loathing that we are locked in, are far more worried about the sense of revulsion and indignation that they feel than they care about what human beings in this conflict are undergoing. Are you sure you care? Show us what you wrote while 160,000 Syrians were dying, while their president routinely chucks barrel bombs and fires barrages of rockets on towns and villages that are not loyal to him. Prior to seeing this blog I would have surely recognized in you a fellow striver on the spiritual path – now it would not surprise me to see you serenading me right to the gas chamber door (just so as long as you wouldn’t have to let go of the pain of your revulsion and righteous indignation, in order to embrace the complexity and challenge of a conflict such as this.) You have given here the most absolutely un-spiritual message possible – that there is no one to trust.

    • I owe you an apology Mr. Duhm. I used sarcasm, rhetoric and hyperbole in order to make the point I wanted (and still want) to make. I was fueled by the intensity of the situation in which we find ourselves. I think you showed integrity by publishing it. I take back my jibe about where you might serenade me to – it was figurative but tasteless in the extreme. When the current battle is over and the real work of picking up the pieces of our societies begins, perhaps the dialogue will continue. I am in no doubt regarding your good intentions.

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