Obituary for Pia Gyger

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Listen to the voice of the heart! Become priests and priestesses of cosmic transformation.

Dear Pia,

On July 14th you left this Earth. For us in Tamera you were and are an important person accompanying on our path. Again and again you have called out to us, “Listen to the voice of the heart! Become priests and priestesses of cosmic transformation.” You have stayed faithful to this call and were an exemplary priestess in these modern times. Wherever people had lost their faith you were a helping power in order to again open the heart for the cosmic dimension of universal love.

We thank you for your untiring commitment for global peace.
We thank you for your visionary power.
We thank you for recognizing and walking the path of cosmic partnership together with your partner Niklaus Brantschen.
We thank you who have lived in celibacy for seeing and honoring the erotic dimension of life and the sacred dimension of Eros, similar to your “master” and beloved teacher Teilhard de Chardin.
There were only very few people I felt so deeply understood in my search for authentically lived free love as you!
We thank you two, Niklaus and Pia, for your faithfulness and friendship to Tamera.

You knew that the path of partnership would reach way beyond personal sympathy or antipathy – that it is a cosmic path which we are called to.

We thank you for your courage. You succeed in guiding the way for many people from economy and politics – the way of the heart. Doing that you also risked friction and conflict. You made it possible for people to listen to the voice of global peace and succeed in addressing the heart of humanity. You succeed in walking the path of compassion. You were an orientation for people so they could open up and bear witness to the crisis of humanity and still keep their heart open. We thank you for having had the courage to listen to the inner voice and follow inner guidance. You had the ability to unify where there had been division. In this way you have also made an historical contribution – bringing together Christianity and Buddhism in an authentic manner. In many of us you awakened a sensation of what it means to discover Christ in our own hearts.

May your great vision of the “Holy Land” come true.
May many people on Earth carry your message their hearts and carry it further.
And may you find entrance into the vast cosmic dimension of all-encompassing peace. We wish you from the bottom of our hearts that your soul will be able to land in the realms where the frequency of universal love vibrates. We know that you were not afraid of death and that you were ready to land there on the “other shore.” You have seen eternal life.
We are mourning because we miss you but together with you we also sing the praise of the universe.

We greet your soul in deep connectedness and gratitude!

Sabine Lichtenfels – on behalf of the Tamera community


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