Together, we can put an end to the War!

We refuse to be enemies.  (Read this call also in Hebrew and Arabic)
Is this the future we want to live in? Is this the reality we want for our children? A country that bombs homes, civilians and innocent children? A country where the blue skies are painted with fear and its land is burning with hatred? Are we willing to stay hypnotized to this awful state where violence is presented as the right way? Justice isn’t achieved by bombs sent to kill.

We can’t and we won’t forfeit our country and our lives in the hands of politicians and interests, who use us as pawns – we refuse to take part in this war! Those whom we kill, that are presented as our enemies, can and want to be partners in peace. The tears of an Israeli mother over her dead son are identical to those of a Palestinian Mother.

We refuse to be enemies. We cease to believe the forces driving this war. We are taking the reins and asking to lead the way to peace. We are joining all the peace workers in the world who act in the service of life. We are leaving the horrible lies and hypocrisy behind. We come to the simple acknowledgment that killing is just killing.

We call for all those involved to stop the bombing. Cease launching missiles. Let’s reunite and march down the path asking for Real Peace together- men, women and children. Israelis, Palestinians and citizens of the world.

We support and stand behind those who are listening to their conscious and are choosing not to take an active role in this war. These voices are getting stronger and stronger. More people are working together towards peace, knowing and feeling that they are not alone, acknowledging the value of voicing their opinions to stop the war.

Let’s unite and establish a new world based on trust. Let’s create spaces where our children can grow up without fear.

Especially now, under the sirens and horrors covering everything, this is the time to remember the internal strength that is stronger than violence.

In the name of all those who love.
In the name of all the children.
In the name of all living things.

Peace for Israel and Palestine.

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