Letter to the participants of the Terra Nova School

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In the face of the atrocities in Gaza, in the Ukraine, Brazil, Iraq, Syria, the planned free-trade zones ...we want to initiate a new stage in the Terra Nova School

Dear friends and students of the Terra Nova School,

We greet you from Tamera. Our 20th International Summer University has begun. About 250 guests from many different countries have arrived, many of them active in the global Terra Nova network. The next ten days are under the heading: “Terra Nova – Global Alliance for the Healing of the Earth.” The Summer University is in close contact with the peace action Sabine Lichtenfels and others hold in Israel-Palestine at the moment. Israeli and Palestinian peace workers have come together for a “Vision Camp.” While bombs in Gaza fell and killed people in the immediate vicinity, they experienced the miracle of human understanding beyond old prejudices and walls among the fifty participants. Although the external situation is increasingly hopeless, new hope for long-term healing in Israel and Palestine was established in many participants. You can find the reports and statements from the Vision Camp here: s//www.facebook.com/aVisionCampinIsraelPalestine
It is about the fundamental decision to step out of the pattern of violence and create a completely new world. When we see what terrible things are happening now in Gaza (and do not immediately look away and suppress what was seen), we notice how deep the response on the side of peace must be in order to really stop this madness.

In the face of the atrocities in Gaza, and also in the Ukraine, Brazil, Iraq, Syria, the planned free-trade zones, etcetera, we want to initiate a new stage in the Terra Nova School with the Summer University. From the school a planetary movement, which connects the global outrage and the outcry against the war with the concept of a new Earth, should arise. We need to counter the immense pain of the world with an equally immense perspective for a new planetary beginning. Additionally, below are our thoughts and proposals for further cooperation; we will introduce and develop them also at the Summer University in Tamera. We are looking forward to your feedback and further engaged participation!

First, a theoretical introduction:

We change the world through new mental-spiritual power fields. This is the new form of peace activism in the Terra Nova School. It is based on a new way of seeing the reality in which we live. Entry into a holistic worldview opens new possibilities for the healing of the planet. If we shine light into the core of matter, atoms and elementary particles, we do not encounter substantial matter, but as Einstein already said, a field. The basic building block of the universe is not the atom, but energy and information. There are invisible energy and information fields that steer the behavior of all things in the universe. The British professor Rupert Sheldrake discovered this principle in the area of biology and further developed the concept of the “morphogenetic field building.” Therefore all beings follow a universal field in which the basic pattern of their species, their biological system and their life is encoded. All beings undergo a common evolution; their development is progressing in leaps. As soon as a new form is developed in one or a few places, the probability increases that it also can occur in all other places. As soon as the first Gothic cathedral was built in France at the end of the 12th century, an incredible wave of Gothic cathedrals arose in Europe, despite the fact that the Gothic design was completely new and incomprehensible to the people. Chemists have repeatedly observed that a new crystal structure, crystalized in a laboratory, often simultaneously or shortly after also crystalizes rapidly in other labs worldwide. The new crystal structure that is formed in one place creates a morphogenetic field – a new information field that is accessed everywhere and generates the new form. The same also applies to the human being and society. After a several-thousand-year history of war, the whole of humanity today lives in a morphogenetic field of war. It is not just the dictates of intelligence services, banks, corporations and governments that produce the world’s atrocities; it is the whole information field of fear and violence, which controls 7.5 billion people. The matrix of violence acts in all sectors of society and of our lives – from the economic and military structures, to those of the water, food and energy that we use, to the area of love, sexuality and partnership. It is a global pattern of exploitation, oppression and war in the political sphere and the fear of loss, mistrust, lies, deceit and violence in the interpersonal relationships. We can only end the global inferno when we step out of this field and build a new one: the morphogenetic field of peace. This is the basic idea of the “Terra Nova” project. For this we work in complex model centers, so-called “Healing Biotopes,” in which the information field of global healing is explored and developed in new, concrete social and ecological structures of life. The Healing Biotopes are effective through their inner resonance with the universal life patterns of the Sacred Matrix, which is anchored in all beings. Once a complex model is created that corresponds to the Sacred Matrix, the global spread of a great peace force begins. All the groups that work on this perspective strengthen the new planetary field. Dieter Duhm has described this idea in detail in his “Political Theory.” The theory comes to the conclusion that humanity and the Earth can be healed within a short time and can be freed from war if it is possible to enter corresponding information into the whole. Dieter Duhm writes, “In this way it is easily conceivable that a planetary human society could develop whose participants are no longer psychologically or physiologically predisposed to any violent actions because they no longer receive impulses that steer them in that direction. They live in a different hologram. From the many possibilities in the cosmic database, a world of healing love and solidarity has manifested itself.” We will send you the in-depth study section “Overview of the Political Theory” from the book “The Sacred Matrix” by Dieter Duhm.

How can one participate in building the new information field? In the Tamera project and the Terra Nova School we have now come to a threshold where we are strongly looking for new co-workers that want to follow the thoughts and engage in their implementation.

1. Spread the Information: We need people to support us in the distribution of our books and writings – in the sense of production (layout and design), marketing (social media and other channels) and translation. We need programmers and web-designers. We are calling out for people that create bases for this idea in their cities while closely cooperating with us. We need an international collaborative intelligence to overcome the global field of war. We invite the feedback from all places and the exchange between the places where work is done on the new information field. Martin Luther King said, “Those who love peace must organize as effectively as those who love war.” We invite media specialists – people that know how to effectively use the Internet to disseminate new concepts and ideas. We welcome creative spirits that artistically implement the dream of a new Earth in the form of new images, icons and signals. We must remind people that there is another possibility for life. Let us collaborate effectively for the new power field.

An important message at the moment, mainly for the German-speaking network: Dieter Duhm just completed his latest book titled “Terra Nova: Global Revolution and Healing of Love.” It leads the reader towards an inner point where we can flip the switch to produce large changes on the outer. The book contains a deep peace knowledge that has emerged out of over 40 years of his research. It is a kind of manifesto and a basic text for the development of the Terra Nova movement.
On November 9th 2014, Global GRACE Day, the new book will be released in German-speaking countries! (It will be published in English approximately Spring 2015.)
We are preparing a special campaign at the moment for the distribution of this book – first in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – then later in the English, Portuguese and Spanish-speaking world.

The more the vision of Terra Nova is mentally and spiritually seen, studied and disseminated, the more condensed the new planetary field becomes. People everywhere are looking for new answers today. Imagine all the people that demonstrate today on the streets, all the people that are looking for alternatives, know the image of a new Earth. It would be the beginning of a new era.
Here are some ideas for how you can participate in the campaign: Organize readings followed by a “World Café” to initiate conversations about the content. Out of regular events over time “Terra Nova cafés” can evolve, special meeting points where seekers and inspired people can come together in the spirit of a new age.
Establish creative outlets for the books. (You will receive a corresponding discount and can earn something with them!) Write reviews and send them to media outlets that you like. Recommend the books in your circle of friends.

2. Create study groups! The development of lively study groups is a first step on the path toward community. The more the groups can communicate about the larger perspective they stand for, the more they can work together and follow a common approach. The new morphogenetic field is a communitarian power field. The new society emerges from core groups of people that put the creation of community, solidarity and trust above their private interests. Community is an ambitious goal in the present revolution; to build them requires great knowledge and a deep readiness for self-change. There is hardly a more dramatic change than from a private lifestyle to a communitarian way of life.
New groups most need people that are willing to initiate and carry it. This is an important point. The world needs people that have the courage to take responsibility and leadership positions. We can no longer afford to squander our life energy through the ping-pong of the usual group discussions. How many endless debates and so-called “problems” arise in the many alternative groups of the western world, only because there is no will, no real goal among the participants? Leadership in the proper sense is not domination over others, but on the contrary, it gives others the opportunity to grow to their full potential to act. We ask you to choose a representative! We are offering a monthly Skype conference for the different language groups where you can ask your questions and raise the current issues in order to intensify the work in the groups. In addition, we invite all group leaders to participate in an in-depth training in Tamera. We will send you relevant information about this as soon as possible.

3. Follow the objective ethics! Every awake human being today inevitably comes to a point of decision: Do I want to continue to live in the old way or I will enter into a life that is based on the objective ethics of truth, mutual support and solidarity? The new way requires courage …
With every thought, every word, every action we are on one side or the other; we contribute to the old field of war or to the new field of peace. We carry within ourselves the ethical sensor that tells us whether our behavior is right or wrong. Peace Pilgrim says, “There is a criterion by which you can judge whether the thoughts you are thinking and the things you are doing are right for you. That criterion is, Have they brought you inner peace? If they have not, there is something wrong with them – so keep trying.”
The deepest ethical renewal is in the erotic area. To heal the wounded relationship between the genders, we need trust in love. There is a guideline for all of us: Truth in love – Never lie to your love partner!

In all areas – in the questions of our political activism, our consumption habits, as well as in our love relationships, the guideline from Peace Pilgrim is, “Speak, think and act in a way that peace arises within you.” If something has actually created peace in us, then it also generates peace in our fellow human beings. Peace is a contagious frequency. We do this work not only for ourselves, but in service for the people of Gaza, in Syria, in Africa. In any moment that we can turn the “internal switch” of fear to trust, comparison to compassion, anger to power, we strengthen the field of Terra Nova.

Thank you in advance to all who will actively participate in this action. Please give us feedback if and how you want to participate and take responsibility. We look forward to the coming cooperation!

In the name of the children.
For an early end to the war on Earth.

2 thoughts on “Letter to the participants of the Terra Nova School

  1. I’ve been involved in the peace movement for about 50 years now. Back in the 60’s there were a lot of folks who were against the war but did little for peace. It was easy for them to protest and lash out at the establishment. Most folks were followers. If we organized something they would show up. I encountered a lot of cults. I find there are a personality type that is drawn to cults. Mostly type “A’s” who have a strong need for acceptability. The military attracts both types of type “A’s” adequacy and acceptability needs. There was a lot of rhetoric and very little change.

    Some of us changed. We actively engage in group minded activities to help others. We’re hard to identify because we’re busy doing something helpful. I was more than surprised when the military came to me and asked for my help. They claim to want peace as well. They have the same problem as the rest of us. Trauma.

    It’s the manipulative reaction to trauma that results in antisocial behaviors. Like a cucumber changing into a pickle. No matter how much the pickle wants to change back into a cucumber, it can’t because it’s now forever a pickle. However the pickle can experience transformational growth and use it pickelness for the powers of social good.

    When I became a pickle there was no guide to help me for a very long time. With some insight and a little help from my friends I experienced transformational growth. I help others with their transformations. I find I can’t help everyone. Mostly they don’t accept themselves as they are and become stuck. Different personalities need different methods. One size doesn’t fit all. But the basic process is the same for everyone.

    For the past 6 years I’ve provided education of the process. I’m now going to start providing treatment instead of education.

    I’ve yet to find a good operational definition for peace. My operational definition of resilience is in our ability to maintain secure thoughts in a crisis over fearful thoughts. You can quote me on that.

  2. Sending energy and strength to the people in Gaza and those who are not fighting the war but stand up for peace! amen

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