Earth Wisdom

A short report by Joshua Konkankoh from Cameroon
after his visit in Tamera

My dream of our journey is focused on the cosmology and Earth Wisdom teachings of Dieter Duhm cosmology and the ceremonial principles of the Global Love School by Sabine Lichtenfels. Contrary to the hype of the last century considering Africa as dark continent, I consider Africa as a living time-keeping wisdom that will guide and influence the destiny of all our lives in physical and spiritual dimensions. At Better World Cameroon, we are using African Culture of Solidarity based on Love as a guide for ceremonies, healing, divination and for harmonizing youth through rite of passage with the universe and our own natural biorhythm in Bafut.
Thanks to Tamera, I have deepened my understanding and commitment in evolving inside of the New Global Culture of the Future being developed in Tamera which can help us shed our old ways of believing in the myth of the West. I believe the teachings of Tamera can help guide us to understand the various pulsations of divinity within which all life forms are evolving. They can also support us to attune ourselves to our unique pattern and connect with our ancestral spiritual forces that guide, protect and influence us and we can begin to understand the greater cosmic energies that we are all in relationship with.
My retreat in Tamera is instrumental in linking up my community with what is happening in Tamera and I believe this partnership will take us into the collaborative effort of co-creation of the Peace Mission journey of the New Era as Tamera Peace Workers set the destiny for humankind… In addition to many teaching sessions in LOVE School and Water Retention Landscapes, I gained fresh insight challenges with different cultural thinking with different people along with the advanced leadership training that keeps Tamera in the forefront of environmental practice. By joining the Heart Circle of the Ring of Power, I commit to join Tamera community of leaders in contributing a quota from the African perspective as we shape the future of conservation practice. My vision is a global expertise bank of ideas helping develop a global youth strategy in innovative conservation and healing solutions.
The Bafut kingdom is a UNESCO heritage sanctuary offering soul rejuvenation and connection to the ancestors on sacred land in the heart of the North West Region of Cameroon. Surrounded by hills and situated on the foot of a big waterfall in lower Bafut, the fertile land delights the senses and awakens a deep sense of spiritual and elemental connection.
Better World Cameroon since 2010 is fostering Regenerative Education and Permaculture Training in Bafut and has set up a 5 acre Test Field and an intentional community living space for developing models of alternative technology and as an international platform for food sovereignty and cultural exchange through which partners can achieve more efficiently by working together for a Better World.
From August 1-21 every year, young people have the opportunity to be in full immersion on our Bafut Community Farm by participating in an EDE (Education to Sustainable Development) this is a dynamic Permaculture Design Course certified by GAIA that emphasizes hands-on learning.

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