Global Revolution and Healing of Love

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Letter to the participants of the Terra Nova School

Dear students of the Terra Nova School,

Warm greetings to all of you from Tamera – especially to all guests from the Summer University and the Love School in Tamera that are now taking part in the studies for the first time and are starting new groups. Welcome to the global network for a new Earth!
We are in full preparation to start the campaign for Dieter Duhm’s new book, “Terra Nova – Global Revolution and Healing of Love,” which will kick off first in Germany in the beginning of November with a networking weekend of all German Terra Nova students and friends. We want to use the publication of this book to make the Terra Nova movement known, build and strengthen it. In this sense, all events of the campaign will help to clarify the profile of the Terra Nova School and to establish powerful study groups.

The goal of our work consists in building a new information matrix for a humane Earth.

At the beginning of this study unit we want to briefly repeat and follow some thoughts from last month: The world forms a unified information system, a “Holon.” The atom is not the basic component of life; it is information and energy. All living beings are connected through a common basic communication and pass through a common evolution. If new information is entered at one point, it latently affects the whole and can be recalled everywhere. Reinhold Messner climbed Mount Everest in 1978 as the first human being to do it without an oxygen mask. Through this a new milestone was set in the mountaineer’s community. Now there is a morphogenetic field, which enables more and more climbers to crest the highest peaks of the world also without utilizing bottled oxygen. No matter whether it is “free climbing” or “roof jumping,” extreme sports are currently full of fascinating examples for the morphogenetic field effect. Performances that seemed absolutely impossible only a few years ago are carried out by the first few people and are suddenly imitated by many, many others around the world. It is not so much a matter of individual capacity, but of field power that makes these miracles possible.

We want to apply the same principle in the political and social realms. Liberating the world from war, healing the ecological damages and manifesting a new society based on trust – all this seems to be absolutely impossible and desperate from the normal point of view. In the framework of the “Political Theory” the “miracle” of global healing becomes a realistic undertaking. For miracles happen, as church father St. Augustine already remarked, “not in opposition to nature, but in opposition to what we know of nature.” By building a new field, new laws, new principles come into power and the old ones are no longer effective. If globally applicable healing information is manifested in a few places on Earth, information for the core areas of human life which takes humanity out of the historic trauma, then this information will fundamentally revolutionize the lives of the entire global population. Thus we no longer need to work on each crisis area individually, but humanity will be guided by a new steering pattern for the solution of many conflicts that have been unsolvable so far.

Creating a new information field very essentially also concerns a new way of dealing with the “shadow sides” of humanity. The success of a humane revolution depends on the readiness of activists and peace workers to recognize and dissolve these shadows within them.

Over centuries humankind has tried to externally fight and defeat the “evil” with violence, often in the name of God, in the name of peace or of humanitarian aid. The result is a world with as much cruelty and brutality as never before. On that course many “fighters for peace” have become fanatic perpetrators of violence themselves and only multiplied the horrors, which they had actually intended to end. In order to really create peace we are forced to develop to the deepest level of self-knowledge. We need to recognize to which extent we ourselves still take part in the structures of war that have brought humanity to the point we are at today. Peace begins by decidedly leaving the whole chain of fear and violence, victims and perpetrators. In “Conversations with God,” Neale Donald Walsch writes, “Essentially, you are ALL the reason for the existing conditions that, for example, awaken a desire in a thief or that create the seeming necessity to steal. You all have created the consciousness that makes a rape possible. When you see IN YOURSELVES what has created the crime, then you will finally begin to heal the conditions in which it arose.”

We wish you a profound time of studying and reflection. We are looking forward to your questions and feedback.

In the name of love for all creatures.
For all generations that will come after us!

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