Terra Nova. Global Revolution and the Healing of Love

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A new book by Tamera founder
Dieter Duhm!  Will be published November 9th in Germany (and in September 2015 in English)! A Book Review by Leila Dregger, translated into English by Dara Silverman

“A humanity that sent a properly functioning vehicle equip with a digital laboratory to Mars could also be able to develop a new concept for a nonviolent planetary existence.”
Forty years after the bestseller “Angst im Kapitalismus” [“Fear in Capitalism”], 24 years after “Eros Unredeemed” and 13 years after “The Sacred Matrix,” Dr. Dieter Duhm puts forward a new opus, which can be seen as response to books like “Time for Outrage: Indignez-vous!” It contains the substance to become a movements’ handbook; not a movement, however, that stays with indignation and protest alone, but one that builds a global alternative. Despite all crises and destruction of our time, Duhm sees hope. He concludes his 38 years of experience implementing comprehensive society models by saying, “The Earth can be healed. Our ethical duty consists in establishing autonomous communities and life models based on trust and cooperation, and to link them globally into an overall alternative.”

“Terra Nova” is based on 38 years of experience in building community and on the social, spiritual and ecological insights gained in this work. The author furthermore appeals to the outstanding experiences of unusual human beings like Jacques Lusseyran, Peace Pilgrim, Etty Hillesum and Ruth Pfau – examples that demonstrated how much more humane, committed, intelligent and effective one is able to live one’s life.

Already in the German Student’s Movement of 1968 Duhm coined the phrase, “Revolution without emancipation is counterrevolution.” Still today, the sociologist and psychoanalyst sees the healing of the inner human world as the basis for healing the Earth from violence and destruction. He writes, “To put it crassly: As long as there is lying, betrayal, fear and violence in love, there also exists military, weapons industry and arms trade in society.”

He convincingly demonstrates that it is the experience of non-acceptance and abandonment that transforms human beings into perpetrators of violence and in its ultimate consequence, leads to war and destruction. Healing the traumatic historical and childhood wounds at the core requires liberation from all structures of fear, lying and violence – above all in the areas of love, partnership and sexuality. “For centuries the human being has been working on the science of matter, but we do not yet have the science of love. We proceeded on the assumption that physical laws would determine our world. However, we could also proceed on the assumption that it is determined by laws of the soul which have something to do with love.”

The traumatic wounds of the current human being, which made him build his aggressive protection armor, cannot be accessed by any individual therapy. They are of societal and historical dimension and can only be dissolved in new life systems based on trust and transparency. It is the social being that brings forth the new healing consciousness. That is why the author suggests implementing a fundamentally new culture; a new cohabitation of the Earth through a network of autonomous communities and regions oriented toward humane, ecological and ethical guidelines. This concept is what he calls “Terra Nova” – a new Earth.

For its implementation to practically succeed, Duhm and his colleagues and assistants developed the “Healing Biotopes Plan.” It works toward establishing settlements and model projects initially in a few places on Earth where on small scale the workings of a functioning peace culture are demonstrated and experimented. He personally founded such a model in collaboration with his partner Sabine Lichtenfels almost 20 years ago. Tamera in southern Portugal has by now grown into a comprehensive peace research center and community with more than 160 inhabitants. “If one wants to know how humankind works, one should find out how a group works, for it contains all light and shadow sides of our human existence.” In addition to a free school, a project for ecological restoration, regional self-sufficiency, natural water management as well as decentralized energy autonomy, Tamera runs a Love School, a department for spiritual research, the Institute for Global Peace Work and the Terra Nova School, an education offer for all interested people around the world through the Internet.

How can these still inconspicuous alternatives prevail against the overwhelming superiority of the global economic system that is running on wars and exploitation? Duhm worked out a scientifically sound answer to this core question of every revolution. By referencing insights from holography, chaos research and morphogenetic field building, he demonstrates how new information becomes prevalent within a holistic system – once they are in resonance with a latent readiness, a latent human quest. Subverting and replacing the existing morphogenetic field of fear and violence with a morphogenetic field of trust and love is the task of Healing Biotopes and all people who want to cooperate with them. “By building the first Healing Biotopes a mental-spiritual field is becoming concentrated and solidified on Earth, the noosphere turns into an ‘exited state;’ a high ‘probability of occurrence’ for further Healing Biotopes arises. The information of the new culture is incorporated everywhere human consciousness is ready for it. We do not need to carry missionary work for this; we need to develop the information to the point that it is able to establish a new field.”

The book offers the present protest generation as well as political, therapeutic and ecological thinkers, not only material for examination and contention, it also offers a potential basis for linking up and synthesizing the uncounted various approaches for global change.

“Terra Nova – Global Revolution and the Healing of Love” by Dieter Duhm will be published in Germany on November 9th 2014. The English edition is scheduled for Spring 2015.

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