Water as a Living Being

Water is life.
Transcription of a Free Speech at the Water Retention Landscape Seminar, August 2014, Tamera.

Whenever you want to connect to the issue of water as a living being, use nature. Use nature as your teacher.

Viktor Schauberger was very intimately connected to nature. He was raised in a family of forest rangers who were very much connected with water. He was raised in an environment where he was blessed to witness an intact ecosystem where he was born. And then he saw the destruction of that system, and the destruction of the whole ecosystem of central Europe. He tried to convince people of the mistakes they were making with the water until he gave up and said, “It’s too late; now this water cycle is broken.” This culture lost connection to water as a living being. In the 1950s Viktor Schauberger said, “When humanity learns to move water in the right way again, nature will respond with such abundance that all living beings will have free access to water, food and energy.” This is a very radical statement; it is so far away from how we are living now. Looking at the suffering all over the world, if I believe this to be a true statement I know that I have to change my life; I have to change my behavior; I have to change my vision of human beings on this planet. What will we be busy with when we all have free access to water, food and energy? What does our stewardship look like? What is the purpose of humanity on this planet if this is true?

Then Viktor Schauberger says, “Water is a living being.” What a revolution! What if we would accept that water is a living being? Then we would know under what condition water wants to live. Whenever I’m in contact with water, I have to know what this living being wants and needs in order to treat it in the right way, in an ethically correct way – that we don’t separate it from life, but treat it in a way that it can unfold its being. When you see the water retention spaces we built here, you see that we don’t build them square or round. The outer shape is a meandering shape because we know that water likes to meander. The movement of the water is a meandering movement, not a linear one. We build water surfaces, when possible, on long surfaces so that the wind that is going over the water surfaces can create waves, so that the water can meander on the shores and can have a spiral movement on the top. These retention spaces have different depths. They are not built like vessels with one depth; they have deep and shallow zones; and with this there are different temperatures in the water body. Through this we get movement in the whole water mass. Water is a complex being that really wants to move. Water wants to have contact with the body of the earth. One can only think about water wanting “contact” when one thinks of it as a living being. Water wants to be in contact with the soil surrounding it.

Rainwater is sort of pure water, not yet enriched with minerals, as it had gone through evaporation and condensation. But the water itself has the tendency to become enriched with minerals. To become enriched with minerals, it needs contact with soil and its minerals. In contact to the soil, some water will evaporate again; some goes deeper and deeper. Through this process, it is enriching with minerals. But this water also becomes enriched with information, which then gives the quality of being “ripe” water. What is meant when I say “ripe” water? Does it only mean that water became full of minerals and with that it’s ready to come out as spring water? Or is there more?

Masaru Emoto, a researcher from Japan, developed a method of crystallizing water in a way that shows patterns like snowflakes. And then he found that he gets very different shapes and designs of crystal structures. So what is it? Is all this water different? Then he found out that he can crystallize spring water, and lake water, or pure rainwater – and he again and again he gets very different crystal formations. He started to be able to read the quality of water through the crystals. He was not yet satisfied because he saw that if he has two samples of pure spring water from the same source different crystals arise. What is the difference of this water if the physical quality is the same? He took on the research question: “Is water able to receive information?” So Emoto started to give information to water that had the same physical base – water from the same spring, taken at the same time. He began to give information to the water samples, through music for example. To the one water sample he played classical music, to the other an extreme other music that does not come out of life principles. He would then crystallize this water and find very different crystalline structures. He would also be able to read what waters were closer to the principles of spring water. He went even further and began giving words to the water. Written words on the test tubes of the water changes the quality of the water. It can be seen through its crystallization. Through receiving information, water changes its quality.

Coming back to water as a living being… you can easily imagine that a prayer is information that you can direct toward water and it will have an effect on that water, an effect that can even be shown because the crystallization of that water afterwards will be different. It is beautiful research on what information the water can easily receive and which information has the quality that it is stable in the water, and which information goes in and disappears again after a while because it is not stable.

What happens when the water is filtering into the body of the earth? It becomes enriched with minerals, but also with information, with the information that is in the earth. It is different information when earth is full of roots and living organisms than if it would be sand with almost no life. Maybe physically it would be the same water, for it was enriched with the same minerals but the information is different. And that information is created through the quality of the landscape’s conditions. This information goes into the aquifer and when the aquifer is full, the water would come out as spring water. This water is mineralized and contains the complex information about the entire ecosystem. It would have healing properties within that help all beings in the surrounding to adapt to their situation. One could also say this is the healing remedy for that landscape. A remedy which for us human beings would be extremely difficult to create because it’s such vast information, such vast complexity in that ecosystem. I think no human mind can input the information that water gets as information going through the first half-meter of the body of the earth. When the earth is full of life what information, what contact is happening there! The water gets the information that there are a lot of these creatures; these are missing… and with this information forming in itself it creates a kind of vitality – and that information that goes back into to the same ecosystem and tries to correct it and make it more stable or vital.

Then the water goes even deeper; there are levels I barely dare to mention because we know so little. What is going on deeper in the earth? What are energy systems? We know that there is measurable energy, magnetic fields and others, but where do they come from? What do they do with the water when it gets in touch with them? This is a huge research area we have very little connection to. It’s not yet very easy to talk about it. But we know that it is very important that water gets in contact with these very deep layers that are not so close to the human culture, the layers that are not changing with each tree that is growing and with each animal that is living or dying on the earth. The deeper we go the more the energy of the earth changes, and if water gets in contact with that, it has different information. It is more vital and profound information and this is definitely what I perceive when I speak about spring water.

Spring water is the water that comes out of the earth because it’s ready. It has been enriched with all physical elements, minerals and also with all the information that is needed for this ecosystem to be in balance. There is a difference if we have access to spring water or if we get our water out of the aquifer before it has gathered all the information, before it is ripe to go out, before it has the complex information of what is needed for balance in the ecosystem. Most of us probably drink water that is not coming out of springs, so it is not yet fully vital and does not yet have the balanced information of the ecosystem we are living in.

Then we must acknowledge how much our own body consists of water. How does the information of one glass of water I drink work in my body? How would we take care of what we drink? What information do we drink? Let’s take what Emoto says as true, that water changes according to the information we put on the bottle – that one can see the difference in the crystal when there is a word written like ‘love’ or ‘hatred.’ What does it then mean if we drink bottled water with a barcode on the bottle – the symbol of globalization entering directly as information in nearly every liquid we drink. If we really start to understand this, we would change our behavior.

Imagine you would be able to perceive the energy flow of water and knowing that this life energy is even stronger than its opposition. I wish for the peace movement on this Earth to discover this energy. If we would connect to this life energy, what a power we would have as a global peace movement!

3 thoughts on “Water as a Living Being

  1. What a beautiful article. And all the more beautiful is a practical initiative to get the rights of nature recognised in law at EU level – a European Citizens Initiative for the Rights of Nature. Here is an article I wrote in the Ecologist that describes the project. //www.theecologist.org/campaigning/2363662/being_nature_extending_civil_rights_to_the_natural_world.html

    If you would like to get involved please contact me.

  2. As a participant in the training organized by Bernd in Tamera Solar City on designing Water Retention Landscapes (WRL) including an introduction to the basic thoughts of the Healing Biotope 1 Tamera from 18-30th September 2014, I feel elated to read this succinct article on water as a living being.
    Coming from Africa, it took me back to my childhood days when villages in Cameroon were eldorados of living water.
    Having deepened my knowledge, I begin to imagine had I taken WRL Education earlier, I would have worked a lot more intelligently in the preservation of the Ndanifor Community Garden Project in Yaounde in avoiding floods and not lost 20 years of youth work to water disaster. Through support like this from Tamera, it could be that a new sustainability culture in water management could also be emerging in the Bafut Eco Village Project in Cameroon.
    At the WRL I experienced another level of people like Bernd and professional relationships that are long term. Through this brief transformation in Tamera I feel like I have come to know the real goal of my journey in life.
    My challenge is what tools I will use to awaken the enthusiasm of the youth in Africa to learn this new knowledge!

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