Ten Years Stone Circle in Tamera

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A bit more than ten years ago, on Oct. 12th, 2004, the first stones of the Tamera Stone Circle were erected,
and with this, the work of community art was inaugurated.

The initiators were Sabine Lichtenfels and Geomancers Marko Pogacnik and Peter Frank. They selected granite and marble stones from pits, and during the following years, placed 96 of them in a meandering oval configuration in the heart center of Tamera. Every stone and its cosmogram represents an archetype; the stone circle, as a whole, stands for complementation and cooperation in a universal peace community. The stone circle has become a centerpiece of the Tamera community and their guests and has been used for rituals and meditation. Many projects and plans have been presented here before their manifestation; questions have been asked, prayers spoken, births, deaths and special events celebrated. It was inspired by the stone circle Almendres in Évora. Sabine Lichtenfels, who is presently on a healing trip with Dieter Duhm, gave us a short skype interview about the stone circle. 

How did you get the idea to erect a stone circle in Tamera?
20 years ago, before we founded Tamera, I visited Évora and the stone circle Almendres. Its 96 stones were erected 5000 years B.C. This place brought me close to an ancient culture for the first time. It was my profound discovery of a close-to-earth spirituality, and I realized in a new way that an ancient culture of peace once existed. I wrote the book “Dreamstones” about it, which explains the community values of this culture. Building the stone circle in Tamera also meant honoring this ancient history in Portugal. In Almendres, I intuitivey received this task: “Take the stone circle to Tamera.” At that moment, I did not really understand what that meant. Later, I gave a seminar with Marko Pogacnik and Peter Frank about the culture of the Goddess in Malta, and there the idea became concrete. With the stone circle, we have tried to express the values of a peace culture in an artistic way. By the way they complement each other, the stones primarily show the importance and meaning of community itself. Above that, the stone circle demonstrates our readiness to cooperate with all beings. The stone circle is a visible manifestation that we are not part of a religion, but regard the all life as sacred. Life itself is our religion.

What meaning does the stone circle have for Tamera today?
The stone circle has become a place where people can connect with their inner source of knowledge. It has helped us to celebrate rituals in which the community comes together and remembers the mysteries of life. It brings the core values of the community into our consciousness and helps us to recall prehistoric memories. This means that all life originates from an original core of sanity. A seed contains all the information of the plant. The stone circle contains all the information of the community. It was a great discovery for me that, in spite of the long history of pain which we as humanity have gone through, there is an unwounded core in within us. In our cellular memory, there is an original core that knows sanity.

Is there undiscovered potential in the stone circle?
Yes, an incredible amount. It is an undercoat, a grounding, and will be deepened and refined more and more in the next years, decades, and centuries. More aspects will arrive, and existing aspects will be understood more and more comprehensively. We are creating a network of pilgrims’ paths, meditation and power places with the stone circle as their center. I regard it as a base station and living library of Tamera where we can learn to cooperate with life forces. In the coming years, we will develop an educational program which will enable the community to study the core content of the prehistoric utopia and offer seminars, meditations and awake nights. I also see that the godfatherships for the individual aspects and archetypes will deepen; every member of the Tamera community will guard one aspect in the stone circle and use the respective stone to call upon new information in their meditation, to pose questions and receive information.

Does the stone circle have an impact beyond Tamera?
On the regional level, the stone circle shall activate healing forces for the landscape. The basic idea of the stone circle, from the beginning, was to create conscious acupuncture points for global peace which connect with other geomantic spots and power lines on the earth. Thus, the stone circle reflects the theory of global healing by Dieter Duhm; it helps to develop compatible overall information in the community, to deepen and refine it and send it back to the world via meditation and prayer – and of course, to receive healing information. In ancient history, it was the profession of some priestesses to maintain telepathic contact with other cultures via dream and trance, to send and receive information. The stone circle helps me to focus my mind. I use it even when I am travelling. As I know it very intimately, I walk with my consciousness to the aspect to which I want to ask a question or say something. The stone circle helps me considerably with concentration and the geistig orientation of my mind.

Do you have an example of a situation where you felt that the stone circle really had an impact in the world?
Many, and it becomes more and more important for me, to follow the prayers that we speak out, and find out if there are results. When the conflict in Israel had become especially serious and hopeless last summer and there seemed to be no way out, we said a very strong prayer in the stone circle. Shortly afterwards, we saw in the news that, surprisingly, a ceasefire had been agreed upon – a development that seemed to have fallen from the sky. Very many, and it is always important to me, to review the prayers we say, too. From my perspective, it did not feel like a coincidence, because I felt the connection.

In the beginning, you suggested building a network of stone circles throughout the world – like they did in ancient history. Do you still have this intention?
Yes, certainly. The two other initiators, Marko Pogacnik and Peter Frank, represent the geomantic aspect and have created more so-called lithopuncture circles in other places. Peter Frank has recently created a website to make them visible: //pfrank8.wix.com/geopuncture/.
The stone circle of Tamera represents the community level, and this is special. For me, it is important that a stone circle which has this community aspect is accompanied and maintained in a geistig manner. I helped the peace community San José de Apartadó in Colombia to create two stone circles. There, the creation of the coscmograms helped the community to become conscious of their own most important values. Another stone circle is planned in Israel. And the community of Relíquias, to which we belong, has asked for a stone monument to make the cooperation between the various communities visible.
I see that the educational program of the Global Campus primarily includes the principle of building stone circles and with this, deepens the development of community. My vision is for all communities cooperating with Tamera and Terra Nova to create stone circles. This takes time, and I am not in a hurry.


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