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Excerpt from the book “Terra Nova – Global Revolution and the Healing of Love.” 

Revolution_liefe (…) An inner contradiction permeates all institutions of the current society – the contradiction between the laws of society and the laws of life, between the sociosphere and biosphere. The human being is a Zoon Politikon – a societal being and as such is subject to the laws of society. At the same time, however, in accordance with his physical and spiritual nature, he is a member of the bio-cosmos and therefore is subject to the laws of universal life. If these two laws contradict each other, disease, criminality, violence, and war arise. Today we experience a planetary culmination of this contradiction. We have come to an apocalyptic limit beyond which survival is no longer possible.
What began in the Arab countries at the beginning of 2011 was a premonition of a global war whose time is to come everywhere. The civil wars in the Arab countries will inevitably expand to the urban centers of the western world if we do not give this revolution a humane direction early enough. The oppressed life rises up against the oppressors. We experience a global fight between the powers of life and the forces of destruction. A highly organized syndicate of corporations, banks, lodges, secret services, and governments has covered the Earth with a network of exploitation and violence. Germany sends tanks to Arab countries, which can then be used at their discretion against protestors. Global capitalism has destroyed the last communities, the last loyalties, the last connections to home, humaneness, and ethics. Yet the epoch of capitalist globalization cannot be continued without unimaginable bloodshed and without the destruction of nature on a massive scale, a fact banks and corporations know full well. Their Illuminati should consider if they will wake up soon enough.
The world has broken open. The old systems burst; new powers emerge that can no longer be contained. People are taking to the streets everywhere. They are protesting against the system that has broken its promises on all levels. The synthesis of all these events gives rise to the call for a new concept of human life on planet Earth. We have slipped out of a higher order and have to find it again. It is the divine order of universal life to which human being and nature equally belong. We call it the Sacred Matrix. This is exactly what it is about today, as presumptuous as it may sound. We need a new fundamental order for our coexistence, and a new coexistence with all fellow beings. Two thousand years after Jesus Christ, seventy years after Auschwitz, and thirteen years since September 11, 2001, today we say with certainty: we need a new basis for life on our planet – new ethical, spiritual, scientific, social, sexual, ecological, technological, and economic foundations. Above all we need a new inner world from where the powers emerge to create Terra Nova. It is not done through developing small, countryside communes or city groups so long as they are not embedded in a greater context. However, Even the smallest groups, bookshops, and cafes can help establishing this greater context for Terra Nova.
The revolution can be won if it is connected with the certainty of a positive goal. We need a revolution that accepts geist, lust, and love, the right to life for all fellow beings, and the right to people’s religious longings. We need a revolution that helps the poor, the exploited, and the oppressed, the children, animals, and all creatures that so urgently need our assistance today. We thereby also help ourselves. This new revolution has to give children a home again, and it needs to acknowledge that even animals designated for meat or fur production have a heart and a soul. Here lies the deepest system change and the innermost core of the global drama. It is not only about changing political power; it is about fundamentally transforming our concept of a humane civil society. It is a matter of changing from murderous mechanics to compassionate solidarity and assistance. We need a revolution, whose victory will create no losers, because it will achieve a state that benefits all.
The term “revolution” can be easily mistaken because it is immediately associated with violence. The current revolution will have to renounce all thoughts of violence if the humane goal is to be reached. Any revolution that originates out of violence and war will only repeat the old structures of brutality and domination; this is a lesson from history. A humane goal cannot be reached through inhumane means. The goal does not justify the means. The current revolution is not a matter of military confrontation, but of geistig struggle. The structure and implementation of the new culture emerges from geistig fields of power. (Instead of “revolution” we could speak of “transformation,” as it has to do with a geistig convergence. This convergence however is so radical that I have chosen the word “revolution.”)
An essential theme of the current revolution, in its innermost core, is the issue of sexual love and the connection with fundamental ethics of creation – the reunification of Eros and religion. Religion here no longer means religious affiliation, but the rediscovered life in oneness with creation. Eros and religion, separated for thousands of years through dire moral doctrine from the world religions, need to come together again so that we human beings can rise up to the source from which all of life originates.
In order to end the spiral of violence we need to find an inner power that enables us to not react with retaliation to injustices we have suffered. The pilgrimages Sabine Lichtenfels guided through Colombia, Portugal, and Israel-Palestine were dedicated to this paradigm shift. “Grace” is what she calls the power that is stronger than all violence. We were very moved when we met a young woman in Israel whose face had been disfigured. A young Palestinian had carried out a suicide attack close to her and she was severely injured. In her book, Grace: Pilgrimage for a Future Without War, Sabine Lichtenfels describes the following situation:
“Three years ago she became the victim of a suicide-attacker in a bus and by a miracle she survived. Already years ago we had met her here in the Jerusalem forest, a beautiful young woman. Now she sits here again in our tent and talks. For two months she had lain in a coma and the doctors had given up on her. She fully understands the Palestinian suffering (…) Everyone listening is struck by her story. After intensive days in the West Bank where we have been made very aware of the suffering of the Palestinians, we now feel closely the experience of the other side. This young woman wanted nothing else but to live. Just like the Palestinians do. The soul has to understand anew: This is not so easy. It is not possible to divide the world into victims and perpetrators. Healing does not result from accusation.”
When she was asked about her feelings toward her tormentor she only said, “Maybe I would have done the same if I had been in his position.”

On which side do we stand? Whoever has decided for the side of life can no longer say ‘yes’ to the life habits he or she has so far mindlessly followed. If we have the courage to look at the things that are currently happening in the world, our entire organism reacts with an absolute ‘no!’ Stop a system that does such things. Also stop it on the inside, in our own lives. This is the outcry of a healthy emotional body. But the world cannot be changed through emotions. Now the geist, the analyzing and combining intellect, has to get involved in order to translate this emotional ‘no’ into a positive helping strategy. With every small deed, every thought, and every decision, we can consciously position ourselves on the side of life. Through our daily actions, we are weaving a web with which we strengthen one or the other side. While washing dishes we can decide “whether we serve the devil or the Lord” (Prentice Mulford).

Stop the Global Idiocy!
Countless millions of young people all around the globe would be available for building a new world if one could offer them a credible perspective for this, yet they hardly ever find real humane engagement. Before they can become conscious of their power, their energy is planned, programed, and channeled in the logic of the existing systems. They are being used as henchmen of the system to solve conflicts they have not caused. There are only very few people on the top of the societal pyramid that give the orders, as for example for carrying out the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. How many human lives are being sacrificed here for an insane economic deal! And the world is watching it. In fact, after 150 years of democracy and civil rights it is still small groups of power, diminutive on a percentage level, that steer the destiny of billions of people. We can hardly believe this story so long as we stand inside of it. But when we take sufficient distance we see the unrestricted despotism, which still steers human society on all continents.
Fall 2013. In Istanbul young policemen are on a full combat mission against protestors the same age. Everywhere in the world we see the same idiotic theater. Everywhere two hostile camps of young people confront each other, people that could actually be friends. Enemies that could actually be friends! We must not allow hostilities to arise because one belongs to different ideological and political camps. This primitive mentality should have ended with playing “Cowboys and Indians” in our childhood. It is not personal hatred that makes people enemies, but the logic of a distorted system. Enough! Stop all this insanity! There is an alternative. Another life is possible. There exists another plan of creation for all of us. We are not here to fight one another, but to build the world we need for our children and ourselves. With all peace powers we connect against war, against any form of hypocrisy, and against downplaying or covering up reality. We can no longer avert our gaze from what is really happening to the victims, be it in Syria or the nearby supermarket. We have friends in Palestine and Israel, in Colombia and Mexico. The children, the friends, the beloved ones that are dying in this moment could be our own. Whoever has once heard their cries will never forget them. This war is everywhere so long as the regenerative societal structures that generate it persist.
During a demonstration in São Paulo a policeman throws his pistol into the fire saying, “Enough! I will no longer participate in this.”ii Together with his colleagues he was supposed to proceed against the demonstrators; he could not do it any longer because he knew justice was on their side. Justice was on the side of the demonstrators; injustice was on the side of the government. Like everywhere in the world, the police had the task to protect the system from its indignant citizens. This is how injustice is protected, often by military means. This is how every revolution begins. And still the police also consist of young people, as young and likable as the protestors. The police officers partially know that justice is on the side of the protestors, more and more of them know it, but they have to do their job and earn money; they do not yet have another perspective. Also the protestors will one day, when they have lost the battle, return to their old places and do their “job.” Let us be certain that they will gain another perspective!
What would happen if they really had another realistic perspective – the vision of a society free from injustice and violence? The vision of a society in which they all have enough to eat without needing to obey wrong laws? The vision of a world where they could love freely and without condemnation, particularly women? What would happen if the millions that are currently demonstrating on the streets and in the squares had a clear vision and started manifesting it? We would experience the real emergence of a free world with functioning communities, with autonomous centers, and with subsistence economies, with love couples free from the fear of punishment, with free religion, and free culture. We would have schools for the secrets of life, research sites for new communication systems, new architecture, new energy systems, new living structures, new water landscapes with alimentary biotopes, new healing methods, a new coexistence with animals; we would have Love Schools for a new encounter between the genders and new “monastery” schools for the cooperation with the spiritual worlds. Everywhere on Earth, in all countries, on all continents, the new centers would and will arise. Young police officers would and will no longer fight against protestors, but will ally with them to create the new world. A world that is currently as close as never before because we have the knowledge to make it happen.

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