Terra Nova Tour through Germany

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Tonight we will leave to our tour through Germany. 
Greetings from a golden autumn in southern Portugal! We will be two teams, holding different events from November 10-24 in following cities:

10.11. Leipzig, 12.11. Dresden, 13.11. Kassel, 13.11.Eberswalde, 14./16.11. Berlin, 15.11. Heilbronn, 17.11.Hamburg, 17.11. Tübingen, 18.11. Bremen, 18.11. Stuttgart, 19.11. München, 20.11. Grafing, 20.11. Witten, 21.11. Augsburg, 21.11. Köln, 24.11.Freiburg

More information: //www.terra-nova-school.org/de

Recently an inner tremor repeatedly breaks through in many of us. It may be triggered by personal situations; it may be caused by looking into the news. It feels like a fundamental shaking in the planetary body of humanity. Last Sunday Benjamin von Mendelssohn described this internal movement in his Matinée here in Tamera: “’Will we make it?’ At the moment, this question moves in the core of things. We are experiencing a collective explosion of the emotional body, and at the same time we invest all our energy, creativity, and intelligence in suppressing the most important question, ‘Will we make it?’ (…) I would like to invite you to stay with this question and not push it away.”

There is a fundamental turbulence in the whole world and it is looking for people who do not immediately have readymade answers, recipes, and solutions (although they are often justified), but who first of all open their hearts to the world with direct compassion and let themselves be reached by the fate of life on Earth. It is with this compassion that Konstantin Wecker sings his brilliant piece Willy Four: “Through our daily life we contribute to and are part of this monstrous society with its wars and its brutality and greed. And only when we clearly recognize this – not intellectually, but the way we also feel hunger or pain – only when we clearly recognize that you and I are responsible for the whole world, we will finally act in the right way.”

We want to use this pure form of indignation at the world as it is, as a motor and driving force for building a new society. Taking all this into account, we have selected the chapter “Revolution for Life” from Dieter Duhm’s new book, Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love as the study text for this month. The text paves the way for the vision of a revolution that we give birth to through our common work – a revolution for all that lives and for life itself.

On November 9th we celebrate the tenth anniversary of Global Grace Day. Initiated by Sabine Lichtenfels, it is a day of contemplation and reconciliation, a day for the opening of all separation walls. On the first Global Grace Day around 50 people were sitting meditation at the separation wall in Israel-Palestine during the Grace Pilgrimage 2005. Every year since then groups come together in the name of reconciliation and global healing.

This November 9th we are planning a common street action with the participants of the German Terra Nova School networking meeting in Leipzig. We invite all others to join through thought and prayer. We put ourselves in service of life.

Thank you for your work.

In the name of the children. In the name of all creatures. For a future worth living!

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