Greetings to the Planetary Family

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Some thoughts after our Terra Nova Tour through Germany

Dear friends,
We send our heartfelt greetings to the global network of seekers and activists for a new Earth, and welcome you to this new month of study.
First of all some news from our side: Our Terra Nova tour through Germany was successfully completed with our last event in Freiburg on Nov. 24th. We are delighted and enthusiastic about the experiences of this journey. No matter whether we were in Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg or Freiburg etc. – all over Germany we found unprecedented acknowledgement and positive resonance for our work and the thoughts leading to Terra Nova. It was an almost overwhelming kick-off for the campaign around Dieter Duhm’s new book, Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love. We are happy about the growth of the Terra Nova network and would like to warmly welcome all people who are now newly joining the Terra Nova School. We wish you a wonderful start to the study and hope for a long and effective cooperation for a new culture of peace, solidarity and trust!
We are touched by the opening we encountered, by the big amount of love and care that was given to us by the hosts in each place. Making new contacts with influential journalists, politicians, activists and artists gave perspective for a much broader opening in the German public. Parallel we also got in touch with an American online university that might bring the Terra Nova School on a whole new level. Facing these incredible possibilities we will now take a break for reflection, vision and planning for the next two months. We need profound preparation for the next steps. We see the culmination of both the reality of unimaginable violence for uncountable people around the world and the ever more powerful positive transformation on the planet – and feel the urgency to make the right decisions in this critical moment in human history.
In order to find the appropriate angle to look at these questions, it is often necessary to step aside from the specific issue and take enough distance to connect with the much larger historic, global and spiritual dimensions in which they place. All traditions and religions have dedicated special festivals and rituals to consciously enter this space of contemplation and observation. Before Christmas was abused as a festival of consumption, for Christianity this period of contemplation and reflection was time of advent that we in now. We would like to invite you to use this month of December in this way.
As study text for this month we have chosen a contribution by Tamera’s co-founder and theologian Sabine Lichtenfels. It is the transcription of a Christmas speech she had given in 2003 entitled “The Marian Cultural Impulse” and offers a profound feminine insight into the archetypal transformation on our way towards a culture of lived love. The text is strongly related to Christian mythology, but expands to a much more universal perspective.

At the end still a remark about the latest hit of the movie industry. In the beginning of November, the 169min movie “Interstellar” was published, showing the Earth in apocalypse and the first people migrating to other planets. What is shown there has for long time already been much more than just science fiction. Thousands of scientists at NASA and private agencies are working on Martian colonization. How would it be if they would consider, with the same enthusiasm, joy of adventure, readiness for innovation and the same financial means, the possibilities of a new cohabitation of the Earth? We have by far not yet recognized the potential of this wonderful blue planet. We reach out in gratitude to all people who dedicate their lives to transforming this Earth into the paradise it was created for.

We greet the planetary family of peace and wish you a blessed time of reflection and study.
Martin Winiecki

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