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Sabine Lichtenfels celebrates her 60th birthday. 

Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of Tamera and head of the Global Love School celebrates her 60th birthday on December 27, 2014. We thank her for her untiring effort in service of a humane world.

She has spent a lot of time on the road as a peace activist, has protected school children in the Palestinian town Anata, has given her human care to the Colombian peace community San Jose, co-founded the PRV (Peace Research Village Middle East) a peace initiative in Israel, has brought the Global Campus into being through her peace pilgrimages, initiated the Ring of Power and founded the Global Love School in Tamera, Portugal.

Guided by ancient altar knowledge and her inner image of the ‘prehistoric utopia,’ she is working to develop a concrete life model in which all beings – human being, animal, plant, and spirit being – trustfully cooperate with one another and establish the global field of the Sacred Matrix together. More and more people around the world have connected to her thoughts and thank her for her contributions. In her we see the figure of a global player for a new planetary future. May the Love School succeed in dissolving the age-old trauma between the genders; may it luminously bring the perspective of free love between the genders, liberated from all constraints, into the world. May she find support worldwide for this work.

Whoever would like to give her a birthday gift can support her dream of the Global Love School and of an ecological-spiritual landscape park.

Dear Sabine Lichtenfels, we thank you for your love, your will, and your boundless courage.
We will help with all our power to spread your vision of a humane world.

In the name of love.
In the name of solidarity with all creatures.

Dieter Duhm and the Tamera community

babette in kolumIn the peace village San José in Colombia













_DSC4108Summer University in Tamera






Steinkreis290306037 On the Stone of Dreamers in the Stone Circle of Tamera






_DSC4536 Grandmother

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