Winter Solstice

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The winter solstice is one of the most sacred of the seasonal festivals,
with an origin far older than recorded history.

Sunrise_TameraIn myth, the solstice marked a high point, and a turning point. As the longest night, it was also known as Mother Night. It is on this night that the goddess–deep in the protective fortress of the earth, in the silence of the darkest night–awakens the reborn sun-child to a new life. We find this myth in every culture on earth. If we can perceive them in calm and quiet, these original images, myths, and fairy tales, are nourishing for our souls.
For thousands of years, the rebirth of the light has been celebrated at the solstice.
In Crete, it was the Cult of Mithras; in Egypt, Isis brought the child Horus into the world. In ancient Greece too, Dionysus–who was a savior, and the god of fertility and growth–was celebrated in this way. During the Roman empire, the winter solstice was declared an official state holiday. It was the birthday of “Sol Invictus,” the invincible sun. In German, Christmas is “Weihnacht,” the night of the consecration, the birthday of the son of God on the winter solstice; this was not invented by Christianity. The true date of the birth of Jesus Christ is not credibly indicated… not in the bible, nor in other texts from the period. In Germany, it was only in the year 813 that Christmas was officially recognized as the birthday of Christ. We don’t say this to take the holiness away from the “holy night” of Christmas. Quite the contrary: we are pointing out the deep, ancient roots of this celebration, which no culture can destroy, and extend far beyond Christianity.
What are we celebrating, beyond all the individual religions, when we celebrate the rebirth of the sun and the light? For us, this longest and darkest night carries within it the hope and promise of rebirth, of life’s return, even when the world outside seems to be frozen in cold and darkness.
We light the winter solstice fire, to demonstrate our readiness to be midwives, to support the birth of the light of a new culture. It is also a time of self-renewal, announcing a readiness to cast everything aside, in readiness for the birth of a new culture.
Now is the time–in the midst of what seems to be an endless night of war, torture, cruelty, and destruction of nature–to create a celebration of life. We invite all those powers, which stand higher than all violence, to come and dwell within us. We speak to the heart of humanity; we ask for forgiveness for all the errors of the human spirit, which can lead to so much misery and abuse. We hear the cry of the suffering creatures, and we spark the fire of the light, and call out into the silence of the night: “Awaken, heart of humanity. Find your way back to your origins, back to what you are. Find your way back to your living wellspring, from which you can become loving.” In this spirit, we prepare ourselves for the birth of Christ, in ourselves and in the world. Christ, who is no longer a personal God that we wait for; but rather a collective power that wants to awaken in all of us, a collective messiah, or a collective Marian persona.

Recognized by no one, ostracized from society, the son of God catches sight of the light of the world.
Still, we turn our attention to precisely this power, which is resurrected again and again over the millennia, until it is at last seen, acknowledged, and accepted, as humanity’s healing power.
“I am aware of the distress I provoke in many readers, when I speak about ‘Christ,’ but I know no other vocabulary for the intended subject. And the intended subject is not the historical Jesus. Nor is it the Christian church, in whose name the true power of Christ is persecuted and repressed. All human beings hold the Christ-code within themselves; it doesn’t matter what religion or culture they belong to,” writes Dr. Dieter Duhm in his newly-released book, “Terra Nova — Global Revolution and the Healing of Love.” And he continues: “Christ is a cosmic entity, set into the human soul as a high, archetypical image. We all know and love this image, even when we try to get away from it. The Christ-Persona represents a cosmic template, beyond any specific religion. It belongs to all human beings, and not to any church. This truth by itself can change the world. As soon as a few groups succeed at activating their inner Christ-nature, a morphogenetic wave can be triggered that can encompass everyone, because the Christ-template is within everyone.”
If in deep silence we allow ourselves to be moved by this Fact of Christ, and awaken our inner sun to its winter solstice, we begin a new kind of resurrection. We allow love to rise again within ourselves, along with hope, faith, power, and determination. We are no longer confused by the way the Fact of Christ is misused in so many cultures. (Even today, the solstice fire is misused in fascist circles, to further stoke the fires of violence.) We free our attention from the spells of the old field of war and violence. The deepest power of survival burns within the fire of love. The plan within us is strengthened… the plan to work together to build a new earth. “The Plan of the Healing Biotopes pursues the goal of creating a collective, social foundation for this Christ-core. The new civilization will be based on a ‘global networking of Christ-cores.'” (from the “Terra Nova” book)
The bursting, sprouting, life-power of springtime reveals itself even in the dying-off of autumn and in the cold of winter. In the same way, we are now witnesses to the last gasps of a dying culture. Like the erupting power of spring, we will burst all the shackles of the old culture, and ready ourselves for the birth of a new era, the birth of Terra Nova, a new earth with a new humanity.

Oh Bethlehem, you house of God,
behind all your facades of war,
behind the tanks and the hidden bombs,
where even those who took refuge in your Nativity Church were shot.
Behind all the killings and spilled blood
I have not yet lost the shining light of hope,
which leads me,
and I am ready,
to listen quietly to this inner voice
and to let it guide me.

Give us shelter
and let the power of love rise like a flame within us, so that it never goes out.

(From my book, “Grace — Pilgrimage for a Future without War.”)
After the darkest night, we celebrate the birth of the light. The days grow longer, and we can permit ourselves to have hope for new life. In this context, we recommend to you all the book, “Terra Nova.” “Terra Nova,” paints a picture of a new culture: an earth without violence, a love without lies, a life without fear. Please help, so that the message of this book can spread and be part of a planetary birthday… so that it can shine like a bright star on the horizon of the dark night, and be a sign of something new to come.


The Winter Solstice is coming on December 21st .
It is a powerful symbol and a powerful energy: the darkest day of the year is also the start of the rebirth of the Sun and of life.
The wises of the ancient times celebrated this event with fires and light.

We want to do the same: we ask you to take a photo of a sunrise and to send it to us per mail (igp at tamera dot org) or post it directly on our Facebook page Terra Nova Movement: we will publish all the photos on the Solstice day, December 21st.

Cooperate with the Sun to create energy and wisdom!

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  1. yes, in the shortest and darkest day of the year there is the seed for the rebirth of the Sun. Like saying that in the end there is the beginning.
    It’s wonderful how all of our culture is nothing more than a tentative to imitate, comprehend or (sadly) destroy Nature.

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