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A friend, who has severe cancer and does not know how long is left for him to live, writes
MeerDear friends, fellow fighters for a new Earth,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the words of support which you sent me. They came at the right moment.

A few days ago I stood on the sandy beach of a North Sea island and had the feeling that the sea was calling me. But at the same time I felt cold and a deep loneliness at the thought of leaving my friends without a farewell.

Now I receive letters of sympathy, support and recognition from all over. This makes it easier for me to leave if this is what needs to happen or to continue with even more confidence if this is what is wanted.

Since 1981, when I read the book “Towards a New Culture” by Dieter Duhm and since my visits to the “Bauhuette initiative,” the spirit of this project has never left me, even though I was working in other contexts in order to stimulate community-building and community thinking in a broader sense.

I thank you for your persistent and creative efforts for a new culture, at the core of which lies a free and loving relationship between man and woman. Until now hardly any projects and only very few people have understood the importance of this central issue, let alone had the courage to actually practice breaking new ground for a culture of partnership and love. I also often lacked the courage, but I tried it again and again and was grateful when I met others who were so brave.

Yes, I promise wherever I might be, I will continue to take part in the “great work of transformation” that connects us.

And I know that you and many others in the communities and networks will not cease to bring the community spirit in all areas of life, so that our common dream of a peaceful planetary community of all living beings may come true one day.

I am also grateful for the audio recording of your choir which you sent together with your letter. I love the national anthem of South Africa; it deeply touches me. So much joy and hope was connected with the abolition of apartheid. And much still remains to be done to overcome the different kinds of apartheid within our hearts. For me this anthem is full of joy, hope and the invitation to live.

For me some more days remain, maybe a few weeks – maybe even more if the miracle wants to fall into my open hand.

I have a request: When the time has come to say goodbye would you sing for me: “We shall overcome some day”? This song of the American civil rights movement has been with me since I was young and moved me again and again. To today it fills my heart with sacred trust.

I am and remain connected with you,


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  1. Beautiful post. You are a beacon of real hope for a dying friend. What a gift you have brought to them. Big love rexx

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