A Thought Experiment

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Imagine one day God comes to Man and asks…
A Morning Attunement  

004God approaches Man and asks “What do you want?”
And Man says: “I want to resurrect.”
God asks: “What do you mean by that?”
And Man says “I want to resurrect from fear, from lies, from remorse, from boredom and above all from the eternal pain in love.”
God asks Man: “Do you have a notion of how to do something like that?”
Man says, of course: “No, I haven’t.”
God says to Man: “Then you cannot resurrect either.”
God makes a contract with Man: “Come back in three days and tell me how to do it according to your notion. Bring your proposals.”
Man intensely thinks on it for three days. He has a chance like never before but the three days are much too short. But Man realises what it is about. He realises that the question is meant seriously. He realises that one celebrates Easter and Christmas every year for this subject and that underneath all the celebrating everything that was originally meant had disappeared. Man realises all this during these three days and nights. Then, the two come together again. Man says all the things he realised. God laughs because he is happy that Man has become true and that after 2000 years one can finally speak again with Man. Then the two of them start contemplating together what they could do because Man needs God but also the other way round: God needs Man because both are one and not separate from each other. Thus they make a contract.
God says to Man: “Keep coming to me and telling me what you really need. I will give you one year to say everything that is necessary for your resurrection, in a way that you get rid of your fear and your bad conscience, that you can crawl out of your loneliness and become able to help the world. That you become able to reach the love you have always longed for on a new path, that you become able to overcome the real obstacles in your life. Tell me what your real blockages inside and out are. If you feel ugly, let us think about how you become beautiful. If you feel scared, let us think about how you become courageous. If you are impotent let us think about how you become potent. If you cannot believe let us think about how you win experiences of faith. One year is a long time. You do not have to do it all alone, I will help you when you call me.”
One keeps coming to a point where one realises that one must or may start all over again. We are not the product of the past. We are not the product of any religious, social or political systems. Man has talked Man into believing this for long enough. If this was what we are we could not love each other any more, we could no longer sense the scent of the flowers or find joy in the morning sunrise. Man is something completely different. Remembering this other is one of the reasons for the spiritual exercise we are doing here in Tamera – in a way that we learn to exit the palaver and enter again into the message about the possibility of rebirth and the resurrection of Man that was given to us in all cultures. This requires a decision. One shall believe that this possibility exists and that everything we really need for this kind of resurrection will be fulfilled and that we will not suffer shortage when we enter this alliance.
It would be much nicer if people were not meeting any longer just to be sociable or to have small talk but really to regard this existential subject: “You have one year, what do you do with it? Can you, Man, really imagine one more time that this kind of renewal is there for you in your life?”
And one should spare oneself any quick answer to this. Too quickly – we otherwise say: “No, because the conditions are not good, the money is lacking society is so bad, I come from a bad home, I am afraid of authorities, I have Oedipal conflicts etc. … this is completely impossible for me.”
Before one allows the question to come close the counter-offensive comes. All our lives long we protected ourselves from this question. A life long we were forced not to believe. We had to use substitute religions or ideologies or atheism, matriarch or socialism because a life long we had to protect ourselves from the basic questions of our own life. Tamera is an ideology-free place for the encounter of God and Man for people who no longer fear the encounter of God and Man. This is my deepest definition of Tamera. Who or what “God” is, everybody shall decide for him/herself. For me it is the sacred core of the world, the centre of the networked, great, creative intelligence in the universe, in us and in every being. With this intelligence we want to reconnect.
Thanks and Amen.

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