Je suis “A’ida”

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And yes, that is my real name.

IMG_9761Je suis “A’ida” – and yes, that is my real name.

In days where some are temporarily holding a new identity, Je suis charlie or Je suis Ahmet, I say I am who I am and I accept all aspects of my identity, and all these parts that make up who I am are calling: enough!

I was born in Palestine; I grew up in Israel; I was born Muslim; I am a women and a mother and above all I am human; all parts of my identity are again calling: ENOUGH!

ENOUGH investing so much effort to find what is the difference between you and me. Enough investing so much history, evidence and proof to find out who was here first, to whom this land belongs, who is indigenous and who is an immigrant, a victory here a failure there.  The ship is sinking and we are all on board. What is sinking is humanity itself, the ability to stay human and stay kind and loving to each other. Our identities, our greed have driven us all so far – where I was born such identities are leading us now to 100 years of war and misery.

I greet the French people; my heart and tears are with those who lost their loved ones this week. I pray that their souls will rest in peace and arrive to the divine source. And that they will help us here on Earth to make this life worth living for, not dying for.

I greet the French people who marked human history with the universal values of “liberty, equality, and fraternity” and I pray that these dark times give birth to a better understanding to these values.

I thank the French people and land for being a reliable ally for freedom in the Holy Land. Just this week France voted YES to the possibility of ending the occupation and setting the foundation for the Palestinians state – a possibility that could relieve both nations, Palestine and Israel, from the burden of the occupation.  For this I thank France. May France and the French people remain a role model for freedom and equality.

In these times there is a lot of transition, many powers that wish to create dichotomies: the good ones and the bad ones, the light and dark ,our camp and the others camp. The “other” is changing throughout history. Every time we create an “other,” we hang on him what we judge in ourselves, our faults and misfortunes.  The truth is that there is no “other”; all we see in the outside is part of us. And unless we reconcile and accept these parts with love, and from that point try to transform them, the other will keep appearing in all kinds of identities and forms.

I refuse to accept a cruel murder like this one, not to Charlie and not to anybody else no matter where, not only due for the freedom to speech, but merely for the basic right for all to live.  And I want to work for solving the roots of problems, not only the symptoms of disease. Lets us work to change the course of what has become normal in our times – occupation, colonialism, slavery, terror, women trade, capitalism, child labor and environmental danger. All this needs our union and gathering of our forces for life.

For a world without borders and a life worth living.


2 thoughts on “Je suis “A’ida”

  1. Thank you A’ida. Clear as water.

    I’d like to say something about the Violence in the Words and Pictures published by the media, the messages we are confronted with, like a stream coming from a cesspool of hatred, fear and insensitivity, that hides under the cloak of Freedom of Speech.

    Ever since the fall of the Iron Curtain, Empire (the forces that work for violence) has been hard at work to CREATE a new enemy. The tactics employed in the last 20 years to fill the cesspool are clear, they all point at the new enemy: muslims (religious muslims, cultural muslims – those people growing up in muslim or ex-muslim countries that are not religious, people that “look” like muslims).

    We are all responsible for the cesspool, those that create it (read Glen Greenwald’s book on Snowden), those that channel it to the the public, fanning fears and resentments, those that drink the muddy waters and get poisoned, and those of us that stand by (The Shadow of Indiference).

    Yes dear A’ida, let’s embrace each other, lets hold the vulnerable around us.

    Much love from a cold and snowed New York.

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