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New Year – Women’s Solidarity – 
Words by an independent co-worker 

1 January 2015 – New Year

What a great idea to schedule the New Years speech for noon! One thereby has the feeling of having time. Waking up with calmness in the morning, remembering dreams, drinking coffee in bed, to get sorted into the day. Morning chat with Suami. Brunch in a small circle in the Political Ashram. Atmosphere of friendship.
I love the communitarian meetings in the Aula, especially on ‘holidays’ as today. I love seeing people in a common celebrative frequency – the soft faces and beautiful clothes. I love a certain sacred atmosphere that emerges in me when I sit down and listen to the music. I have such a longing for the sacred that one can surrender to because it occurs among human beings, something leading one to the people. Part of this is also the singing of the community. I feel at home. Words from the New Years speech written by Dieter Duhm, spoken by Mara: “Imagine God approaches and tells you ‘I give you one year in order to bring your heart, your body, and your mind into order, and to keep it in order. Clear out everything that burdens your heart. Live in a way that you have no bad conscience in you.’”
These are encouraging words. I very much wish for such a life to be more and more established in me, in us, in the community, eventually of course all over the world. Where if not here on our beautiful sensual planet?
(Author: Brianna).

3 January 2015 – An outing among women

I just return from an excursion to the seaside in Milfontes to begin the New Year joining powers for solidarity among women. We are five powerful women 29 and 36. We are working on establishing a new women’s field, in which women will again be able to find and assume their original role in life. Time and again we women come together here in Tamera in order to prepare and establish this field. We study texts about the vast issue of love, of sexuality, of finding our profession, of a spiritual life practice, and of freeing the primordial female power from the historical cages.

What do women need in order to lastingly reach their hands out to one another in friendship and solidarity?
In her poignant book Weiche Macht [Gentle Power], Sabine Lichtenfels quotes her young daughter Vera. When she asks her daughter if she looks forward to being a women she answers, “Yes, women are somehow totally different than men. They are like diaries for one another. They can tell everything to one another. I like that a lot.”

On our trip we worked on being there again fully for each other, being like diaries. Without envy, secret malice, accusations, and fight, but with support and solidarity. Again and again I have observed at the other women and admired their shining beauty. Difficult to believe how quickly the question arises: am I also as beautiful, as self-confident, as shining?
This time it was easy to quickly find the inner turning point because I was in a good constitution, however I know that all women are time and again in such or similar states, consciously or unconsciously. Almost always thought patterns, fears, and doubts make trust and solidarity among women impossible.
The way out from such questions is to fully see the other, to learn to recognize their qualities, and thus to know that we are establishing a big project together, for which we all need to be in our greatest power. Thereby the vantage point shifts and what formerly seemed a threat becomes the gift for the common task and our big goal.

I want to describe two thoughts that had been essential for me during this outing:
There is a reality that permanently guides our lives. Many spiritual teachers tell us that nothing is asked of you that you are not able to carry out. Everything currently given to me from life is exactly what I need for my development.
For example, the eternal search for a partner. So often it keeps us away from seeing and accepting the possibilities of love we are given. When I thus remind myself of this spiritual guidance I know this love situation with exactly the man who perhaps as another woman as a partner on his side was guided to me so I can learn love and become more and more able to live in partnership.
I know this may sound like a superficial excuse to suppress the inner turmoil and hopelessness, but one can also lead a life in which one more and more understands these thoughts and where they evermore deeply turn out to be true. Thus it is no longer an escape, but inner certainty which can accompany me through thick and thin in life.
The other thought is that none of our so-called problems is a private problem. Our questions and longings are and remain the same, for example the issue of maintaining ones own source in a love relationship toward a man. Or the question for a new love image which no longer makes me small and dependent. We have such a longing for the man, the partner who will always be there for us. How can this longing be fulfilled without maneuvering oneself into fear and anger, as has so far almost always been the case? And why do we have this longing at all? Is it part of our nature, or have we internalized it through a cruel history in which feminine knowledge and the sexual nature of the woman was violently suppressed and fought against?
It is not worthwhile thinking alone or privately about how I can individually change my love image. It is about making a decision to get together with other women and men to solve our issues. These are historic, collective issues, which is why they can be solved on a communitarian, collective level.
The decision is again and again to step out of private suffering and into the common solution-oriented work.

I wish us all a year in which trust among women grows and will be maintained even when we fall in love with the same man.
For our love toward man.
For the care of our Earth.
For the friendship with all that lives.
(Author Mabel)
4 January 2015

A cold, but sunny morning. The world presents itself in clear colors. Matinee by Benjamin von Mendelssohn about the Grace Foundation. He receives a great applause for his thoughts on how he and his team intend to newly establish this foundation this year. It is to serve the manifestation of the global peace plan Tamera is based on, the so-called Healing Biotopes plan. The ‘Grace Foundation for the Humanization of Money’ will support projects that commit to the ethic guidelines of ‘Grace.’
In this year it is mainly the ‘Blueprint Project’, ‘the Global Love School,’ and education (‘Global Campus’ and ‘Terra Nova School’).

In the afternoon we begin making art. The bright art studio is heated. We set up our painting places. What pure joy painting generates time and again. In the evening we have painted three wonder pictures – lively and full of color. Our souls have expanded.


7 January 2015

My caravan is currently my living and working place, as well as my creative workshop. My new life in Tamera – as an independent co-worker – starts off beautifully. I’ve limited my direct participation in the community to a minimal stage at the moment. I join in and take care of friendships where it is important to me and otherwise I am a freelance journalist and author as of now. Currently I am working many, many hours a day on a book for GEN, the Global Ecovillage Network celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. I have traveled to various ecovillages and have been in contact with other founders and pioneers via Skype or have met others at the GEN conference in Senegal. How many moving stories I have listened to and witnessed – from Turkey, Thailand, and Tennessee, from Colombia, Congo, and the Basque Country. What kind of radical, courageous decisions of a few have always been the starting point for a community to form. And what kind of inventions and miracles finally help them in order to persevere in spite of all outer attacks and inner conflicts! For every community that exists there are 6 or 7 that failed, and those have really turned into laboratories for the future, and increasingly encounter societal acknowledgment. Today the German Foreign Ministry finances the GEN conference and the first governments throw themselves behind the ecovillage concept. Mayors that have an ecovillage in their region can count themselves lucky, for it is a counter-power to the rural exodus and social/ecological impoverishment. Of course this does not work without friction, for ecovillages as they are meant to be are part of a radical system change and are not compatible with the globalization strategies of mainstream economy. On the other hand there is no obstacle for more and more villages and cities to apply the social knowledge and the ecological or economic achievements of the community movement to improve their lives or to actually survive, as is the case in some crisis areas. Whenever governments or organizations want to support this, they thereby break completely new ground.
It is wonderful to note down all of this and to actually live in such a future laboratory. Today I will depart to Scotland to visit Findhorn, the oldest known ecovillage.

(Author: Leila Dregger)

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  2. I think it is much more natural for a woman to be among other women for most of the time. As Vera says, we are so different from men, and they from us. I believe it must be healthy for body and soul if the two sexes do encourage and love and shelter each other among themselves. We can meet as friends and lovers and partners, but the “diary” should be dedicated to people of my own sex, in this case to other women. I wish no longer to live with a man in a romantic fashion or in a nuclear family. I love men in many other ways, but they can never give me that deep quality of love that I experience with another woman. For me this means a new kind of freedom, a new way to love.

  3. Thank you wonderful women for sharing your deep thoughts, feelings, your dreams and longings! I feel connected with you and your vision for a life in love and care.
    Thank you for holding that beautiful place on Earth!

  4. appreciate to hear different voices
    in such concrete
    and evolution ways
    from your tamerian here and now context.
    Thanks a lot

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