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Welcoming Ritual for the Newborn –
Visit in Findhorn – Turbulences – Charlie Hebdo, Etty Hillesum and Rosa Luxemburg

January 15

Etty_HillesumToday is the 101. birthday of Etty Hillesum. 1943 shortly before she died in Auschwitz, she wrote in her diary: “The misery is really big, but nevertheless, I often walk late in the evening when the day behind me has sunk away into profundity. I walk with whipping steps along the barbed wire and then it wells up out of my heart again and again – I cannot help it, it is the way it is, it is of an elementary power: Life is something wonderful and big, later we have to build up a whole new world – and each further crime and each further cruelty we have to contrast with a further piece of love and goodness which we have to conquer within ourselves.”
What words! This is why I am doing what I am doing. May war, rassism and concentration camp disappear forever from this planet because more and more people conquer within themselves pieces of real love and goodness.

Today is also the day, where Rosa Luxemburg was murdered in Berlin. Here is a short article about her by Tamera co-founder Dieter Duhm “To the day of Rosa Luxemburg’s death“. We need to continue her struggle for humanity.

January 14

IMG_20141217_143423To give you an impression how life is as a new mother in Tamera: What a gift it has been to share this experience with three other women in the same situation. We live according to the rhythm of our babies and to what life requires from us every second.

Since my daughter Amancai was born life has become very present. There is no time to dwell in the past and no certainty of plans made for the future. It is a constant state of acceptance, surrender, awareness and contemplation. The most present time I have experienced in my life and, through this quality, the closest I have ever felt to God. Every breath has the divine imprinted in it and these four beings come to remind us of it.

This morning walking with Ruth we spoke about how privileged our lives are at the moment. Thinking with compassion of all the mothers in the world that are doing everything themselves and of the amounts of stress children grow up with. We gave thanks for all the friends that cook for us and support us with gifts of time, care and love. It is a privilege to have our basic needs covered and our hearts taken care of by a whole community of people. In this space we are gifted with the possibility of really living in the cosmic space with our children.
We also asked ourselves questions:
What is the path to raise children in a new way?
What should we do and not do? Where is the point where we start stressing? What to take from the old culture and what needs to be created all over again?
How to create the right environment, to give our babies the peace they need to stay in their cosmic space, slowly incarnating into their bodies?
What do we ask from the community in the point of development our children are in? What is right to ask and what not?
We can create new possibilities to raise children in the world. We have the chance to start a new field free of stress, filled with presence, love and community.
I am every day grateful for the support between us, the mothers, and the innocence and joy with which we, together, slowly discover the path of motherhood. Saba is always humble in asking questions in her curiosity to learn more and more how to be a mother to Leandra. Laeticia despite the difficulties of having a baby with colics, always has a smile and is ready to laugh with a joke or to ask a question. Ruth shows her beauty in her qualities of being a mother to all of us and having a great sense of humor.
One great moment we had was the first time we put all four babies together. It was a magic moment in which you could see the connectedness and divinity in which babies live. I could really see in their presence that separation is only a myth.
I thank the perfect plan of life for giving me the opportunity to experience motherhood in community and in solidarity with three other women. (Mila)

January 13
2015-01-14 08.58.41After nearly 16 years I am back in Findhorn, this time to finish the GEN book with Kosha. Until now we used the working breaks for walks through the beautiful wild landscape with the mossy forests, white river, the bay with sandbanks and curious seals. This morning however we visited the community, the Findhorn Park. At first sight you think you are in a typical middle class settlement with the parking vehicles and street lights and health shop. Only looking more closely you see some loving details. We join the Taizé singing in the nature sanctuary (an earth house), and during the song – tois tu nous aime – I suddenly know that I had sung the same song at this place already 16 years ago. Like then we go to the meditation afterwards. Then Eileen Caddy was still alive, and it was a great honour and a palpable intensity to meditate with her. The whole story of founding Findhorn as well as the feeling of being abandoned after Peter Caddy left seemed to fill the space. This time, exactly before the start, Kosha whispers in my ears, look, the woman with the red hat is Dorothy McLean. She is 93 and the third founder, I had no idea that she had returned to live in Findhorn again. Just recently I had read her book again, To Hear the Angels Sing: An Odyssey of Co-Creation With the Devic Kingdom.” I have always been touched by her humor and directness when she shares about her life, including love, sexuality, flaws in her character as well as the contact with mice and rats and pea devas. Now her memory does not seem to be so well anymore, she lives very remote, but she joins the meditation every day. Somebody reads out some of her sentences calling out to us not to worry but to surrender to the stream of love, rings a gong and it starts. As a non-daily meditator I immediately come into a very intense state of mind. I very clearly witness my never-ending stream of thoughts, but I also see a different mental-spiritual core, which is certainly much stronger and lighter. It is as if I can leave the normal level of thinking, go on a raised vantage point and have a look on my life from there – and even beyond.
What a strong power emerges when a community keeps a tradition for so many years! And it is a beautiful way to start the day. Joy arises, afterwards we look differently into each other’s eyes. I see that meditation is an important aspect in building community.
Afterwards we walk back through the old garden. “Love in Action.” Here are the tiny caravans in which Dorothy, Peter and Eileen started everything more than 50 years ago. Here are the tiny vegetables beds where they discovered the Devas, the souls of the natural beings who are so ready for cooperation. From this core experience so much had started which is still resonating in the world. In spite of everything that we can be critical upon, how it was watered down or is simply old now – I have immense respect for this original encounter and the faithfulness that the people here have.

January 12

The turbulences continue. Erich was inattentive with the buzz-saw and cut a deep wound into his finger. He needed to be brought to hospital where they needed to sew the finger together again.

January 11

Matinée by Birger under the headline, “Economy and the certainty of god’s existence.” How differently an entrepreneur learns to think when he is focused on the well-being of all instead of extending his own palace. The joy to invest into and to financially support a project that follows a comprehensive concept for peace. May such thoughts emerge in many entrepreneurs and lead to redirecting the flows of money!

The four new-born babies, Jona, Nara, Leandra and Amancai, are welcomed in the community during a joyful ritual in the Stone Circle and blessed for their path in life. It is moving to witness how much the new mothers and fathers with their children are embedded in the big community. They enjoy the freedom to accompany their children in the first months with full attention on their way into the new life.

In the afternoon, a visionary meeting takes place at the Art Place. It is about establishing a planetary undertaking, in which community life, arts, setting up a global publishing house are joined together with a global education platform (Terra Nova School) in one single project. A fascinating project that lights up the minds!

January 10

Turbulences in Tamera. In the morning a small fire breaks out in my house. I cannot quite remember it, but I must have put the water kettle on the stove earlier. (Almost) all of us have been in the plenary, at the other end of Tamera, when Pierre coincidentally gets the idea to pay me a visit. He literally arrives last minute to extinguish the fire and to save the house.

In the late afternoon, Ken wants to fix a fibre optic cable that was bitten by a rat. He mounts a ladder on his electric car pushing the accelerator pedal. The car is set into motion and drives into a small pond near by. In the wink of an eye, the entire car has vanished in the water and has to be dragged out by an excavator.

January 9

We have a talk, reflecting the events around Charlie Hebdo –  Aida writes a comment.

The economy week, which has been running since January 3, comes to its close today. Around 25 people from all the different departments came together to take a profound view on the economic structure of the overall project. This week is a novelty in the history of our project, for the analytic, mental, spiritual and visionary work has been coupled with a deep work in Forum, by which consciousness, healing and sometimes profound joy could enter into this core issue. The economy there comes ever clearly into the community’s focus as a continuous area of work and research.

We tackled fascinating basic questions. In the area of love we agree in this community that, “Jealousy does not belong to love.” We know that jealousy does not immediately vanish just by gaining this insight. However this mental perspective helps to see the being of love, protects it and maintains its original power and beauty. Now, Roman and Brad posed the questions, “Are there similar guidelines in economy that we can share and agree on? Can we find mental-spiritual guidelines we will comply to in our work? Is there, for example, a translation of the trouble-free economy in nature into human economy? Is there a form of human economy in which healing is always more important than profit?” The openings we experienced in the Forum often led us to conceptional questions. How to find a solution for the tension between entrepreneurial power and community? Isn’t it a similar tension like the one between capitalism and communism? How does appropriate and timely “hybrids” look like, which also affirm the joy that lies in earning money? How can an entrepreneur embed himself in a community so that his power can fully serve the whole?

Other topics have been:

  • The Grace Foundation, a foundation for manifesting the Healing Biotopes Plan (Benjamin)
  • The economic Status Quo of Tamera, what actually is our business model? (Chev)
  • 100% communitarian property in a group, an experiential report (Maksim)
  • Earning money in Tamera: Do we want that, how do we want that, what are guidelines? (Thore, Kai, Amal, Alana)
  • Non-monetary budget of Tamera – what do we gift to each other as community? (Roman, Chev, Maksim, Ole, Pearl, Jenik)
  • What are organic structures in the financial realms which develop along the movements of the community? (Ole)

It turns out ever more clearly that Tamera faces a next decisive step, to develop from a largely privately financed project into a economically professional one. For this we need a strong and reliable core community, the trust and the intimacy of people, which already been walking this path together for a long time. And we need the initiatives of entrepreneurs, great minds and young people that stir things up and lead Tamera into new lands. This week has been an important start, which absolutely needs continuity for this development to take and for us to be joyful about it!

2 thoughts on “Tamera Diary

  1. What a DIARY, Ô man!
    Between hearing facts, seeing family-tamera aspects in every line, i want to give you a Big THANKS. Some of your words make me alive, or zen koan happened to more understanding the issues, some teardrops with Mila sharing soo beautiful divine reality she is living thanks to the baby
    Let me surrender your prayers with direct post Up-In-There.
    Light & Love
    Laure, France

  2. I love the diaries. Inspiring intimate window looking into the wonderful radical and needed Tamera way of peace. Thank you rx

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