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School Mirja
– Global Ecovillage Network – Plans of a Refugee from Syria – Landscape Park in Tamera

January 26

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASchool Mirja: We studied the Political Theory by Dieter Duhm today through the words of a fellow student from the US, Dorin. In a beautiful and clear way she laid out what she has been passionately studying. I was touched by her soft power, feminine intelligence, clear and simple lines of thought beautified through her experience and questions: “When we see all human structures within ourselves, such a great capacity for compassion arises”.
(Author: Sybille)

I just fell in love again with this community, it cannot be avoided.
Some days ago Lana had expressed her wish to talk in the forum on her birthday. Today is her birthday, but it’s Sunday and we usually have no forum on Sunday. In their wisdom and in their love the leading team opens a forum, exclusively just for Lana. Before opening the space for forum the group sings for Lana, not a predictable “Happy Birthday”, rather a song of her choice! How significant, how natural, and yet, how revolutionary it is, to live in a community where people don’t just perform tasks, but rather are seen in their uniqueness, and supported to reach their full potential. Tamera is truly a Healing Biotope in action, and the work in progress of a model for a life truly and significantly worth living.
(Author: Magda)

January 24

diary 26.1.15 siri
School Mirja: After listening to many moving speeches this week we were invited to work in our garden. To work hand in hand with people from all around the world, singing, touching Mother Earth with love and care, understanding the power of self-sustainable communities, of food sovereignty and communal work, made the planting action a celebration of political activism. I love working in the land it reminded me of my homeland Palestine, when we harvest the olives and work on the fields with joy.
(Author: Ann)

Another miracle happened today showing me my embedment in a community where I was refusing to see it: In the evening Rita knocked on the door of my room. I had mentioned back pain from the work in the field and she came with the offer of a massage. Second love blow today, and beautifully stretched I relaxed into rare sleeping as Rita sneaks out discretly.
(Author: Magda)

January 23
Momo-Jana has returned from the GEN Europe Council meeting in Spain, full of joy about an effective and successful meeting and the deepening friendships with other communities, in spite of difficult topics. I am happy that GEN becomes more and more part of our networking efforts in Tamera, it is a gift to regard us as a community of communities.
(Author: Laszlo)

The world in in such a turmoil, all the in the information about conflicts, crises and personal destinies. What, on Earth, is going on?
Yesterday, Martin from the from “Institute for Global Peace Work” gave an insight into the current political situation of our world. Keywords are Ukraine, financial crisis, Greece. He presented these facts in a factual and sober way, but while listening I went from hot to cold and back again. Afterwards I thought I was getting sick. Horror vision of a possible impending war in Europe rose up within me. I could hardly defend myself against it. I don’t want myself to be drawn into the negative scenarios, but I can no longer get rid of these violent images alone.
Fortunately there are some companions around I can speak with. Talking to them new thoughts arise. I understand that these horror vision of war do not “only” come from my own inner, but originate from a collective fear. And simply by becoming aware about this it gets much easier for me to counter these pictures in me. Suddenly I’m proud of the fact that I am able to work on new images for the future – finding the new archetypal soul images for a future worth living and shaping them with colors, clay, and other materials.
This was yesterday. I did not get sick. To the contrary I feel empowered and hungry for action today. Such inner turns increase the joy for building new life system and strengthens the joyful anticipation in me to continue the journey into the inner realms with my companions.
(Author: Luan)

During the speech of Sabine Lichtenfels today I remembered moments of guidance and support that I received during my life. For example being in the age of 17 I was recruited, like all my friends, too, to the Israeli army. I was facing the Army Health Committee when I realized for the first time in my life that I have a choice. I can choose not to go the army. I discovered a core of freedom that was beyond what I knew about my reality. All I needed to do is to make the decision and to express my wish not to go the army, and so it became a reality.
The possibilities of life are much greater than what we know in a certain moment. It is good to realize how often we experience moments of true connection and guidance that lead us on our path.
(Author: Aaron)

January 22
The refugee Fayez K. from Syria is back in Tamera after some weeks in Sweden. He is coming back with a great idea: he wants to build an ecovillage in Sweden for Syrian refugees, as model for future homes for asylum seekers in Europe. People will live here organising themselves, grow and produce what they need learning the ecological and social skills that they later will need to rebuild their countries. If this idea spreads refugees in Europe would have a totally different position, they would not be beggars anymore, but could do something meaningful, for themselves, for their countries and the hosting country. The idea is great. Fayez already found a place for that and will present his idea to the local municipality in February. I am impressed how he integrates his experience in Tamera, to overcome the bad situation in his home country, how strong the support from the GEN network has been, and how also “coincidence” plays along: the journalist he met in the airplane has helped him to contact universities and opens the next step for him.
(Author: Leila)

January 21
On Wednesday mornings two young women of 13 years make their internship with me. Their dream is it to become writers, and I notice quickly that they have talent. Their stories have momentum, feeling for language and loads of fantasy. At the same time they are distracted every second moment. I once heard that the intelligence of a person is highest in this age. In any way the sensitivity is. I see myself in front of a learning experience of how to communicate in the right way and how to support them build structures for their talent.
(Author: Leila)

School Mirja: Another day of political education. We took a closer look into the role of mass media to bring forth globalized capitalism and centralize information and thereby power and resources. We live in the age of information which means that information often equals power. The first 15 minutes of the documentary “The War You Can’t See“ by John Pilger (journalist GB/ AU) gave an eye opening perspective on how news and journalism are in service of the military-industrial-complex and western economy. We learned how TV and Press create public opinion and manipulate people and whole countries to maneuver into seemingly justified wars. Based on wrong or withheld information the receivers of news are triggered emotionally with the means of symbols to create shock and awe. (…) Peace worker training includes to learn to read and understand the abundance of information which is delivered today mainly through the internet as well as TV and newspapers.
(Author: Merlin)

January 19
150121_Tamera_Marisis_Sculptures_SDV_53Powerful days in Sandra’s art studio working on sculptures for the landscape park “MarIsis” in Tamera. I modeled my first figure with clay – it is extra-terrestrial. Katinka models a stoic rooster for “Terra Deva.” The rooster also is a landmark of Portugal. In the legends he was the one saving lives. Lukas is working on the sculpture of a dragon, which is to be set up at the most Western point of Tamera. The dragon symbolizes the proper way of dealing with dark powers. In mythology, the dragon was defeated by archangel Michael. During the patriarchal era, many new cultures commenced when a holy person killed the dragon or the snake; it was the symbol of victory over the preceding culture.
How can we establish a new culture without needed to defeat the old one? How is it when we no longer want to fight any enemies? How do we deal with the powers that are subconsciously so strongly feared? Designing the landscape park means working with the fundamental values of a nonviolent culture, a culture of peace. In this process we can feel that peace is much more than just the absence of war. We are challenged to even integrate the tremendous forces of life, of wildness, death, etc. in a way that peace arises.

We are working with holy figures from other cultures. We thereby want to set an example that we need to honor all cultural impulses; they all have their special place in the great whole. And above all there are the questions, ‘How do we create genuine nonviolence? How does hostile thinking really dissolve?’ Nonviolence is nothing weak; it requires courage and a high state of presence.
(Author: Rahab)

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  1. Thank you for nourrishing the link with your human family abroad. Amazing again, and so close at the same time. Like a condensed milk glimps of your tamerian wink of some of these week livings .I’m now reading Tamera Diary like a routine, tastyfull moment end of the week! :a)

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