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A view into daily life of the future community Tamera*

* With the beginning of this year we start publishing a diary about our life in Tamera. This was a request we often recieved by our guests and friends. Now here it is! To make it a little easier for us we felt free to change names, whenever this person’s activity it is not connected to public life.
We appreciate comments, feedback and a growing international community!

Enjoy reading!
The team of the “Tamera Diary!


December 26th
Fourteen women aged between 40 to 65 meet at the Bodega, the home for sensuality and Eros in Tamera, to talk about free sex, free love and partnership. The women work in different departments within Tamera: public relations, love school, art, healing, economy, technology.
Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of Tamera, is hosting them to this meeting. She opens with the words: “The cultural change we desire is deeply dependent on whether the first women can fully take on their new roles.” Women in this age group, with their perspective and with a certain serenity, have gained enough experience and knowledge in the areas of love and sexuality to be social pillars in communities based on free love
What are the longings, what are the doubts of us women in this age?
We stay together for almost five hours. We touch many issues. Attractiveness, age, desire, responsibility, our love towards men and our relationship with each other. One thing is abundantly clear: this meeting is only a beginning. Now it needs continuity. When women over 50 find trust and deep understanding between each other, a wonderful step can be taken in the development of the community. But how to really create the continuity of our meetings? We deal with so many issues in Tamera that time is always short. But we feel how much we need this solidarity among us and want to continue building it.
(For the new role of women, we recommend reading the text “Gentle Power“)

December 27, 2014
Today is the 60th anniversary of Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of Tamera. We start the day with a celebration in our “aula”, the “central hall”. Everyone is invited. Some women prepared a presentation about Sabine Lichtenfels’ work (link). A visionary female figure is portrayed in her global and historical field of action. And such a woman lives here, every day, in our midst! Dieter Duhm joins SL on the stage; for the first time since their four-month healing journey we see them both in Tamera – they are obviously on the road to recovery! He makes a wonderful love declaration to her . In fact, she was fully in service to him and his wellbeing all the time; she accompanied and cared for him and despite all the ups and downs of such a healing process their love has grown even more. Bea, one of our elders, spoke a kind of eulogy to Sabine. “All the different areas in which she operates – love school, global peace actions, landscape healing and stone circle – meet in one point and become coherent once you understand that it is all about the foundation of a new culture.”
In the afternoon the birthday celebration continued with about 40 people in the (Atelier) studio. Some of the women over 50 who had gathered yesterday made performances in response to questions they had drawn in lots. What do you love about young men? What is your most beautiful sexual fantasy? What do you miss the most?
The women give such authentic, powerful answers that at the end of the afternoon, a young man stands up and says: “I really want to find out how we men can meet such woman power.”
It was more than a day of celebration for a single woman, it was a day of celebration for the birth of the Global School of Love. Nourishment for the heart.

New Year’s Eve
A good moment to review the past year.
I mention what comes into my mind, it does not replace a comprehensive chronicle!

I remember how the year began with a bold and sassy dance of some women during the night of New Year’s Eve.
The internal master plan for Tamera was just completed.
In January a crew from Tamera went to Lörrach in Germany to prepare for the transportation of the inventor Jürgen Kleinwächter’s workshop to Tamera.
An internal love school took place. I remember a question to us women: Suppose you had to choose between a life with a single partner without any other sexual contact at all or a life of free sex without a partner. What would you choose? I do not publish our responses but hand over to all women who read this. (Men may also guess!) What would you choose?

An intensive period of growth for the new women’s field begins. In mid-January Lola and Johanna perform their theater piece, “What if Rosa Luxembourg and Josefine Mutzenbacher got stuck in an elevator?” (Video documentation only in German!)
A group under the direction of Janka rehearsed, with a lot of humor, for the flash mob One Billion Rising, which was then performed in February, barefoot in the mud, because winter is the rainy season in Portugal. Here is a wonderful video! On International Women’s Day, March 8, women prepared a cultural event for the community of Tamera and all the neighbors. Noel speaks as Clara Zetkin – a moving speech about the early women’s movement and the Communist revolution. Jolanda put together a short slide show which later was developed by Naomi into a video clip with the title, “Words of the Goddess”. Leila Dregger wrote a moving article about a new Women’s Movement titled “Gentle Power”.

In April, Portugal celebrated the 40th anniversary of its Carnation Revolution. Leila Dregger published an article, almost a manifesto, about how that revolution might be continued: Forty Years After the Carnation Revolution. Couldn’t Portugal take advantage of the recent financial crisis and become a model country for a new, humane socialism?

The unrest in Ukraine intensified. We were appalled by the false reports in the Western media and publish statements by Dieter Duhm: Don’t Shoot in Eastern Ukraine! and Ukraine: Severe Violation Against Human Rights – by the West  and by Martin Winiecki Ukraine: Torn Between Russia and the West.

In May, the Global School of Love took place again. A three-year arc is complete – almost all participants wanted to continue. The ten-day event gave them truth, power and knowledge for their peace work and education in the world.

In June, in our first “spiritual construction site”, the oracle spring was rebuilt, the landscape park Terra Deva got new places of power.

Benjamin von Mendelssohn embarked on a networking journey through the US.

In the Middle East the conflict exploded. Horrific images from Gaza were spread around the world, our Israeli friends desperately asked for support, the whole country was covered with rising fear and violence. Sabine Lichtenfels, Bernd Walter Müller and Vera Kleinhammes decided to go to Palestine. They called peace workers, Israelis and Palestinians, for a meeting in the West Bank to build an oasis of peace and human understanding in the midst of the turmoil.

In July, the GEN Conference (Global Ecovillage Network) took place in ZEGG in Germany; Vera Kleinhammes, Aida Shibli and Leila Dregger represented Tamera and specifically the projects of the Global Love School and the Global Campus.

Summer University in Tamera started at the end of July. It was Tamera’s 20th Summer University and our reflection afterwards was that we do not want to continue this type of event where too many offers cause a lot of distraction. The world situation requires a different form of encounter and than these festival-like events can bring forth.

The application process for the “Escola da Esperanca – School of Hope” hit obstacles which could not be overcome. Despite the huge efforts of Oskar Eckmann and his team the launch scheduled for September had to be cancelled. The authorities do not give green light. The school team holds their focus; it will succeed in 2015. Meanwhile the Tamera children are temporarily home-schooled.

In August, the regional government of Odemira voted to embark on the “PIER” process for rezoning the property of Tamera, which is the legal prerequisite for new buildings on the land. We receive a pre-signature as an initial sign of future cooperation – knowing that many more steps are needed before we reach the goal.

At the end of August Dieter Duhm handed the finished manuscript of his book “Terra Nova” to his publisher Verlag Meiga and then took off with Sabine Lichtenfels on a healing retreat. He completed the book with an incredible discipline and his last reserves of strength. We encourage everyone to read this book and support its distribution. It contains essential ideas for building a humane and viable future for all. The book is available in German. The English translation will be published in fall 2015!

The “group” formed: about 20 people commit for a three-month intensive community experiment.

In September a group of specialists, entrepreneurs and representatives of humanitarian aid organizations come together in Tamera for what was called the “Blueprint” meeting to discuss cooperation on sustainable relief in crisis and disaster areas.
A delegation from Tamera participated in the New Story Summit at Findhorn.
The Green Phoenix at Schweibenalp is substantially supported by staff from Tamera – the conference is a meeting place for large communities for the exchange and sharing of active support for projects in the Global South.

In November 10 co-workers from Tamera go on a “book tour” through 18 cities in Germany to promote the new book by Dieter Duhm “Terra Nova. Global Revolution and the Healing of Love”. The journey is a great success.

Between August and November, four children were born in Tamera, two close friends from Tamera and the network die. The community comes together in the stone circle or at the fire to accompany these transitions of life.

In December the circle of Tamera’s project leaders meets to take a shared view of the next year.
Three representatives from Tamera take part in the GEN Conference in Senegal.
On December 27, Sabine Lichtenfels became 60 years old.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this, especially the the review of the past year. So much happened in this very energetically strong year.
    Blessings to all.

  2. Wonderful diary
    that makes Tamera much more visible from outside.
    Especially appreciate the collective motivation that spreads between words!
    It semms that feet in the sacred mud – as a symbol of good-sense rooted life you built – gives you all tremendous creativity !
    I like all the art fields and performance you are relating about

    Eager to read the new schedule and to come in april

    2015 for sure is going to bring Tamera what the collective life needs, and new ideas to make each dimension florish :))

    Heartfull support and tenderness
    from Laure

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