Letter to Terra Nova Activists

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We greet you all over the world –
from Bolivia to Ethiopia, from India to California!

We thank you for the letters, input and requests many of you have sent us since the beginning of the year. We are happy to see the great interest of many groups to firmly connect with the global network and us and to continue working on the perspective of a new culture. Over the next months we want to strengthen and solidify this network so that the Terra Nova School will become a reliable anchor for community spirit, vision and future perspective. We reach out to you with some ideas for collaboration this year and with a new study unit: Nonviolence: Attempt at an Answer. We are looking forward to your feedback!
The positive resonance, interest and courage of so many people all over Germany that we experienced during our event tour with Dieter Duhm’s new book Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love in November has encouraged us to continue working with even more determination and certainty. Most of the content-related feedback to the book confirms this impression. Sometimes it is hard for us to conceive that, after so many years of defense from the public, there is now such a request and reception.
At the same time we see what is happening in the world, for example in Eastern Ukraine or in Syrian refugee camps where countless human beings freeze to death in this ice-cold winter after having had experienced the worst already.
The thoughts for establishing a new world, for building functioning communities, for healing love, healing nature and for building new self-sufficient systems for water, energy and food must no longer remain in small circles only, but need to become known on a global level, to become known to all those seeking a way out of our civilization’s dead-end. We are no longer able to solve the problems on a local or national level; we need a new foundation for human existence on earth. This is the reason we want to make the book Terra Nova known to tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of people and why we want to further establish the Terra Nova School. As soon as a critical mass of people worldwide knows and manifests another way of life, it could spread exponentially. Evolution does not work gradually, but in leaps. We all can still experience the new earth in this lifetime. It sounds like a dream but is feasibly possible if we want it and envision it.
Against this background, a “planetary group” is currently arising in Tamera – a group of committed people establishing a global sending and receiving station for the growing planetary terra nova community. The group will spread the corresponding information through all available media outlets, platforms and channels. For this we also plan several further journeys to Germany and, in september and October, an event tour through the United States to present the English edition of the book, as well as a similar tour in England in November. Our next event will be the Leipzig Book Fair (March 12-15), where you will be able to meet us at our booth in Hall 3-G113. You are warmly invited to join us during our public event. For more information please visit our website: //terra-nova-school.org/events/upcoming-events/
As aforementioned in our last letter, we have come in touch with an American online university after our Germany tour, and they made wonderful offers to us for the Terra Nova School. This summer, the Ubiquity University will inaugurate a comprehensive Internet-based learning platform that will allow us to offer a much more intense, more committed and creative Terra Nova study path, a kind of ‘power study’ for emerging peace workers worldwide. We will send you more information later as the plans more and more settle and become concrete.
Until then we would like to invite you to the following two events this summer in order to strengthen the network and deepen the education:

Global Summer Meeting of the Terra Nova School
August 1-14 in Tamera, Portugal. For all initiators, carriers, group leaders and activists of Terra Nova. Two weeks to deepen our common vision and to work on the burning questions present in the groups and projects. We wish to have at least one or two representatives of every active Terra Nova participate in this meeting. Participation on invitation and via application.

• Community Course
August 17 – September 12 in Tamera, Portugal. For all those who (want to) build community. An offer especially to all terra nova groups to come to tamera with several people or even with your whole group to deepen all the important social, interpersonal and mental-spiritual aspects of creating communities based on trust and transparency.
please write to us if you are interesting in joining.
Another important part of our campaign is distribution via Social Media. All those who do not know them yet – we have pages on Facebook (s//www.facebook.com/ terranovamovement) and twitter (s//twitter.com/TerraNovarising)! please follow these pages and recommend them to your friends!
Under its motto, #TerraNovaRising will ramp up our social media channels in the coming weeks and publish many interesting contributions, pictures, articles and videos, among other things we will also upload longer interviews with Dieter Duhm on Youtube. It is worthwhile regularly visiting our pages.
In order to make this campaign a success we invite your active participation. share the contributions that animate you with your friends. Use your personal Facebook pages to publish thoughts, insights and quotes that enthuse you. please always add the hashtag #TerraNovaRising to your posts.
Over the course of the campaign we also want to make the emerging planetary community visible and therefore would like to request all active study groups: please send us a photo from your group where you hold up a poster with the hashtag written #TerraNovaRising. If you’d like you may add a little text answering the questions, ‘what is Terra Nova?’ and ‘Why are you part of the Terra Nova School?’ we are looking forward to your entries.
In this context we would like to draw your attention to our Tamera Diary. Time and again people ask us about how they can imagine the life in an emerging Healing Biotope to concretely look like. They ask, ‘How do you live? What are the special experiences you are having?’ Recently we started publishing a collective diary wherein various Tamera coworkers describe important events and special personal or communitarian experiences. Every Saturday we publish the next entries on our blog: //terranovavoice.tamera.org – we hope they will inspire you!
To conclude we would like to present you this month’s study text. Last Tuesday, January 27, was the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz through the Red Army. Auschwitz was the site of probably the most horrible crime in recorded history that killed 1.1 million people, 90% of them Jews, within only a few years. On the occasion of the historic day for memorial we have decided to republish and recommend an article Dieter Duhm wrote in 1981, “Nonviolence: Attempt at an Answer.” the essay offers one of the most radical, thought- provoking and deepest approaches to the topic of violence and how to overcome it. Dieter Duhm dares to address realms of thinking and perception far beyond conventional schemes and morals; as well as beyond the inner limits we quickly reach when we are confronted with the world’s atrocities. we subconsciously shut down when we hear or see how human beings and animals are killed or tortured. within seconds our consciousness goes numb. A great part of the atrocious violence roaming the world is rooted in an irrational layer outside of our reflected consciousness and can therefore not be consciously controlled. It continues raging evermore in the psychological underground and always leads to further eruptions of cruelty, generation after generation, until it is recognized and understood, until we intellectually and inwardly understand how violence arises and take the consequences. Why do thousands of young men from Europe voluntarily join the “Islamic State”? Where does this eerie fascination originate? In order to understand why the IS is so powerful (and therefore how it could be stopped) we need to know something about the psychological dead-end of most of the Western youth. It expresses itself in drug addiction, in psychosomatic disease, in suicides – and sometimes in war. Peace requires building new life structures where their tremendous powers can develop in a sensible and humane direction. Transformation means offering these powers a new direction. What would these young men do if they had a genuine answer for their boundless yearning for eros, love, community, adventure, if they had a meaningful task in the world? Millions of young people would enthusiastically participate in the creation of new humane world. This is the task in front of us. Let us create the perspectives necessary for it! We thank you for your participation and assistance, your engagement for peace!
On behalf of the world’s youth.
On behalf of love for all that lives.
On behalf of the new planetary community.
Martin Winiecki, Monika Berghoff, Nora Czajkowski, Rui Braga, Dara Silverman

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