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The planet needs awakened people 
– The connection between the intellect and the intuition – Amazing powerful women

3 February

The planet needs awakened people

140620_Tamera_Spiritual_Buildingsite_SDV_226More and more people are waking up from the nightmare of our reality. They see clearly the system of capitalism and are looking for another way of living together. They are looking for a new love model, recognize the liveliness of Mother Earth and the need to protect the planet and to live in harmony with Earth and all beings.
When I was in my early 20’s I felt a strong longing for a different kind of life. However, I was raised in a rural area where the concept of life was clear to everyone: Marriage – build a home – give birth to children. No alternatives.
But I was not convinced. There had to be something else, something which I did not yet know!?!
I remember what a relief I felt when I first heard a speech about the project of the “Healing Biotope Tamera”. Then, I started to think about living in a community.
Later I visited Tamera. What impressed me the most was to find so many people who walked together on a new path. Finally I had met like-minded people!
People, who were building trust towards each other and talked in a very normal way about issues which are almost taboo elsewhere. They shared about private issues of love and sexuality. They supported each other in realizing which thought patterns and thinking structures they were following, in order to be able to change them into new paradigms like: “Jealousy is not part of love” or “How is it possible to love more than one person?”
That was really mind-blowing for me. Quite fast I took the decision to move to Tamera and give myself into this research.

(Author: Stephanie)

February 2

The connection between the intellect and the intuition

Today we started a week with Sabine Lichtenfels about the “Prehistoric Utopia”, the time before patriarchy, in which the wisdom of tribal life didn’t require efforts, but was lived fully. We gather in the stone circle, at sunrise, to hold common and personal prayers. Chryssa, a member of the community is originally from Greece, where historical elections took place recently, giving the power to the radical left. Now it is their wish to disconnect from the capitalistic system of the EU.
Chryssa spoke a powerful prayer for the support of her home country. This simple prayer, reminded me of the essence of what we studied last week: the connection between inner and outer peace-work. It is interesting to continue our research and moving from the intellectual way which is based on a scientific theory (represented in “The Political Theory” by Dieter Duhm), to the intuitive way (represented by the female knowledge of Sabine Lichtenfels) which is based on a myth, on a connection with the mystery of life.

(Author: Uri)

February 1

A day with amazing powerful women
Again a privilege and a blessing: The Sunday Matinée today is held by Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of Tamera and our spiritual focalizer. She talked about the “pre-historic utopia” and about the significance of love and sexuality in human lives.
She reminded us that there is always something, which is intact, no matter how broken and incomplete one might feel. We can always connect with information, which is whole and from here we are able to truly be in service for life. What a possibility!
TempleOfLoveIn her book “Temple of Love” she writes:
“I perceived myself as a pioneer searching for the basic matrix of an original intact form of culture. It is generally accepted now that women should be less oppressed. The next challenge we face is to rediscover women in their elementary sensual freedom, their femininity and original source. If women rediscover their positive roots, they will reach a new power to shape history whose source lies hidden in prehistoric cultures. Whether it is found, seen and understood or not will determine whether there will be war or peace between the genders, and whether the powers of life can flow or whether they will have to continue to be suppressed.”

(Author: Shamba)

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